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Idiocy, Starbucks, & The Hunger Games

Thismorning sucked. It just…sucked. And I cannot tell you how surprised I was when I found out that “thismorning” is not a word. “Tonight” is a word! What the hell. And lately I find I have been combining words like that, and putting an “e” on the ende of everythinge. I am not sure why. I noticed that everytime (again, should be one word. “everyday” is a word!) I type the word “whom” I put an “e” on it. Not good. Not good.

So, this morning (ehem- thismorning). Well actually I have to back up to yesterday, when I had sailing class on the Hudson River in March. Yes, this is the warmest the Hudson has been at this time of year in decades, but it’s still really cold. So during sailing class yesterday, I was wet and really cold and every single person was sniffling and shivering and the instructor was wearing SHORTS. The guy was wearing shorts and not shivering at all. I couldn’t help but start shaking after, oh, I don’t know, the second hour of watching him forget to attach the main halyard before putting the mast up. Really? Really. I know how to do very few things with certainty, especially things of the “assemble this thing!” variety, but I do know how to properly rig a small sailboat. I was a little surprised. I was wearing spandex pants and sweatpants, plus a tank top, a tshirt, a long sleeve shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, and a windbreaker and I was legit freezing. He was wearing shorts. Blew my mind. He forgot the halyard. Blew my mind.

I mean, we all make mistakes, and I am probably the most forgetful person you have ever met. I am not kidding. But…the halyard? I mean…it’s a little boat. There aren’t that many things that we have to do to rig it. Whatever…I will stop now.

So I froze. And I then went to the gym, and I noticed that I was sniffling while I was running. Then I went home and showered and my throat started hurting. Which sucks. Then I was feeling pretty crappy, and I went to see the Hunger Games with Marielle. It was alright. I’ll talk about that later. But during the movie I got so much worse and I kept sniffling. Then I got home and showered and was in bed by 1am, which is not good when you’re sick. It’s actually really stupid. But this is me…This is only one of the eleven extremely stupid things that I do on a daily basis. At least I met my quota.

This morning, I woke up, and I felt so much worse. It’s the kind of cold that really destroys your throat and your ears as well. So I woke up and saw the alarm clock- 7:28 am. My class starts at 7:30. I typically leave my house at 6:55-7:00 to make it to class on time. Shit.

So I threw on a tshirt and a fleece and some jeans and got in my car and started driving to school, then I stopped. I ran out of gas. I RAN OUT OF GAS. WHO DOES THAT. Ugh my God…I am such an idiot sometimes. It kills me. And…oh look a that- MY CELL PHONE IS DYING. Legit dying. So I turn on my phone and call my mom hoping she will answer, and she does, and becomes very angry (and rightfully so) at my forgetfulness and stupidity and drives to me and I eventually get gas and drive here, to Marist.

I have a gold card for Starbucks, so I get free drink post cards, and so do my dad and Sam. My dad gives me his sometimes, and so thismorning (ehem) I had two of them sitting in my car. I save them for really crappy days when I want a really large sugar free latte to make me a little happier. Today, however, my throat was hurting, so I got an iced latte. Oddio they are so good. It’s like…liquid ice cream. With caffeine. I swear…it makes a sucky day suck a little less. I now have 1:20 before I have to go to Calculus, then I have sailing for 3 hours. I hope I don’t freeze today. I am not in a freezing mood.

So I am going to write a mini review about the Hunger Games, both the book and the movie. I read The Hunger Games in one day- I just sat down and kept reading. I do this a lot actually…I’ll just start reading something and if I don’t have any plans I’ll just keep going and going and plow through it. I think this kind of takes away from the book though. I feel like if I took my time I would soak in a lot more of the development of the novel. Like Suzanne Collins did not write it in 6 hours…I don’t know. I just thought it was worth noting that I don’t know if I should to that so often.

Basically, it was good. I would recommend that you read it if you are looking for some interesting light reading, but I didn’t get super absorbed into it. Like Harry Potter consumed me. Twilight took over my life. Those two series really became something that I just could not put down. I don’t think I took more then three days to read any of those books because I simply could not put them down. Those books accessed me emotionally and really pulled me in. The Hunger Games? I don’t know. I just feel like there are two reasons that they are so popular: 1) Everyone can read them and mildly enjoy them and 2) Twilight and Harry Potter are over.

