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Eighteen Things of November

1 I went to New York twice, and realized that “home” is a bit of a Horcrux to me. Little pieces of me get torn out and planted in places, and it’s just a bit sad that I can’t have all of them. I thought it would have been a relief to be in New York, but it just made me realize how much of me has been ripped out and planted in Minnesota, and begun to grow there. I know it’s not like this for many college students, and where they grew up will always be “home” to them. But my childhood home is kind of trickling away…so I am happy that little pieces of me have other places to be rooted and grow. I have found that the reason going “back home” has always been a little hard for me is because the pieces of me that are left there have been paused. The pieces that fit in there are not what I am, but what I was when I left. For this reason, it always takes a little getting used to and playing catch up to reacquaint my current self with things of my relative past.
2 I both entered and exited the month of November at First Avenue.
3 I went to a concert for the sole purpose of seeing the opening act, but fell in love with the main act. This song of their’s is playing on repeat while I write this.
4 I studied more for an exam than I have since I was probably 13, did really badly, and cried.
5 I voted for the first time. I Voted No, and I voted for President Barack Obama.
6 I wrote my first real abstract.
7 On Thanksgiving, I woke up at 5am (after having gone to sleep at 3am) and went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the one and only Yulia Gusarova. We stood in the military and NYPD family standing area, and no one said anything. We had wonderful holiday lattes, saw marching bands and Cody Simpson, collected confetti, and had a very us time. I then took the LIRR to my grandma’s house for dinner, then drove home, and went Black Friday shopping at midnight, and returned home by 6am. It was a good day. As are any days involving Starbucks, people I love, shopping, and confetti.

8 I did some intense Christmas shopping which has resulted in a sad lack of food in my dorm. At least I have a place to hide the Christmas presents now that my cupboard is empty.
9 A guy in my project group found my amazingly hot (yet incredibly petit) TA on Grindr.
10 I registered for classes for next semester, and 4 of the classes I wanted to take were full. Next semester looks like this: CLA 1002 Composing Your Worlds, ESCI 1005 Geology & Cinema, LING 4002 Linguistic Analysis, CSCL 3456W Sexuality & Culture, PSY 3201 Intro to Social Psychology, and PSY 3801 Introduction to Psychological Measurement & Data Analysis.
11 I didn’t shave for two weeks. I figured…hey. All the cool kids are doing it. (However, at 2:30 am on December 1st, I shaved and it was glorious.)
12 I drank wine from a teacup.
13 I participated in a psychological research project and I think I failed the tests they gave me because I misunderstood the directions. Oops.
14 I played hide and seek outside in my socks at 2 am.
15 I was taking the light rail home from MSP, and took it two stops in the wrong direction. As soon as I realized I was on the wrong train, I got off and waited at this stop in the middle of nowhere. I was the only one there and the next train wasn’t for 18 minutes. Some sketchy dude then came up to me and started speaking to me in Spanish. All I caught was “Buenos noches” and “bonita.” Then he started repeating something and getting a little angry, and I told him I didn’t understand him. Finally he annunciated a little more, and said, “Do you have husband?” I’m going to be honest here. I gave him the face. And unsurprisingly, he stopped talking to me. Then some of his friends joined him, but this relatively normal looking dude showed up on a bike and he was watching was was going on and I just ran onto the light rail car with the most people on it.
16 I Seafarered Catan like a boss.
17 Someone said, “This song requires you to feel it in your hips. If you don’t have hips, Jack and Coke will help you find them.” He also said, “We’re one big family. You love most people, and you really don’t like some people. But still…you know that guy that you really really don’t like? You’re going to end up dancing with him by the end of the night. I’ve seen it 100 times. I’ve been that guy 100 times.” Someone else said, “Now think of everyone you know. Who will do your dental work after the apocalypse?”
18 I went to a concert where they put some beautifully obnoxious black x’s on my hands, but passed around bottles of wine.
I elaborated a bit more for this month because there was an unfortunate lack of posts during November.
“I’m not confused. I’m just well mixed.” Stay fresh, my friends.

