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18 Things of June

1 I started watching The Walking Dead and I am currently on Season 3, Episode 12. It’s actually kind of awesome and Daryl is my hero.

2 I delayed progress on my online classes a little too much, and this week is going to be SO FUN because I’ll get to play catch up and read a lot. Yay. So fun.

3 I kayaked most of the Hudson River. The plan was to finish it, but that didn’t happen because of weather and sickness. We’re definitely going to finish by the end of the summer, but we have to see when will work for both of us. Technically we have paddled over 150 miles this summer, it just wasn’t on the actual length of the river. Oh well.


In the middle of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge


We were too close for comfort, but it was pretty cool.


Police encounter number two.


Sunset from Magdalene Island

And this is a deer just casually swimming across the Hudson River.

She’s just casually swimming across the Hudson River.

4 I started watching my cousins again this summer. They’re really great kids and it’s probably the easiest summer job ever, so I have nothing to complain about. They’re just super cool.

5 I went to a concert and left before the main act because the demographic was actually that frustrating. Think the cast of Jersey Shore minus 10 years, plus their parents, plus trying to be a little hipster. Nopenopenopenopenope.

6 I heard this song and played it for my cousins, who now request it whenever we get in the car. They’ve also learned to love Owl City and Tegan And Sara. I’ve taught them well.

7 I moved my blog! That’s new. It’s still in progress actually…

8 I did yoga in Times Square.


9 I became a pseudo-vegan. So basically I will usually opt for the vegan alternative when presented to me, and I am vegetarian under all conditions, but I just try to eat as little dairy and other animal products as possible.

10 I went to the CIA and violated veganism hardcore, but it was so worth it.


11 I got sick and it sucked, however I don’t think I handle dextromethorphan properly because I feel super high whenever I take Robitussin. I remember that happened when I was sick over Christmas break and I was cool with it, but now that I’m responsible for the lives of two small children and I have to drive them places, I decided to Google if it was a mental thing or if it was actually possible that I could have such a reaction to Robitussin. Apparently 7% of Caucasians don’t metabolize DXM properly, and I can’t find anywhere what happens to those for whom that is the case, but maybe that could be the case for me? I took the recommended dosage two nights ago and decided to drink some tea, do homework, and do laundry before I went to sleep. I started noticing the effects after 15 minutes or so, and then I had the craziest dreams and woke up and I do believe I was hallucinating. I took it again last night because I was coughing uncontrollably, and I’m usually really disoriented whenever I wake up, but that stuff did a number on me. No more Robitussin while I have to look after two of my favorite mini-people.

12 I ran my fastest 3 miles ever on the one day that I accepted the fact that I was going to be really slow.


13 I saw The Heat, and it was good for a chick flick comedy.

14 I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in two years and it was cool because we still liked each other.

15 I started drinking a lot of tea. I always drank tea more than most people because I have this weird irrational belief that it’s like a magic potion that just fixes everything, and lately lots of things have needed fixing, so I’ve been through three boxes in the month of June alone. Echinacea has been a favorite for a while.

16 I biked on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail with my father. It was pretty cool. At the end we went to a farmers market where we had the best brownie I’ve ever had accompanied by some awesome cherries, and it was a great morning.


17 I did a walk over for the first time since I was 8. Yay for yoga.


18 The summer solstice became really important to me. It it the official first day of summer, the longest day of the year, and a celebration of light. It has no real significance other than the beginning of summer, but I’ve always lived for the summer. I obviously love the Christmas season and the coziness of winter, but I’ve always been a person of the summer. This year I participated in a solstice celebration, and it felt significant to me. My birthday doesn’t really have much significance to me, and I don’t like to ignore my birthday, but it’s just not something that I ever cared about. The solstice is cool though.


