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Things Said By My Kind

-You’ve been on that daily jaw grind.
(And it hurts. So badly. *whimper*)

-He wants to know how long I’ll be gone.
-Long enough for him to forget all about you.

-I only like burps when I’ve had Chipotle. It’s like having it a second time.

Sometimes when I’m not motivated, I turn the shower from really warm and comfortable to ice, ice cold and remind myself that is what my life will be like all the time if I keep being a lazy fuck.

You see, this is why I come to the rec to pick up girls, then you already know if they look hot covered in sweat.

-I don’t want to be “that guy,” but I definitely think you should rock a lip ring.

-If I could make it rain anything, I’d make it rain Chipotle burritos.

-There are few things in this world that make me happier than Ellie Goulding, a bottle of wine, my guitar, and cough drops. They fix everything.
-What about me?
-You’re like a third tier necessity. Right below food and shelter, and kind of next to my glasses and underwear.

-It smells like stress in here.

Okay folks. I am 24 hours and 2 minutes away from the exam that will determine who pays for the rest of my college career (or at least next semester). I only need to get a raw score of 66 on the exam (which is a B+. How dumb is that?), so I would typically not be so worried, however I got a 65 on the last exam, so my confidence isn’t exactly sparkling right now.

I hate this shit. I hate this shit. I hate this shit.

Ahhhhh stressssssssssss.

I have been grinding my teeth SO HARD. AND IT’S LOUD. AND IT HURTS SO BADLY RIGHT NOW.    :(

I hate anthropology. I hate monkeys. They scare me. I don’t like bones. I don’t like dead things. I don’t like history. I don’t like learning about them. And I absolutely despise being tested on them.

I am an aspiring psycholinguist. I have no interest in your dumb anthropology stuff (although it is kind of necessary but WHATEVER).

I am so scared.

This is not going to be pretty.

It’s not like I’m unprepared. It’s just that there’s a lot riding on this exam.



Oh my God.








Eighteen Things

18 things I did not expect to happen that have happened during my first month of college.
-I really like my roommates
-I love community bathrooms (they’re always so clean and I don’t ever have to be the one to clean it!)
-I chopped off 9 inches of hair
-I got a tattoo
-I got another piercing
-I have the most attractive TA’s EVER
-I walk around singing this song: CLICK ME
-I eat salad every day (what can I say? I love baby spinach)
-I realized that Dr. Bronner was not kidding when he said that his soap has 18 uses
-I watched three different films in my Italian Culture Through Film class whose plots included an old ugly monk having sex with a hot young priest in exchange for a book, a young monk having sex with gypsy and abandoning her, a threesome (in which one of the guys gets jealous and murders the chick), unnecessarily graphic necrophilia, and the sex life of a castrato which always seems to include his brother helping him out
-I finished a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in two days. (Thank God I’ve been exclusively eating salad)
-I started writing a book
-I bought two pairs of pink jeans
-I burned premade cookies (my self-esteem is still trying to recover from that one)
-I lost my favorite soap and started crying about it
-I realized that the only way to focus during an 8pm lecture is to drink coffee and play angry birds to keep me awake
-I bought a bagel and literally threw it away because it was such a sorry excuse for a bagel
-I got really close to winning Settlers of Catan and was then cock-blocked from a perfect win