54 F in January =

I am waiting. I am one stressed out ball of anticipation. I need to hear from 8 more colleges, TASIS, and the Clearwater. The only thing I know for sure is that I will hear from all 8 colleges by April 1. Other than that, I am just kind of twiddling my thumbs and waiting for some acceptances and some answers. I am going to tell you exactly what I WANT to happen…what the perfect scenario looks like….

I am offered the Clearwater apprenticeship, and also graduate high school. I miss about a month of school, but my teacher supports me and helps me out. I take my days off when I have an English test or an important class, and there’s that. It will be amazing.

I am offered the position at TASIS for session 1. Me and Yulia have a grande olde time being counselors for a bunch of middle schoolers while never sleeping and making the most of my one last hoorah in Europe before college. TASIS gives me enough cash to barely survive in Lugano. I also bungee jump on or shortly after my 18th birthday like James Bond (cue Scouting For Girls). I turn 18. It will be amazing.

TASIS is cool and let me take the flight I need so I can also visit Vero in Germany. I fly to the Deutchland, spend an amazing week with some real live German people (haha…..what?), then I take the perfect flight from Dresden → MXP → JFK. I cry on the airplane home (flight 199 or 198 perhaps?) as I realize that I have to come down to planet earth and be a normal person again. Life is complete. It will be amazing.

I then spend 1-2 weeks preparing to go to college. You know…dentist, packing, anti-separation anxiety, buying things, uploading albums to Facebook of the most amazing summer, … those kinds of things. It will be awesome.

There we go. I am well aware of the fact that far too many details have to fall into place (And I have to be accepted into at least 3 different programs….that’s far less likely) for this kind of a miracle summer to actually occur, but it’s not impossible. (shut up.) I mean…we got to Lugano in the first place? That was a miracle of a thousand tiny details falling into place…why can’t this happen? I hope it does. I do not think it will at all…I just hope it does.

Summer On Steroids

Hola amigos! The endorphins that have been released in my body suddenly gave me the brain power to be able to write a blog post, and it’s really hot outside, and it’s cool in my bedroom, and I am bored, so that is what I shall do. =] I think I’ll just summarize the past week or so really quickly because it would take me way too long to go over everything in detail. Allora…

Last week I spent Wednesday night with Kate, Isabella, and Yulia, and we returned to Isabella’s house at 6 am. It was AMAZING. Then on Thursday, we said goodbye to Kate (it was horrible =[ ) and then Isa, Yulia and I went swimming in Isa’s pool. It was AWESOME. Then we went to my house and attempted to sleep in a tent, but by 3 am we were really uncomfortable, so we went inside to the couches =] .

On Friday, Isa had riding, so Yulia and I went shopping, rented a pedal boat, swam in the lake, and chilled (it was hot though. chill in the sense of relaxing…okay I’ll stop now) on the shore with our hippy friends. They were really cool…I want to see them again sometime. They were playing guitar and all happy-hippy and it made us want to convert to hippyism. Yes, there is such a thing. No, not in the real world, but there is to me. Then my dad picked us up because we were broke (no bus, no taxi) and neither of us had a cell phone (can’t call Isa), so we used some spare change (.40 I think?) to call my dad for a ride. Then Yulia and I broke into Isa’s house, which was unlocked, and hung out there until Isa came home. And we swam…A LOT. Then Isa came home and we did what we do best. We beaded (hahaaaaa) and hung out and had FUN. LOTS of fun. Like, funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Yeah, <- that kind of fun. It was (I am oh so tempted to say “fun,” but I won’t) SPECTACULAR (better, right?).