I believe that the mainstream literature of my generation will be defined by Harry Potter and Twilight. I don’t know a single person who read the Harry Potter books and didn’t like them. It’s just such a complete world that it’s hard to believe that it isn’t real after a while. I remember I was reading the sixth book around Christmastime one year and I was under the Christmas tree (don’t judge me) and it dawned on me that NONE of that is actually true. As in, magic is not real. There are no wizards. Wingardium Leviosa will never help me. And I was sad, because that world seemed so real to me. It seemed six books worth of real. And it’s not like it happened in some other magical universe, it happened in the UK. So HP really created a new world for the readers to attach to, but the Hunger Games just kind of…I don’t know. I guess I should finish the series (I only read the first two books) because apparently the ending is really crazy and maybe it will be more interesting then, but it didn’t really seem that great to me.

I think everyone can enjoy them because there’s a little taste of everything for everyone. There’s some romance, some action, some wilderness/survival stuff, some political 1984ish stuff, and a badass 16-year-old girl who shoots squirrels through the eyeball and eats them, and I think everyone likes badassery (aaahaa- that Autocorrected to brasserie) in their novels. But the problem for me is that it is spread too thinly- there is not enough of any one appeal to make it really attractive to one particular kind of audience. So everyone will like it, but I don’t how much someone can absolutely love it. Like in Harry Potter, there was SO MUCH action, SO MUCH magic, SO MUCH romance (well, romantic things that happen…), SO MANY different subplots that drove you crazy and sucked you in no matter who you were. And Twilight? There was basically just ROMANCE AND LOVE AND HEARTS AND HOT VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES AND SEX THAT LITERALLY BROKE HOUSES. That’s pretty much it, so the audience that Twilight appealed to (everyone’s inner romantic) just absolutely devoured those sappy stories with happy endings.

But with the Hunger Games, it just seemed a little formulaic for me. Like, “romance + political theory + murder + badass teenage girl + adorable little sister + survival = enormously popular novel.” The second is better in my opinion, but so many people only read the first one. Also, I know this sounds silly, but the first one doesn’t end with a happy ending. Every single Harry Potter and Twilight book ended with some kind of a cathartic (is that even a word?) resolution that made you feel happy. “Well not everything ends with ‘Happily ever after’!” Yes, that’s why I read books. I don’t want to hear about problems without some happy solution. That’s what real life and political science classes are for. So I think the Hunger Games just kind of ended with too many questions to make me feel happy about it.

About the movie- I think it was a lot more helpful in explaining things than the book. For example, in the book you don’t actually know if Seneca is creating the fire or how Haymitch is getting them to alter the rules because everything you see is from within the arena, and it’s all just Katniss’s speculation. But in the movie you see Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flickerman) and the hot plastic bag guy from American Beauty (Seneca) explaining things and shooting Katniss with fire. Maybe I’m a little dim, but I wasn’t so sure about how all of that was happening. It was to seeing for some concrete explanation. (I don’t know how that sentence made sense in my head, but it did. Hmm.) However, the one scene that I did find a little disappointing was one of the last scenes, when Katniss and Peeta are about to eat the berries. In the book, you know for sure that Katniss is just trying to be awesome and get one past the game makers. But in the movie, I don’t think I would have thought that if I hadn’t read the books. It looks like she really just loves Peeta. Idk, I guess it just doesn’t really matter but I think so much of the book is about how Katniss thinks about things that the book and the movie become being of different stories, so I can’t really compare them. Idk. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway. Lots of people loved the movie.

I now have to go to Calculus, then I have to go freeze my ass off at sailing. Absolutely not looking forward to that. I love sailing, but please not today. Please.

Oh well. I guess I will just have to suck it up. Maybe I’ll get there early and rig it myself. I’ll be sure not to forget anything such as the one line that is responsible for making a sailboat a sailboat. Oh yes! And I am going to Minnesota tomorrow! That’s going to suck- being sick on an airplane. Oh, God. I really hate being sick for so many reasons. But it will be nice to explore UMTC, hopefully I will really like it. I think I will…

Adios, amigos. Stay healthy and do not go on a river if it is too cold to wear fewer than 4 layers (unless you are rowing. in which case as long as there is no floating ice, you’re good).




Ruined my mind like a snake in the orchard.