The Ombre English Harper Pool

Hi. So it’s 10:43 pm on May 29th, 2012, and I have to write 4 essays by 6 am. The Nespresso machine and I have 7 hours to overcome these last assignments, after which I will be done with high school for all intents and purposes. They are all fairly easy assignments and I should have no problem completing them in this window of time, however I do feel them to be quite unnecessary. You see, the entire year is spent preparing for the AP exam, and I have to give it to Mr. Pitt- I doubted his awesomeness at first, and I kind of thought he was a douche bag, but I was wrong. He prepared me for this exam perfectly, and I will be surprised if I score anything lower than a 4. However, after the AP exam, as the year drew to a close, he began assigning busy work to just give us grades. These are assignments which offer us no intellectual benefit and will do nothing for my writing or reading comprehension skills, and just things to make us to do get a grade. I hate busy work. Thus, finishing these last 4 assignments, all of which are busy work, will be tediously difficult. So, wish me luck!
On a completely different note, I never updated about our new puppy! My mom and I bought the puppy on May 24th, 2012, from a rescue in Hopewell. She is a 12 week-old beagle/hound mix, although we believe the father may have been a bloodhound or bloodhound/pointer mix. Her name is Harper, and it is so because it is the only name that my family can agree on. I wanted Sydney for obvious reasons, and at first my mom agreed to that because she didn’t like any of my other names (some of my favorites were Solara, Zara, Athena, Sapphire, Capri, Gypsy, and Calypso), and none of us liked her top names (Ruby, Roxy, and Harley). But then she decided she didn’t like Sydney, and in the span of 48 hours we decided on Piper, Lola, Dolce (I liked that one), and a few others that I can’t remember, but finally we all settled for Harper, which I think suits her very well. Harper is honestly the perfect puppy- plenty of energy to play and run around outside, but very chill and sleeps a lot for a puppy. It has been a little difficult to try to train her, but we’ve only had her for a few days so it’s to be expected. Everyone loves her, too…no one ever wants to let her sleep in the crate because we are always playing with her and when she falls asleep while you’re holding her, we never want to move her because it’s just such a good feeling to have a tiny sleeping puppy on your lap. Oh yeah, and we did this all while my father was away in Colombia. He’s pretty pissed that we got the dog, but he’ll just have to get over it. She’s not going anywhere. Plus, I think he’ll see that this can work- we can have a dog to fit into our life style.
Here’s a pic of Harper (and my kick ass new jeans) from when we went to the Millbrook park on Saturday.

Oh, God. She is just too damn perfect.
Oh, and our pool is open! Actually it’s been open for a while, but today was the first day we could use it. I decided to go to the gym first though, because jumping in after I was all sweaty and gymlicious would feel so much better than coming from the air-conditioned house. I do really love having a pool. I will probably spend the entire day out there tomorrow.
Okay, on a fourth completely different topic, I am going to dye my hair. Not my entire head, but have you seen that ombre style that everyone has been into lately? I want to do a reverse ombre. Actually, I wanted to do a blue ombre, but my mom clearly stated how trashy she thought that was, so I will wait until I am 1200 miles away to do that. Basically I am keeping my natural color until about the middle of my ears, then fading into a dark chestnut brown, then fading into black at the tips. I don’t think I would ever like to go any lighter than my natural color, I think that whatever natural highlights come out in the summer time is just enough for me. I always thought that dying your hair was unnecessary because, well, why would you? But then I thought of all of the other irrational shit that everyone does, and I realized that there needn’t be any other reason than because it will make me happy. I think that as long as you don’t do it for anyone else, and you do it because you genuinely like it, then go for it! And, even if I hate this, I can just dye it again or chop it all off. (Probably the former.) So, yes. I will do that soon. And I will post a picture. Which I like never do anymore, because if I post a picture anywhere, I just put it on Facebook. But whatever.
Okay, it’s 11:08 and I have less than 7 hours to finish this high school shit. Wish me luck. Adios bitches.

Idiocy, Starbucks, & The Hunger Games

Thismorning sucked. It just…sucked. And I cannot tell you how surprised I was when I found out that “thismorning” is not a word. “Tonight” is a word! What the hell. And lately I find I have been combining words like that, and putting an “e” on the ende of everythinge. I am not sure why. I noticed that everytime (again, should be one word. “everyday” is a word!) I type the word “whom” I put an “e” on it. Not good. Not good.

So, this morning (ehem- thismorning). Well actually I have to back up to yesterday, when I had sailing class on the Hudson River in March. Yes, this is the warmest the Hudson has been at this time of year in decades, but it’s still really cold. So during sailing class yesterday, I was wet and really cold and every single person was sniffling and shivering and the instructor was wearing SHORTS. The guy was wearing shorts and not shivering at all. I couldn’t help but start shaking after, oh, I don’t know, the second hour of watching him forget to attach the main halyard before putting the mast up. Really? Really. I know how to do very few things with certainty, especially things of the “assemble this thing!” variety, but I do know how to properly rig a small sailboat. I was a little surprised. I was wearing spandex pants and sweatpants, plus a tank top, a tshirt, a long sleeve shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, and a windbreaker and I was legit freezing. He was wearing shorts. Blew my mind. He forgot the halyard. Blew my mind.

I mean, we all make mistakes, and I am probably the most forgetful person you have ever met. I am not kidding. But…the halyard? I mean…it’s a little boat. There aren’t that many things that we have to do to rig it. Whatever…I will stop now.