Then on Saturday, Isa had riding (weird, right?) so Yulia and I just hung out and swam and had FUN and then we went downtown to run some errands and swim by the lido (although we were secretly hoping to find our hippy friends again). Isa then found us by the shore (where our hippies were…yes I used the word “our” because they are OUR hippies! NOT YOURS! WE MET THEM FIRST!) and we swam and met this insane con-artist. He guessed Yulia’s name and Isabella’s name, and he had her name written in the Italian way in his wallet, which of course he could have just gotten from listening to us for a while. But the weird thing is he guessed that Yulia was Ukrainian. But he totally messed me up- he got my name wrong and he thought I was German. Like, whoa. No- not German. Then he gave Yulia my sunglasses so he could read my eyes. It was weird in a creepy kind of “this guy is drunk please go away” kind of way. I don’t understand Italian perfectly, but slurring words is the same in every language, and this guy definitely was. I wish I got a picture of him. He was from Tunisia. We escaped pretty quickly though, like 30 minutes into our creepy chat. Then the three of us went to Etnicafe and got dinner and hung out there for like three hours until we went back to Isa’s house. And we swam and had more FUN. That is the only word I can use to describe what we were doing…just having FUN. And beading. We all now have bracelets from all that beading. =]

On Sunday, we swam (shocker, I know…) and then Yulia had to go “home” (aka to my apartment) to pack because her flight was on Monday, so Mr. Broggini drove us home. It was another sad moment for us because it was the last moment we would all three be together in Lugano, maybe for forever. It was appropriate though, because Isabella was in a pink sequenced bikini and we were all hugging and saying our tearful goodbyes in the formerly empty TASIS parking lot until 3 cars showed up. It was a very good representation of our times together lol. Then we got home at 17:00, and my parents informed us that we had to go to dinner at their friends’ house, so we showered very quickly. We went to dinner at their house, and then when we returned, Yulia and I stayed up until 3 am (again) packing, repacking, unpacking again, packing for the last time, talking, being sad, being happy, and trying to watch Under The Tuscan Sun (which did not work…we were too tired).

Then on Monday, we drove Yulia to the Starbus at 9:30 and I was so sad. I actually began to tear up- it was horrible. It’s not that bad now, though. Thank God for Skype. Okay, yeah, I’m lying. It is that bad, but we can’t do anything about it so Skype will have to suffice for now. Then my mom took me shoe shopping (exactly the kind of distraction I needed) and I got these wicked (YES I just used the word wicked, and it fits PERFECTLY) black leather gladiator sandals with 13 straps and silver studs and zippers. They are so Lugano-summer. That may sound stupid, but you’ll have to come here to see what I mean ;) . Then we went grocery shopping and returned home, and I pulled a 5K. I was going to pull a 6K, but I hadn’t done one in so long that I gave up. Hey, it’s summer. Then I attempted to go through my closet but failed, and I think I may have eaten dinner- not sure. I think I just slept.

Tuesday and Wednesday kind of blur together because I only left the apartment after 18:00 on both days, and the mornings kind of looked like this: roll out of bed, shower, eat breakfast, sort through half of my closet, vacuum/do the dishes, Grey’s Anatomy/Scrubs/Glee, read in the sun, think the sun is too hot so retreat to the coolness of my bedroom, erg, crank my iHome, go out with my family for dinner, come home, sit on the balcony and wonder WHY THE HELL I AM LEAVING as I stare out to the mountains across the lake, paint my nails/read more, Facebook, Skype Yulia for a few hours, and finally sleep. Exciting, no? I think it was nice to do nothing.

Thursday, I began my day in the same pattern as Tuesday and Wednesday, but changed up the afternoon by going downtown with my mom. We dropped the boys off and then ran a few errands to the bank and post office, and then I saw MIREYA!!! Mireya Flores was one of my best friends last year, but she didn’t return to TASIS and we slipped out of touch for a while. I saw her downtown and had a mini heart-attack. It was so nice to see her =] . Then my mom and I went to H&M And did some hard core shopping. Let’s say I try on 100 items (I actually try on like 300, literally, but for purposes of the statistics we’ll call it 100). I will put 25 in the NO pile, 25 in the I NEED IT pile, and 25 in the WE’LL SEE pile, and 25 in the TRY ANOTHER SIZE/COLOR pile. I will then return the 25 NOs, and get the needed colors/sizes. Then I will try those on and I will usually have 5 in the I NEED THEM FOR SURVIVIAL pile, 25 in the NO pile, 20 in the YES pile, and 20 in the YES BUT REALLY EXPENSIVE pile. I then proceed and end up with my top 10. Of those 10, I ask my mom how many I can get and she’ll let me know, and TA DA!!! You’ve just been shopping with Marissa. Although I do prefer to shop alone, I don’t like holding people back and I like to take me time (just ask my mom, she’s always telling me to hurry up). So yesterday I bought 5 dresses. One of them is on the site. OBVIOUSLY they look pretty different on my lol, but I am too lazy to try them on, take pictures, upload them, and put them on my blog, so here they are:

I tend to avoid stripes, but this looks so cute. Maybe a graduation or something…?

The second is an army green tank top dress that is like a really super thin T shirt and it is tiered with a racer back…back. How else to you refer to a racer back back?

The third dress is dark grey with little eyelet flowers all over it, and the top half is smocked and the bottom is just a really light linen fabric. It’s really cute for dinner or something.

The fourth dress is a light grey/purple with coral, purple, and indigo flowers all over it. It is also tiered, but this one is more formal than the second one. It got it in the wrong size though.

The fifth isn’t really a dress, but it was 7.50 and it looks SO cute. It is grey and black stripes, and like I previously said, I tend to avoid striped, but it it so cute! It cinches at my waist and fits me really well. With a pair of rockstar leather leggings or maybe to go to the beach? Okay, yeah…perfect.

I accidentally got the purple flowery one in the wrong size, so I had to go back today and get it in the right size. My mom went to lunch with Mrs. Cross today, and I got a ride downtown! SO I spent 2.5 hours in H&M looking for the perfect color and fit of every dress. Oh BTW, if you’re wondering why I am buying so many dresses, there are three reasons. 1. I like wearing dresses in the summer. They’re really easy to just throw on and you look nice downtown. 2. We are going to SPAIN in 8 days! YAY! We’re renting a villa on the ocean near Barcelona and my mom’s friend Karen from NY is coming to stay with us for a few days, too. And I will be wearing every single one while I am there, so you will have plenty of pictures lol. 3. When our friends from NY, the DiSalvo’s, come, I won’t be living in my room because Mr. and Mrs. DiSalvo will have it, so I will need to grab my clothes and get out quickly, and with dresses no coordination is required. So THERE, dresses are lovely haha. Anyway, today I never got to return the other dresses, but I bought 5 more. Oops, haha. Here’s a few of them:

I got this one in navy, and it looks much nicer on me than it does without a body in it. Does that make any sense? I hope so. I wanted the yellow one, but I think it looks a little tacky.

I also got this one in navy (I like navy) but it’s a lot shorter on my than on the model lol. It’s nice though, I like it a lot.

You can’t really tell, but there is black piping on this one. Maybe it’s not the same one? I don’t know. but it’s REALLY cute, and Kate has the same one in white lol.
I also got a floor length black maxi dress with gold thingies on the spaghetti straps. It broke though…more about that later.

I also got the same dress as the purple one I got yesterday but in red with white polka dots. I am still debating whether or not I should have gotten red or black. Oh well. I like the red one.

Then I got a long sleeve acid wash denim button down shirt. SO 80s, but so amazing. LOVE it.

I also got a steel grey/purplish racer back tank top for chillen in Barcelonaaaa!

When I got home, I showed them all to my mom, and the black maxi dress broke! I took it out of the bag and the strap was busted. Grr. I really liked that one, and it was the only one of my size. I suppose I could go a size up because it’s a really flowy dress anyway, but that one was so perfect. We’ll probably not be able to go back until Monday, though, because there is a bike race downtown tomorrow and traffic is already horrible, and they are closed on Sunday (ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Switzerland). After deciding which dresses I will be returning, I took a walk with my aviators, my mom’s straw hat, and my new green dress to return the recyclables. Any excuse to wear my new clothes in public is fine with me. Chance also had it that my dad was Vespahing (yes, it’s a word. no, not really, but it should be) home as I was arriving at the recyclables, so I got to wear my new green dress on the Vespa. Anything on a Vespa is automatically way cooler. So go ahead- go buy yourself a Vespa. You deserve it. But make sure I get free rides for instilling the idea in your head. Then I got home, washed my face with icy water (it’s THAT hot out, guys) and my dad made dinner. Now I have retreated to the coolness of my bedroom for the remainder of the sunlight hours. My room and Sam’s room both stay really cool because our windows are the closest to this giant stone wall behind our building, which never gets any sunlight, so all of its nice cool air flows in through our windows. If I were to leave my door open and blow my fan out like I am supposed to, our house would be like 5 degrees cooler. But I like my privacy, and I leave it open at night…when the rest of the house is cool…whatever.

