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18 Things of May

May is always a super eventful month for me. I always have final exams which bring on intense amounts of inner conflict between “I have to do this shit now” and “I don’t want to do this shit now,” I usually have intense spring fever, and I get really excited for summer and begin wearing flip flops when it’s still cold enough to see my breath outside. May 2013 looked a little bit like this…
1 I saw the Great Gatsby and subsequently fell in love with the soundtrack. Several of the songs from that movie are still on my Spotify circulation.
2 I had finals, and that’s usually a problem for me because I am very easily distracted and amused by small things when I need to get work done. Thankfully, not all of us are this way.
“Oh what was that? I can’t hear you because I have earbuds in because I’m studying, as you should be.”
3 I SOLVED THE GILYAK PROBLEM. With three other people…but still. The feelings of accomplishment were like … ahhh.
So now I totes think we should call my dog the Gilyak word for Harpoon.
4 I was introduced to the BBC series Sherlock, starring Bilbo Baggins as Watson.
Only a true friend texts you at 3:30am on a Saturday to tell you about his BBC revelation.
5 I packed every single thing I own into boxes and two suitcases. The boxes are sitting in the home of my lovely friend, and the suitcases have exploded all over my room.
Our last picture as roommates. Now we’re just friends.
6 I talked myself out of a jaywalking ticket.
7 I was on a 6 hour flight home. As in I got on the plane, and 6 hours later I was allowed off. That kind of sucked.
8 I had the most satisfying Thai food experience which reminded me that my spidey senses are really good at detecting awesome friends. 
9 I went to Chipotle five times in six days. This is not an achievement, it is me admitting that I have a problem.
10 I made a legitimate 5x5x4 fort with two of my favorite people ever.
11 I saw Fast 6, and it is officially the worst movie I have ever seen in theater. It was that bad.
12 I kayaked 29 miles, in 11 hours, in the rain, in the cold, after 10 months of not paddling, and I thought my arms were going to either fall off or be permanently bent into kayak form. I think that day confirmed to me that the Hudson River really is a place uniquely close to my heart…and I know that many people have felt this way, and there are entire organizations dedicated to protecting it, but I feel like for some reason, it’s my place. It’s my one place that I have used in lots of different ways, and it makes me feel home in the best sense of the word.
13 I saw this.
14 Online summer classes. Bad decision.
15 I realized exactly how poorly calibrated is my internal compass.
16 I bought way too many dresses.
17 I realized that my dog is actually a cat.
18 Someone suggested a great tattoo idea, which has evolved in my mind into something totally cool and worthy of a permanent home on my body. But only after my 21stbirthday. So I have like what, just over 2 years? That’s not so bad.