The Ombre English Harper Pool

Hi. So it’s 10:43 pm on May 29th, 2012, and I have to write 4 essays by 6 am. The Nespresso machine and I have 7 hours to overcome these last assignments, after which I will be done with high school for all intents and purposes. They are all fairly easy assignments and I should have no problem completing them in this window of time, however I do feel them to be quite unnecessary. You see, the entire year is spent preparing for the AP exam, and I have to give it to Mr. Pitt- I doubted his awesomeness at first, and I kind of thought he was a douche bag, but I was wrong. He prepared me for this exam perfectly, and I will be surprised if I score anything lower than a 4. However, after the AP exam, as the year drew to a close, he began assigning busy work to just give us grades. These are assignments which offer us no intellectual benefit and will do nothing for my writing or reading comprehension skills, and just things to make us to do get a grade. I hate busy work. Thus, finishing these last 4 assignments, all of which are busy work, will be tediously difficult. So, wish me luck!
On a completely different note, I never updated about our new puppy! My mom and I bought the puppy on May 24th, 2012, from a rescue in Hopewell. She is a 12 week-old beagle/hound mix, although we believe the father may have been a bloodhound or bloodhound/pointer mix. Her name is Harper, and it is so because it is the only name that my family can agree on. I wanted Sydney for obvious reasons, and at first my mom agreed to that because she didn’t like any of my other names (some of my favorites were Solara, Zara, Athena, Sapphire, Capri, Gypsy, and Calypso), and none of us liked her top names (Ruby, Roxy, and Harley). But then she decided she didn’t like Sydney, and in the span of 48 hours we decided on Piper, Lola, Dolce (I liked that one), and a few others that I can’t remember, but finally we all settled for Harper, which I think suits her very well. Harper is honestly the perfect puppy- plenty of energy to play and run around outside, but very chill and sleeps a lot for a puppy. It has been a little difficult to try to train her, but we’ve only had her for a few days so it’s to be expected. Everyone loves her, too…no one ever wants to let her sleep in the crate because we are always playing with her and when she falls asleep while you’re holding her, we never want to move her because it’s just such a good feeling to have a tiny sleeping puppy on your lap. Oh yeah, and we did this all while my father was away in Colombia. He’s pretty pissed that we got the dog, but he’ll just have to get over it. She’s not going anywhere. Plus, I think he’ll see that this can work- we can have a dog to fit into our life style.
Here’s a pic of Harper (and my kick ass new jeans) from when we went to the Millbrook park on Saturday.

Oh, God. She is just too damn perfect.
Oh, and our pool is open! Actually it’s been open for a while, but today was the first day we could use it. I decided to go to the gym first though, because jumping in after I was all sweaty and gymlicious would feel so much better than coming from the air-conditioned house. I do really love having a pool. I will probably spend the entire day out there tomorrow.
Okay, on a fourth completely different topic, I am going to dye my hair. Not my entire head, but have you seen that ombre style that everyone has been into lately? I want to do a reverse ombre. Actually, I wanted to do a blue ombre, but my mom clearly stated how trashy she thought that was, so I will wait until I am 1200 miles away to do that. Basically I am keeping my natural color until about the middle of my ears, then fading into a dark chestnut brown, then fading into black at the tips. I don’t think I would ever like to go any lighter than my natural color, I think that whatever natural highlights come out in the summer time is just enough for me. I always thought that dying your hair was unnecessary because, well, why would you? But then I thought of all of the other irrational shit that everyone does, and I realized that there needn’t be any other reason than because it will make me happy. I think that as long as you don’t do it for anyone else, and you do it because you genuinely like it, then go for it! And, even if I hate this, I can just dye it again or chop it all off. (Probably the former.) So, yes. I will do that soon. And I will post a picture. Which I like never do anymore, because if I post a picture anywhere, I just put it on Facebook. But whatever.
Okay, it’s 11:08 and I have less than 7 hours to finish this high school shit. Wish me luck. Adios bitches.

American Days Are Over.

Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, I am free at last.

This year is OVER. O.V.E.R. AND I can burn my uniforms. Except I think I might hang on to two of the oxfords. they’re kind of nice.

Italian was…a joke. Seriously…it was ridiculous. One of the essays was to describe an interesting dream you had and why you think you had that dream. I wrote that I was on a sail boat in the middle of Lugano with a few people, and we went swimming ad there were a ton of fish all around us. Then the sun disappeared, and with it all light and warmth. Then we swam to the shore but there was still no light, and then we made a fire and could see that we were at school. Then I walked home and that stupid dog barked at me again. It was really easy because it didn’t need to make any sense at all because, well, dreams don’t have to make any sense at all! Well..mine rarely do.

Yesterday was kind of my first day of summer, though. Aside from it ACTUALLY being the first day of summer, it felt very summery. I think I woke up at like 11am, and then I brushed my teeth, washed my face, threw on my bathing suit and grabbed Treasure Island and went to the pool. I figure I probably spent ¼ of the time actually in the pool, and the rest of the time reading and making the most amazing summer playlist you will have ever heard. Then at like 5 or 6pm, the sun was blocked by a giant grey cloud so I went inside and watched Law & Order and read some of the stuff I will need to know for THE BOAT. Then Nonni and Opa came over for dinner, and Mike’s friends were here (well, they still are…) and we all went for ice cream. I definitely prefer vanilla soft ice cream, btw.