So much for a quick summary. Hey- c’est la vie.


Charlie Brown and Amazing Hats

This past weekend, the middle school performed You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, and Mike was Charlie Brown. My parents took some video clips that I want to upload but for some reason it is taking way too long, like hours. I may try to upload them later but for now, there are no videos. Sam was one of the lighting people (the other was his friend Max) and they did a great job. Those lights went off, and they went on, and it was spectacular. Haha, just kidding, Sam. Nice job. Of course I had to watch the performance at least once, so I went on Saturday evening. It was nice, but there is no plot, like no story. It was just telling you about the characters of the peanuts and not necessarily about one specific event. But it was cute.

And on Saturday morning, I was feeling a lot better so I called Yulia and met her downtown. I rode my bike to the school for the bus, and as I was locking up my bike, the bus pulled up. It was perfect timing. Then I rode the bus downtown and met Yulia in front of Manor. There was this awesome concert in the piazza of these teenagers performing this Spanish music to raise money for a trip for some charity to London, so we hung out and watched them for a while. Then we went to Manor and shopped around in the men’s department. It was fun. I bought the coolest hat known to mankind…seriously. Then as we were walking around we shoved leaves in the holes of my hat and in Yulia’s headband. I felt like the Jolly Green Giant, but it was fun =] .
Dad, Mom, and Nonni were at Manor so we got a ride to school where we went to the Spring Arts Festival. Some of the stuff there was seriously A MAZ ING. Like, ahhhh. Yulia’s church was unbelievably cool beyond words, and this one girl made a photography slide show to the song Teenage Wasteland by The Who, and I watched it twice. It made me want to like scream with happiness. I think that’s what people want from art in a show like that, to evoke some sort of response. After we saw the artwork, I rode my bike home and went to the first showing of YAGMCB.
Awlright. I’m going to attempt to not spend all night on my laptop and actually go to sleep before midnight. Love yaaa =]

Spring Fever

I am being totally impatient with this weather. Last year at this time, we were running around in shorts and tank tops and it was a beautiful 80 degrees. Now, it’s rainy and cold and I am sick. Bleh. I stayed home from school Tuesday an Wednesday, and I am feeling a little better today but I came home from school after AP Euro. Honestly though, those two sick days have been a blessing in disguise because I’ve been able to accomplish so much! On Tusday I cleaned out my closets and my bookshelf-esque thing that is next to my bed, I did all of my school work, and I did yoga.
Yesterday I gave myself a much-needed manicure and pedicure, watched Pocahontas (don’t judge me) and began writing my history paper. Also, my mom and Nonni went to the market in Luino and my mom brought me back some cool things (some were actually for her I think, but she gave them to me). I got this really cool white scarf with lacey blue designs on it, and ths weird tan shirt-dress thing that looks so weird that it’s cool. So thanks, Mom.I also discovered this cool website called HabitForge.com. I am officially pulling a 4K everyday. Or at least that is the plan.
Today I actually woke up and went to school but I felt so sick, it would have been  miserable day. Actually, it’s miserable sitting at home too, but having to trudge around in the rain and deal with school would just make things worse. Ahhhhh I hate being sick.
So for my AP Euro paper, I am conrasting the nationalistic techniques of Joan of Arc with those of Hitler. That should make an interesting paper… I’d better get working. I have a lot of school work to make up.