So I froze. And I then went to the gym, and I noticed that I was sniffling while I was running. Then I went home and showered and my throat started hurting. Which sucks. Then I was feeling pretty crappy, and I went to see the Hunger Games with Marielle. It was alright. I’ll talk about that later. But during the movie I got so much worse and I kept sniffling. Then I got home and showered and was in bed by 1am, which is not good when you’re sick. It’s actually really stupid. But this is me…This is only one of the eleven extremely stupid things that I do on a daily basis. At least I met my quota.

This morning, I woke up, and I felt so much worse. It’s the kind of cold that really destroys your throat and your ears as well. So I woke up and saw the alarm clock- 7:28 am. My class starts at 7:30. I typically leave my house at 6:55-7:00 to make it to class on time. Shit.

So I threw on a tshirt and a fleece and some jeans and got in my car and started driving to school, then I stopped. I ran out of gas. I RAN OUT OF GAS. WHO DOES THAT. Ugh my God…I am such an idiot sometimes. It kills me. And…oh look a that- MY CELL PHONE IS DYING. Legit dying. So I turn on my phone and call my mom hoping she will answer, and she does, and becomes very angry (and rightfully so) at my forgetfulness and stupidity and drives to me and I eventually get gas and drive here, to Marist.

I have a gold card for Starbucks, so I get free drink post cards, and so do my dad and Sam. My dad gives me his sometimes, and so thismorning (ehem) I had two of them sitting in my car. I save them for really crappy days when I want a really large sugar free latte to make me a little happier. Today, however, my throat was hurting, so I got an iced latte. Oddio they are so good. It’s like…liquid ice cream. With caffeine. I swear…it makes a sucky day suck a little less. I now have 1:20 before I have to go to Calculus, then I have sailing for 3 hours. I hope I don’t freeze today. I am not in a freezing mood.

So I am going to write a mini review about the Hunger Games, both the book and the movie. I read The Hunger Games in one day- I just sat down and kept reading. I do this a lot actually…I’ll just start reading something and if I don’t have any plans I’ll just keep going and going and plow through it. I think this kind of takes away from the book though. I feel like if I took my time I would soak in a lot more of the development of the novel. Like Suzanne Collins did not write it in 6 hours…I don’t know. I just thought it was worth noting that I don’t know if I should to that so often.

Basically, it was good. I would recommend that you read it if you are looking for some interesting light reading, but I didn’t get super absorbed into it. Like Harry Potter consumed me. Twilight took over my life. Those two series really became something that I just could not put down. I don’t think I took more then three days to read any of those books because I simply could not put them down. Those books accessed me emotionally and really pulled me in. The Hunger Games? I don’t know. I just feel like there are two reasons that they are so popular: 1) Everyone can read them and mildly enjoy them and 2) Twilight and Harry Potter are over.

I believe that the mainstream literature of my generation will be defined by Harry Potter and Twilight. I don’t know a single person who read the Harry Potter books and didn’t like them. It’s just such a complete world that it’s hard to believe that it isn’t real after a while. I remember I was reading the sixth book around Christmastime one year and I was under the Christmas tree (don’t judge me) and it dawned on me that NONE of that is actually true. As in, magic is not real. There are no wizards. Wingardium Leviosa will never help me. And I was sad, because that world seemed so real to me. It seemed six books worth of real. And it’s not like it happened in some other magical universe, it happened in the UK. So HP really created a new world for the readers to attach to, but the Hunger Games just kind of…I don’t know. I guess I should finish the series (I only read the first two books) because apparently the ending is really crazy and maybe it will be more interesting then, but it didn’t really seem that great to me.

I think everyone can enjoy them because there’s a little taste of everything for everyone. There’s some romance, some action, some wilderness/survival stuff, some political 1984ish stuff, and a badass 16-year-old girl who shoots squirrels through the eyeball and eats them, and I think everyone likes badassery (aaahaa- that Autocorrected to brasserie) in their novels. But the problem for me is that it is spread too thinly- there is not enough of any one appeal to make it really attractive to one particular kind of audience. So everyone will like it, but I don’t how much someone can absolutely love it. Like in Harry Potter, there was SO MUCH action, SO MUCH magic, SO MUCH romance (well, romantic things that happen…), SO MANY different subplots that drove you crazy and sucked you in no matter who you were. And Twilight? There was basically just ROMANCE AND LOVE AND HEARTS AND HOT VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES AND SEX THAT LITERALLY BROKE HOUSES. That’s pretty much it, so the audience that Twilight appealed to (everyone’s inner romantic) just absolutely devoured those sappy stories with happy endings.