Okeeee now I am going to study that little BOAT book some more, possibly erg, and eat lunch.

ciao ragazzi.






I will never have to study physics again. And I think it’s safe to say that it’s pretty unlikely I will ever need to know what the Wilmont Proviso is.


My two least favorite subjects of all time are now DONE. Physics and U.S. History binders are now in the garbage can. I cannot have that kind of toxic waste in my bedroom any longer.

I just recently discovered the wonderful world of Pandora radio, and I’m not quite sure what I did without it. Kind of like cell phones. How did people survive without being able to reach one another 24/7?!

Ooookay. My room kind of looks like a bomb went off in my closet, so I have to work on that, then erging, and SWIMMING, and that I must go to the boys Court of Honour tonight, but Maria and Sarah will be there. Not too bad, right?! Right.

I only have 3 more exams, and they’re the easy ones. thank God.


Spring Break Pat II + 1st Week Back, and Crew

Long time no talk, eh? SO…a lot has been happening here, and I have been incredibly busy, but I officially have an unplanned hour or so of life when I am not trying to squeeze in some extra sleep so I shall update my blog. Allora…

The second week of Spring Break was pretty similar to the first, but a lot more homework and a lot less L&O (which may or may not have been replaced with some Bones, just sayin). On Thursday I went down to Long Island and spent a few days with my aunt and uncle until my family came down on Saturday. Then I stayed in a hotel with them which had a really nice pool so we spent a lot of time in the pool and the jacuzzi. Then we went to Sunrise Mass at Gilgo Beach which was nice, and then we made Easter dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house. It was a really nice holiday. AND…we each got plenty of Reese’s Eggs…which was probably the highlight of my Easter.

Then on Monday morning I had crew, and that afternoon we pulled a 2k. I honestly didn’t even finish it…it was so bad. I began so strong and I was holding just below my goal splits and I was feeling great, but then my lungs started hurting so badly and I just couldn’t breathe. During a 2k, you HAVE to breath, but the one thing I had to do the most was the most painful thing to do, and I just had to stop. I only had about 450 meters left, and I was doing great, but I had to stop. So, that was a little depressing. I think it’s because I am back in the USA and my allergies are starting up again, because I didn’t have them for the two years that I was in Switzerland. So I was nebulized and I got a prescription for Advair and I got an inhaler which I’ve been using so I’ve been feeling better. I still get really tight sometimes, but I am definitely better.

So then on Wednesday we all slept at the boat house, and that was a lot of fun. Not the most comfortable surface to sleep on, but not bad. On Sunday I went down to Saratoga for the Invitationals, and my boat was 6th of 22 I believe…so that’s not too bad…especially considering we were competing against these freakin Amazonian women. I swear, they were some of the most intimidating people I have ever seen. Like…wow. They. Were. Beast. But, we placed in the top third to I was happy with that. I also got a really nice t shirt there…

Then Monday – Thursday I had crew and school and STUDYING FOR APUSH. That kind of pushed me over the edge. Yesterday was the APUSH Exam, and I honestly have absolutely no idea how I did. I definitely have at least a 2, so…idk. HOPEFULLY I did well. Hopefully. After the exam I went to Babycake’s and had lunch with one of my friends, then we went to driver’s ed, and then I went home and watched Bones and slept.

Today, I went out with my dad and Mike in the morning and we got his cell phone (his birthday’s on Monday), then we went to a café in Beacon that makes a really nice latte and a really good Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookie, and then we went and visited my grandfather in Newburgh. We then went home and I did some homework while everyone else did yard work and continued our battle against the pool, and then I went to Triangulars! There was a possibility that they were going to be postponed because of the weather, but we were just delayed by one hour. Lourdes raced 8 boats: guys senior 4, girls V8, girls senior 4, girls lightweight 4, guys J4, girls J8, girls J4, and girls lightweight 8; and we won 1st in 6 of them! The other two we placed 2nd and 3rd, so we did really well. There were about 8 or 9 teams there, so we did really well. It was a great day for us. I was in the J8, and we were the 8th race of the day of 12, so we had already seen some of our other boats dominate, and that totally boosted our confidence. Yeah…it was a good day =]

Then, my mom drove me home, and my dad made pizza which was delicious. Now my dad, Sam, and I are going to Starbucks, and then I will shower, watch Bones, and to go sleep.

Good night!!

xoxo me