So I was just walking into Starbucks, and a woman was standing outside and asked me is I had any spare cash because she needed to eat. I said no and went in to Starbucks and bought a tall coffee with two pumps of sugar free vanilla and a raspberry scone, and then I remembered that I made myself a peanut butter and jelly (organic peanut butter, grape jelly [I much prefer strawberry or raspberry but I take what I can get], and this awesome new bread my parents started buying) sandwich this morning to eat before yoga. So I sat down and asked the guy next to me to watch my stuff while I went to my car and got the sandwich to give it to her.

Me: Ms.? You said you needed food, would you like my sandwich? It’s peanut butter and jelly.

Woman: Oh, no thank you.

Me: But you said you needed something to eat, didn’t you?

Woman: Yeah, but I wanted to go to McDonald’s. [crinkle nose]

Me: Seriously? [raise one eyebrow and walk away]

You know…people are so disappointing. I really cannot believe this. My father said that something similar just happened to him at the airport when he picked up my mother at LaGuardia (I think…it may have been JFK, I don’t remember). Some guy was standing there saying he didn’t have a place to stay and he needed money or something, and so my father told him that he could go home with him and my mother and stay at our house. He said that he couldn’t because he had a flight from Pittsburgh or something the next day. Then my father said that he would drive him. The guy said no and thsta he just needed the money and I think he walked away.

I just- I mean, this is why the world has problems. It’s people like these that create the political, economic, social problems in the world. Selfish, lying, deceitful bastards. I just don’t understand what makes people think things like this are okay…like, I don’t know for sure whether she was trying to scam me (most likely) or just being stupid (if you feel like giving her the benefit of the doubt), but either way, it’s a tremendous flaw that seems like it should be handled somehow. I just cannot understand…okay so fine. Let’s say I was not very smart and I gave her a few bucks, or my father gave that guy money. Then what? Then would they have been like, “Yeah, score. I just totally scammed that bitch,”? Just, … no.

Honestly I am not really much of a cynic when it comes to my view on humanity as a whole, and I try to not think too much about these things because I feel it only makes me seem kind of like a tool. But I just think that if people keep being selfish, and keep only doing what is best for themselves, then I do not see a bright future for the world. I am not naive (hm…I don’t know how to get the two little dots on the ”i.’) in that I think that these problems can be solved, but I just think that anything else that is to be done will just be a cure for a symptom, but that nothing will actually be able to fix this. Hopefully, in millions of years (you know, if the world lasts that long) natural selection will have reduced the number of scumbags in the world, and hopefully then everything will be a little brighter. But now? I don’t think there can be any immediate remedy for the ailments of the world. Possibly someone can find some way to ignite a little spark under the American economy, hopefully the expansion of alternative sources will enable such fuel related conflicts to subside, hopefully the gradual waxing of tolerance will help conflicts over discrimination and, well, lack of tolerance die a little, and hopefully the revival of the economy will help create more job opportunities. But I still think that even if what someone may see as a major current problem or flaw is “fixed,” that people will always be selfish and find a way to exhibit that selfishness in a manner that kind of screws everyone else.

I suppose, then, that the name of the game is to just keep afloat for as long as we can. To just keep repairing the surface wounds for as long as we can until that terribly corrupt disease finally dies or consumes.

Pshh…and I said I wasn’t a cynic.

But in all seriousness, this is the reason I do not think I would ever be successful in politics. I just think that all effort will just be a little futile…like, everything will fall apart again anyway? So why help keep everyone afloat? I mean, sooner or later something truly terrible will probably happen as a result of such disgusting selfishness. Then possibly people will learn their lesson. Or it will get all Book of Eli and people will eat one another. But then I guess they’d be gone because they ate one another, right? That’s terrible….oh, God. I had every intention of doing my ANG homework now. Fail. Fail. Fail.

These kinds of things trouble me often, actually. I often wonder just why people are so terrible and what does that to them. I mean I have had a very good life…and I know just how lucky I am. But even if I was dealt a really shitty hand and I just was thrown into terrible situations, I can’t really imagine that I would ever do anything terrible. I think I would still feel the need to be good. I mean, I think I would feel especially compelled to be a good person- I would have nothing if not goodness. Like, even now, if for some reason in the future I just became kind of a mess and I had nothing, all I would have left would be my ability to be a good person.

I don’t know. I guess I am just wired differently than some people. I really should get to work now. Because, you know, I only have two hours left. -__-

Indigo Is Grouded

I’m grounded. I’ve never been grounded before. This is so strange. I guess it’s a part of life, but being grounded never really meant anything to me because I couldn’t go anywhere alone, and now that I can, it sucks. Good job mom and dad- you succeeded at finding a suitable punishment. (No, that wasn’t sarcasm. Seriously, good job.) Now you’re probably wondering WHY I am grounded, right? Yes, yes you are. Basically- I’m kind of stupid. No, that is the reason…I am an idiot (but heyhey- the apple don’t fall far from the tree. just had to throw that in there). Here’s the story.