I have watched both full seasons of HBO’s Girls, and it was something that I didn’t like very much at all  until the season 2 finale. The problem for me is that I hated Lena Dunham’s character Hannah and I read somewhere that she was loosely based on Lena Dunham herself, so I started to hate Lena Dunham – the creator, writer, starring actress, and director of the show. Which made me dislike the show, even though I kept watching all 20 episodes because reasons.
The one thing I have to say that I do like about the show is that it is a much more realistic representation of certain aspects of a young woman’s life, as per my experience, than some other shows out there. What I dislike, however, is the fact that it’s pretty obvious that Lena Dunham is the director when you see the types of guys that she’s getting with . . . I mean goddamn, Lena. May I also add, though, that I read a review about the series in hopes of finding someone out there who disliked it for the same reason as me, and they reminded me of something that hadn’t occurred to me. I hated Hannah so much, in part, because she’s such a whiny, entitled loser begging for her parents’ money. The review reminded me that Lena Dunham can make her character as much of a loser as she wants because Lena Dunham is actually as far from a loser as possible. She’s wildly successful, creative, witty, smart, and awesome. So that soothed my hatred a bit.
There were two scenes in the final episode of season 2 that rung so, so, so true with me, and it was nice to see someone broadcasting that to the world because I never felt like anyone else experienced these things. One was the scene when Hannah calls Jessa. If you know the show and you know me, you know who my Jessa is. And it was nice to know that someone else has a Jessa.
There was also a scene when Hannah just cut her own hair and was sweeping up the hair into a dust pan, and talking to Laird after he made the perfect bowl cut. She tells him about how when we’re little and we break a glass, our parents tell us to get out of the way and put shoes on so we don’t hurt ourselves and they can clean it up. She then complains about the fact that she no longer has anyone to clean up the glass for her.
It reminded me of something interesting. Last summer when I was watching my cousins, one of them broke a glass on their kitchen floor. I handed him his crocs and told him to get out of the way so he didn’t hurt himself, and I swept it up. I remember thinking of that same thing, and how I was now the person cleaning up the broken glass. I was moving up in the world.
There are a few differences between me and Hannah. Firstly, I liked the feeling of being the one to clean up the glass, literally and figuratively. Hannah is talking about the fact that she doesn’t have anyone to fall back on anymore, and her parents are not being very helpful. I actually enjoy that independence and the ability to figure out my own shit. It makes me feel like what I call a “real person.” The kind of person who makes her own pesto for dinner and does all of her own laundry and knows how to talk herself out of a jaywalking ticket and cleans her own bathroom. For some reason, I derive a huge amount of happiness and fulfillment from being that kind of person. I like cleaning up the glass.
Secondly, my parents taught me how to clean up the glass. Hannah seems really lost and like she has no idea what she’s doing most of the time, but I’d like to think I have this shit figured out as best as any 18-year-old can. Hannah’s parents seem really dumb and like they try to help Hannah in all of the wrong ways. They didn’t teach her to be self-sufficient, and then they get pissed when she feels entitled and is asking for money because she doesn’t know how to do things for herself. That’s on them. They’re the Dr. Frankenstein of this situation. 
The third difference between me and Hannah is that my parents will still clean up the glass. I have a feeling that they will always be there for me always be able to help me with pretty much whatever I need. In Hannah’s case, she is asking for money to get herself out of a legal contract which she failed to uphold, but I would never ask my parents for that. She sucks and she failed and that’s on her…it’s completely unfair to expect your parents to bail you out of problems that you inflict upon yourself because of your own laziness. My parents would, however, always help me clean up the pieces when things really do get messy. This past semester I was feeling particularly shitty and my Minnesotan experience had taken a bit of an unfortunate turn, and I’m over it now but in the following few weeks I was really sad and I just wanted to be home. So, my parents flew me home for the weekend, and it meant the world to me. They didn’t even demand an explanation, they just wanted to do what they could to help me sweep up the glass.
This was just created as a means to help myself further procrastinate the completion of my paper. And now I write…

United We Stand

Sad things are happening. Facebook and Twitter are exploding with people offering prayers, demonstrations of support and solidarity, questions of why, accusations of who, and hatred for whomever is responsible. Some people are also criticizing those who seem upset by these events, because “things like this happen everyday in some countries! You don’t care about those people! You’re so selfish! You’re only paying attention to these people because they’re Americans and it’s on the front page!”
That’s not true. 
At all.
I cried. I cried for a really long time when I heard about the shooting in CT a few months ago. Tears still well in my eyes when I think about it. I cried when I heard about the explosions in Boston. And I just cried when I heard about the explosion of the fertilizer plant in Texas which may have killed up to 70 people. Maybe it’s because I am a hormonally volatile teenager, but maybe it’s just because people are dieing, and that’s always really sad.

When I was in 8th grade, a family friend had passed away and my mom told me to get my brothers and go to his funeral at lunch time. So I did, but it turned out to be the wrong funeral. We sat there in our uniforms in the back of the church, at a strangers funeral, and I cried my eyes out. It was so sad – there was hardly anyone there. I thought about that for a while, and I felt so embarrassed for crying at the funeral of a complete stranger, but I remember that day when things like this happen. And all of a sudden everything seems much more personal to me. I think about that man whose life I cried about, simply because the people who were there loved him and lost him.