But with the Hunger Games, it just seemed a little formulaic for me. Like, “romance + political theory + murder + badass teenage girl + adorable little sister + survival = enormously popular novel.” The second is better in my opinion, but so many people only read the first one. Also, I know this sounds silly, but the first one doesn’t end with a happy ending. Every single Harry Potter and Twilight book ended with some kind of a cathartic (is that even a word?) resolution that made you feel happy. “Well not everything ends with ‘Happily ever after’!” Yes, that’s why I read books. I don’t want to hear about problems without some happy solution. That’s what real life and political science classes are for. So I think the Hunger Games just kind of ended with too many questions to make me feel happy about it.

About the movie- I think it was a lot more helpful in explaining things than the book. For example, in the book you don’t actually know if Seneca is creating the fire or how Haymitch is getting them to alter the rules because everything you see is from within the arena, and it’s all just Katniss’s speculation. But in the movie you see Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flickerman) and the hot plastic bag guy from American Beauty (Seneca) explaining things and shooting Katniss with fire. Maybe I’m a little dim, but I wasn’t so sure about how all of that was happening. It was to seeing for some concrete explanation. (I don’t know how that sentence made sense in my head, but it did. Hmm.) However, the one scene that I did find a little disappointing was one of the last scenes, when Katniss and Peeta are about to eat the berries. In the book, you know for sure that Katniss is just trying to be awesome and get one past the game makers. But in the movie, I don’t think I would have thought that if I hadn’t read the books. It looks like she really just loves Peeta. Idk, I guess it just doesn’t really matter but I think so much of the book is about how Katniss thinks about things that the book and the movie become being of different stories, so I can’t really compare them. Idk. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway. Lots of people loved the movie.

I now have to go to Calculus, then I have to go freeze my ass off at sailing. Absolutely not looking forward to that. I love sailing, but please not today. Please.

Oh well. I guess I will just have to suck it up. Maybe I’ll get there early and rig it myself. I’ll be sure not to forget anything such as the one line that is responsible for making a sailboat a sailboat. Oh yes! And I am going to Minnesota tomorrow! That’s going to suck- being sick on an airplane. Oh, God. I really hate being sick for so many reasons. But it will be nice to explore UMTC, hopefully I will really like it. I think I will…

Adios, amigos. Stay healthy and do not go on a river if it is too cold to wear fewer than 4 layers (unless you are rowing. in which case as long as there is no floating ice, you’re good).



Ode to Productivity

I am not quite sure what an “ode” is, but I think it’s just something in which you praise or glorify whatever you are writing about. And now…I write about productivity. This was the most productive week I have had since I was, oh, I don’t know…thirteen? I got everything done, and then some. I am freaking awesome.

Honestly, I believe it is because I made a few goals for myself this week. I realized that I just needed to start being more put-together. I looked at all of the people in my life who I admire, and I realized that one thing that they all have in common is their put-togetherness. So, I decided to make myself more put together.

How did I do this? Well…it is actually kind of ridiculous now that I think about it. Let’s start off by saying that it is no secret exactly how much of an emotional person I am. If I’m feeling good and I’m happy and everything is sunny, you’ll know it. If I don’t feel so happy, and you are unfortunate enough to be in my presence, you will know that, too. I am also much less efficient and goal-oriented when I am in a kind of funk, so I decided to make this week the happiest freaking week ever. Stupid, ridiculous things make me happy. I know this. I’ve accepted it. And this week- I embraced it.

I cannot stand having my nails look bad. It drives me crazy. I don’t care if they are polished or not, but they have to be clean and evenly trimmed and my cuticles have to look acceptable. So this Sunday, I painted my nails and that made me happy.

I cannot stand waking up in the morning. I am literally the worst possible person you could encounter within the first ten-fifteen minutes of waking up. I just am not a happy person in the morning. It doesn’t matter what I am doing that day…I just cannot seem to access the happy button until I’ve had some time to get used to the world. (I am also really disoriented whenever I wake up. Like…I usually can’t think at all until I’ve walked around a little. That is also a bit of a problem because I always stumble around and hurt myself…) So I went to sleep by 10:30 every night this week. Okay, that’s a complete lie. I was IN MY BED by 10:30. (Damn YouTube…) But seriously, I was probably asleep by midnight every night. Goal for next week will be to tear my eyes away from YouTube and Facebook after 11. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, I was getting a little more sleep, and I bought this awesome smelling face wash, which kind of improved my mood in the morning. Like I said, these things are ridiculous, but they help. They made me happier.