Yesterday I had my AP Euro exam. It went surprisingly well actually. I finished everything before we had to be done…and I think I di really well. There were 80 multiple choice questions in 55 minutes, and I finished with like 10 minutes to spare so I counted how many of every answer I had. I had 23 A’s, 15 B’s, 16 C’s, 15 D’s, and 11 E’s. I definitely think there is some psychological reason as to why I always pick A, but oh well. The DBQ was really easy, which was good because the level of difficulty of the DBQ pretty much makes of breaks you. There were a very clear three groups and I think I did really well. I also analyzed FIVE biases, so hopefully I can pull an extra point. I really hope I did as well as I think I did on the DBQ. Then the essays…oh my. I did really well on the first one because it was on the Renaissance, and we had to analyze two works of art (Michelangelo’s David and Perugino’s Christ Handing The Keys To Saint Peter) which I have seen in the past year. I saw David in Firenze and the painting is in the Sistine Chapel. We had to describe how they reflected the values of the Italian Renaissance, and I totally knew that one, like, I’m SURE I did well. The other essay, not so much. We had to describe how the population patterns in at least two Western European countries affected their political and economic climate from 1950 until today, and I kind of made up my answers based on my vague knowledge of the topic. I chose Italy and England, and I wasn’t exactly sure about my answer so I just made sure I was consistent. Now, if I’m wrong, at least I’m consistently wrong. But I may have been right…God I hope so.

After the exam (which ran a little late, 16:10) I went to the theater for the Jack Savoretti concert, but it had already began so I just waited next to the seats with the rest of the late stragglers. I absolutely loved it- it was amazing. First of all he has a really cool accent…he’s half-English half-Italian, and secondly, the music was so good. It was just so nice and refreshing, I don’t know. It was great. His YouTube search is now in my Favorites. I’ll link some of his songs at the end of the video. He also gave the TASIS students some words of wisdom. He said something to the effect of, “This is such an amazing place. I’m not going to preach, because I think you know that. But whatever you do, don’t get kicked out. I saw a lot of my friends get kicked out, and it’s one of the biggest mistakes they’ve made- it’s such a wonderful opportunity wasted. But do get into some trouble- I know I got into a lot of trouble, and it made my experience more special. Take advantage of opportunities, and don’t be afraid of a LITTLE trouble. So get into trouble- but don’t get kicked out.” Isn’t that what we all want? Something along the lines of “How close can I get to the fire without getting burned?” It’s more difficult than it sounds. Some people, on the other hand, want to know how far they can possibly stay away from the fire, and that is fine. But I’d like to be somewhere in the middle. I’d like to be burned every once and a while because it teaches you lessons, and you learn from them (also, you tend to have a lot of fun right before you get burned…). I’d also like to sometimes just know I am safely away from the fire and everything will remain as it is and I am in no way at risk of getting burned because that safety is sometimes comforting. Although, if you always stay away from the fire nothing exciting will ever happen, and you’ll never have that rush of knowing something horrible could happen but having more and more fun as you creep closer to the fire. I suppose I should just bounce around. Occasionally get so close to the fire that I do in fact have some scars, but also spend some time far away from it so I know I am safe. Okay, see? This guy made me think. Anywayy, I LOVED his music…it was magical. THEN…

Then we all went downtown. I’m not sure why, but we did. I just followed everyone else because I didn’t care what we did as long as I was with my friends. So, we went to Manor and then we got the bus back to the Irish Pub. It was all good fun, and we had our own little room in the back, so it was cool. There were 12 or 13 of us I think…it was fun. There was a dorm trip there so there were a few teachers and other students as well. I mean, it’s so close to the school. We were just hanging out and stuff and then I realized it was 21:00. Ooops. I had to be home by 22:00, and it would take me a solid 40 minutes to walk home. So I tried calling my parents on Yulia’s phone, but we had no reception in the back room. Uh oh- that meant that if they tried to call Yulia, we wouldn’t have gotten the call. Double uh oh. So then I went outside to call them and Yulia’s phone died. Finally I borrowed Isa’s phone and my dad was not very happy- at all. He was beyond unhappy. He was mad. Veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery mad. So I busted out of there and started walking home, and my dad picked me up along the way. Uhuhuh oh. No one said anything for the entire car ride, which is highly unusual for my dad and I. Silence really isn’t our thing. So we got home and I went into my room and my parents came in (separately, thank God) and they were beyond furious. It was bad. I think the worst part was that I hadn’t realized what I had done until they told me. That’s the stupid part (although kind of funny. They were talking to me for a solid 5 minutes before I realized what I had done wrong.)