All of those people had lives and futures that are now gone, and they have been taken from the people who love them. So I cry about that. And I think shedding some tears is the least I can do. I know it’s completely irrational and not true, but I feel like the more emotional burden I try to bear, the lighter it may be for some of the people who were actually affected by these events. I don’t know if they would consider it offensive or supportive that I cry, but I feel sad, so I cry about it. And then I say a prayer and carry on.

People are dieing. That’s always a reason to cry, offer prayers, and show support. But people are dieing all the time. Innocent, good people are dieing every second. The reason that everyone is showing support for these losses is not that we are “selfish” and “ignorant” and only care about the deaths that make headlines, but because these are the ones that hit home. These are the ones that could have been us.
When we hear about these tragedies occurring in far away places, it’s hard to imagine ourselves there. It’s hard to imagine living in a war zone and being a victim of a roadside bomb. It’s quite easy to imagine waiting at the finish line for the runners to finish their marathon in a city that, if you live in the US, is probably not much unlike your own.
Minneapolis is definitely on the smaller side of major US cities, so I’d like to believe that moving here was a pretty low-risk decision on my part. But my little brother goes to school in one of the same cities that was attacked on 9/11. My aunt and uncle both work in Manhattan. My other uncle lives in Boston. It is all too easy for me to imagine these things happening to me, or much worse, to one of them. That’s why we publicly offer support and prayers and love and well wishes. That’s why demonstrations of solidarity are important to us in times like these – because it could have been us.
I’m not one to argue on Facebook. If you want to share your own invalid opinions and reveal exactly how much of an idiot you are to all of social media, go for it, I won’t stop you. I also won’t make myself look like a tool and try to correct you on Facebook. But if you’re one of those individuals who is trying to appear to be more globally-aware and superior by demeaning the efforts of your friends to offer support and solidarity, then you’re wrong and you should stop.
The last thing this world needs is pretentious college students furiously typing away at their Macbooks about how their peers just need to be more “aware” while behind the comforting veil of l’internet.
Oh, wait…

Spring Break Pat II + 1st Week Back, and Crew

Long time no talk, eh? SO…a lot has been happening here, and I have been incredibly busy, but I officially have an unplanned hour or so of life when I am not trying to squeeze in some extra sleep so I shall update my blog. Allora…

The second week of Spring Break was pretty similar to the first, but a lot more homework and a lot less L&O (which may or may not have been replaced with some Bones, just sayin). On Thursday I went down to Long Island and spent a few days with my aunt and uncle until my family came down on Saturday. Then I stayed in a hotel with them which had a really nice pool so we spent a lot of time in the pool and the jacuzzi. Then we went to Sunrise Mass at Gilgo Beach which was nice, and then we made Easter dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house. It was a really nice holiday. AND…we each got plenty of Reese’s Eggs…which was probably the highlight of my Easter.

Then on Monday morning I had crew, and that afternoon we pulled a 2k. I honestly didn’t even finish it…it was so bad. I began so strong and I was holding just below my goal splits and I was feeling great, but then my lungs started hurting so badly and I just couldn’t breathe. During a 2k, you HAVE to breath, but the one thing I had to do the most was the most painful thing to do, and I just had to stop. I only had about 450 meters left, and I was doing great, but I had to stop. So, that was a little depressing. I think it’s because I am back in the USA and my allergies are starting up again, because I didn’t have them for the two years that I was in Switzerland. So I was nebulized and I got a prescription for Advair and I got an inhaler which I’ve been using so I’ve been feeling better. I still get really tight sometimes, but I am definitely better.