I cannot stand going to sleep with the knowledge that the next day I am screwed because I have to write a four-page essay in 45 minutes. (Although, I have to admit- I got an A on that paper. I am so freaking awesome.) So, I stopped procrastinating this week! And by stopped procrastinating, I mean I completed every assignment the day before it was due. That’s a step in the right direction! As a result of the pure joy I experienced because of this accomplishment, I felt much less stressed and much happier.

I cannot stand eating bad food. I just don’t like it. I feel gross and sick and I just don’t like the thought of putting things into my body that shouldn’t be there. The way I see it is that my body is a machine, and that machine needs fuel. I can fuel it with the good stuff, or the bad stuff. If I fuel it with the good stuff, I will operate efficiently and everything will be rainbows and sunshine. If I fuel it with shit, it will not operate well and add unnecessary stress and unhappiness to my day. Therefore, this week, I decided to make sure everything I fueled myself with had some sort of purpose and nutritional benefit for my body. I felt much better, and was much happier.

I enjoy a really unique spectrum of music. I don’t mean this in the annoying, pretentious, hipster kind of way, but I genuinely do listen to a really weird mix of music. There are some artists that I’ll always love, like Seal, Dave Matthews, Rufus Wainwright, and probably Foster the People (I have yet to see if they can withstand the test of time…). But I also go through weird phases where I will only listen to Beyonce for two weeks, or Black & Gold will be playing on my iPod for a solid month. Whatever I’m feeling into, I’ve got to play it over and over and let myself do that. It feels really nice when I listen to that perfect playlist…so I decided to indulge in every musical whim I had, and it makes me so happy. It’s like that one thing that can completely turn my mood around- the right song. At the gym yesterday, I was having a really rough time getting going, and pretty much every step of the first mile was torture. Then, Electric Feel came on, and I was GOLDEN. The power of the perfect song made me really happy (or as happy as anyone can be when you’re on the treadmill).

That leads me to my next point- the gym. I actually really like going to the gym, just making myself actually go it not always so easy. This week, however, I decided to go every single day, and to make the most of every second I spent there. I hate running more than any person you know. I am serious. I despise it with my entire being, mostly because I completely suck at it. Elliptical? Pshh. Rower? Cake. Bike? I dominate spin classes. Arc trainer? Okay so that sucks too, but it’s kind of fun…I feel like I am prancing rather than running. However…the treadmill is my ultimate enemy. In September, I decided to start using the treadmill. I came to the conclusion that running is one of those basic physical capabilities that everyone should have. If a bear is chasing me, I will not pull a boat out of my ass and start rowing away. If some guy is chasing me down a dark alley, I will not use an elliptical machine to escape him.

I therefore decided that I had to learn how to run and build up some endurance. I started jogging 3 min, walking 3 min. I couldn’t even do THAT. I had to adjust the times to 2 min of jogging at like 5pmh and 3 min of walking at 3.5 mph. I can proudly say that since then, I have developed enough endurance to run a solid 4 miles in one shot. I will admit that I am freaking SLOW, but I’m working on it. Back to this weeks goal- I wanted to run at least 4 miles every day. And I did it! … until today. You see, I am a terrible runner, and yesterday I tried bumping up the speed a little bit in the middle of my workout, and I kind of fumbled over my own feet and twisted my ankle in a manner that really screwed it up. During the run I didn’t feel anything due to some good ol’endorphins, but now? Ouch. I’m still going to the gym today, but I will probably do something with less impact on my ankles. I’m feeling the arc trainer…I need some prancing.

So yes, I ran more this week, and it made me happier.

Those are the things I did this week which all put me in a much better mood. Due to being a little happier all the time, I was in a much healthier state of mind, and I got so much done. I currently have NO ASSIGNMENTS hanging over my head. This never, ever, ever, happens to me. But, because I embraced the art of being awesome, I was so much more efficient and I now remember how it feels to be productive. There. My interpretation of an Ode to Productivity.