Obviously now I realize that I should have called them during the ten hour duration that I was gone so that they would realize that I wasn’t dead, and I’m apparently not supposed to go into the pub. Okay, sorry guys. My bad. But anyway, I am now grounded for one week and I am not allowed to spend any time at all with my friends this summer unless I can pull all A’s. Unfortunately, that’s seems kind of impossible because I just can’t do it. I mean, I do my homework, I study, I pay attention in class, and am a pretty focused student, but I’ll be lucky if I can pull 4 A’s with how my grades are looking now. I suppose I could just like amaze everyone with the final, but that’s highly unlikely. I don’t know if they understand that it’s not like I’m not working to my fullest potential, of course I am! Who the hell would NOT do the absolute BEST they can?! I really just wish I can do this, but I don’t know. I am POSITIVE that taking Math 4 this year was a huge mistake. I basically have to teach myself math3 so that I can get by in math 4, which is honestly a struggle right now. It’s so hard, and I don’t have any foundation at all for any for the material we are learning. It sucks. I just literally sighed. Ahhh. Here’s some links to my favourite Jack Savoretti songs:

Dr. Frankenstein, my favourite
Between The Minds, cool video
Dreamers, it’s not the official video but the song is ahhhhh
Chemical Courage, listen to the WHOLE thing


I just realized that even though I have had this blog for a little over a year and a half, this will be the first Christmas season I can blog about!

Incase you don’t remember, I wasn’t allowed to use the computer for quite a while last year do to my…umm…not so hot conduct at St. C. Also, for some strange reason, all my posts from November of last year got deleted…not sure why, but they kinda just vanished. Whateverrr…have to keep studying…pce out scouts…


***Okay, I have to post about something else so if I forget, remind me. I can’t now because I don’t have enough time but I HAVE to post about it…I’ll let you know when it’s “The Story.”***

Okay, so I was so hot, dirty, and sweaty (yummy!) that I was hoping it wasn’t possible for someone to die because they were so grimy. (I’ll tell you why in “The Story.”) I was sitting by the pool, and on a scale of 1-100, my muscles had the energy of like a 3. Literally. Anywayy, It was just me, and there were towels in the pool house, so I decided to go in the pool in my clothes.

I waded in to the third step (i.e. my upper thigh), then I went in the shallow end and my shorts started vibrating. I think my heat skipped a beat when I realized what it was….yeah, you know. It was my CELL PHONE! First of all, I couldn’t use it all day anywayy because it had literally no battery power, so it was off. Being the idiot I am, I tried to turn it on. Bad idea. I got a flickery version of the Verizon logo, then the screen went white…then black. I think I fried it =[.

Anywayy, I towel dried it and thought to myself, You know what? I could live without a phone. What I can’t live without is going in the pool right now. I NEED that for the sake of all that is good and clean in this horribly dirty, rocky, hot, mountainous world. So, I went in. I didn’t just like waltz around in the little end chasing butterflies, I went went in the deep end and started singing Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett. Oh yeah. I went there. At that moment, I didn’t really care about anything but remembering the words to the second verse; I couldn’t get past “tattoo.”

After my wonderful experience down by the pool, I came upstairs and power-showered (hehehe that rhymes=]). Seriously, I scrubbed my skin sooo hard, and I still have a dirt-line from where my socks were. I just scrubbed right though the stinging pain of my scratches and cuts. Oh yeah and I have this huge bruise on my leg and I have no idea what it’s from. I’ve had it for a while actually.


Yeah, I was pretty madscaredpetrified. So I just went downstairs and did whatever. Then, after mom and dad left, dad called and said to put the parts on the wood cutting board on top of the stove. Then, after like a half-hour, I thought it was as dry as it would get, so I put it back together. But then I think I did something wrong because I couldn’t get it apart again. Then when dad came home he opened it, there was water in it. I’m guessing it wasn’t completely dry.

I’m going to need a new phone. =[