So then on Wednesday we all slept at the boat house, and that was a lot of fun. Not the most comfortable surface to sleep on, but not bad. On Sunday I went down to Saratoga for the Invitationals, and my boat was 6th of 22 I believe…so that’s not too bad…especially considering we were competing against these freakin Amazonian women. I swear, they were some of the most intimidating people I have ever seen. Like…wow. They. Were. Beast. But, we placed in the top third to I was happy with that. I also got a really nice t shirt there…

Then Monday – Thursday I had crew and school and STUDYING FOR APUSH. That kind of pushed me over the edge. Yesterday was the APUSH Exam, and I honestly have absolutely no idea how I did. I definitely have at least a 2, so…idk. HOPEFULLY I did well. Hopefully. After the exam I went to Babycake’s and had lunch with one of my friends, then we went to driver’s ed, and then I went home and watched Bones and slept.

Today, I went out with my dad and Mike in the morning and we got his cell phone (his birthday’s on Monday), then we went to a café in Beacon that makes a really nice latte and a really good Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookie, and then we went and visited my grandfather in Newburgh. We then went home and I did some homework while everyone else did yard work and continued our battle against the pool, and then I went to Triangulars! There was a possibility that they were going to be postponed because of the weather, but we were just delayed by one hour. Lourdes raced 8 boats: guys senior 4, girls V8, girls senior 4, girls lightweight 4, guys J4, girls J8, girls J4, and girls lightweight 8; and we won 1st in 6 of them! The other two we placed 2nd and 3rd, so we did really well. There were about 8 or 9 teams there, so we did really well. It was a great day for us. I was in the J8, and we were the 8th race of the day of 12, so we had already seen some of our other boats dominate, and that totally boosted our confidence. Yeah…it was a good day =]

Then, my mom drove me home, and my dad made pizza which was delicious. Now my dad, Sam, and I are going to Starbucks, and then I will shower, watch Bones, and to go sleep.

Good night!!

xoxo me

The Swing and the Creek

Yesterday, Michael had a soccer game at 10:30 but I stayed home and cleaned my room, watched Law & Order, showered and got dressed, and did some homework. Then when they came home, the brought Mike’s friend Joey (Carli’s little brother) with them. We hung out and had lunch, then we went to Millbrook Park. I love the Millbrook Park. I want to like live there. Okay, not really, but I love it. I just like sat on the swing and swung (hehe =]) for a while. Then me, Sam, Mike, and Joey walked to Stewarts and got milkshakes. Mom and Dad picked us up, then we went home and the boys got ready for baseball.
We drove 2 miles to the baseball fields, and me and Joey went to the creek. The creek changed alot since last year. A little piece of it dried up, and it was a pretty deep part. I would say it was like 4-5 feet deep, and there was this section of land on the other side I always wanted to to go, but I could never get across that piece of the creek because on the other side you would always see snakes going in and out of these vine-like branches, and it creeped me out because you would have to walk through it to get to the little section of rocky land. But, since it dried up, the branches all dried and shriveled up so you could see everything that was in them, and it was snake free, so me and joey walked onto it. It was weird because I can so vividly remember that part of the creek, and standing in it and just seeing dried up rocks and no water at all is really weird. Anywayy, I just chilled out by the creek and rolled up my jeans, took off my flip-flops, and dipped my feet in. It was ffrreeeezziinngg!
The first time I ever went to the creek was when Joey and Sam and Mike were on the same baseball team, so me, Carli, and Ali all went to the creek every single game that was at LaGrange Fields. The other games were all atTymore, so we would just go to the creek there. It was awsome because there’s this little bed of clay-like stuff, and we’d like put it all over out bodies and then just let it dry and then we’d go in the deeper parts of the creek and wash it off. It’s probably a little good as far as exfoliation goes because there’s little rocks and pebbles in the clay so when you rub it on I guess it’s probably good…whatever it’s fun. lol. Unfortunately, I have to go write 2 essays now…PEACE LOVE HAPPINESS!