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18 Things of June

1 I started watching The Walking Dead and I am currently on Season 3, Episode 12. It’s actually kind of awesome and Daryl is my hero.

2 I delayed progress on my online classes a little too much, and this week is going to be SO FUN because I’ll get to play catch up and read a lot. Yay. So fun.

3 I kayaked most of the Hudson River. The plan was to finish it, but that didn’t happen because of weather and sickness. We’re definitely going to finish by the end of the summer, but we have to see when will work for both of us. Technically we have paddled over 150 miles this summer, it just wasn’t on the actual length of the river. Oh well.


In the middle of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge


We were too close for comfort, but it was pretty cool.


Police encounter number two.


Sunset from Magdalene Island

And this is a deer just casually swimming across the Hudson River.

She’s just casually swimming across the Hudson River.

4 I started watching my cousins again this summer. They’re really great kids and it’s probably the easiest summer job ever, so I have nothing to complain about. They’re just super cool.

5 I went to a concert and left before the main act because the demographic was actually that frustrating. Think the cast of Jersey Shore minus 10 years, plus their parents, plus trying to be a little hipster. Nopenopenopenopenope.

6 I heard this song and played it for my cousins, who now request it whenever we get in the car. They’ve also learned to love Owl City and Tegan And Sara. I’ve taught them well.

7 I moved my blog! That’s new. It’s still in progress actually…

8 I did yoga in Times Square.


9 I became a pseudo-vegan. So basically I will usually opt for the vegan alternative when presented to me, and I am vegetarian under all conditions, but I just try to eat as little dairy and other animal products as possible.

10 I went to the CIA and violated veganism hardcore, but it was so worth it.


11 I got sick and it sucked, however I don’t think I handle dextromethorphan properly because I feel super high whenever I take Robitussin. I remember that happened when I was sick over Christmas break and I was cool with it, but now that I’m responsible for the lives of two small children and I have to drive them places, I decided to Google if it was a mental thing or if it was actually possible that I could have such a reaction to Robitussin. Apparently 7% of Caucasians don’t metabolize DXM properly, and I can’t find anywhere what happens to those for whom that is the case, but maybe that could be the case for me? I took the recommended dosage two nights ago and decided to drink some tea, do homework, and do laundry before I went to sleep. I started noticing the effects after 15 minutes or so, and then I had the craziest dreams and woke up and I do believe I was hallucinating. I took it again last night because I was coughing uncontrollably, and I’m usually really disoriented whenever I wake up, but that stuff did a number on me. No more Robitussin while I have to look after two of my favorite mini-people.

12 I ran my fastest 3 miles ever on the one day that I accepted the fact that I was going to be really slow.


13 I saw The Heat, and it was good for a chick flick comedy.

14 I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in two years and it was cool because we still liked each other.

15 I started drinking a lot of tea. I always drank tea more than most people because I have this weird irrational belief that it’s like a magic potion that just fixes everything, and lately lots of things have needed fixing, so I’ve been through three boxes in the month of June alone. Echinacea has been a favorite for a while.

16 I biked on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail with my father. It was pretty cool. At the end we went to a farmers market where we had the best brownie I’ve ever had accompanied by some awesome cherries, and it was a great morning.


17 I did a walk over for the first time since I was 8. Yay for yoga.


18 The summer solstice became really important to me. It it the official first day of summer, the longest day of the year, and a celebration of light. It has no real significance other than the beginning of summer, but I’ve always lived for the summer. I obviously love the Christmas season and the coziness of winter, but I’ve always been a person of the summer. This year I participated in a solstice celebration, and it felt significant to me. My birthday doesn’t really have much significance to me, and I don’t like to ignore my birthday, but it’s just not something that I ever cared about. The solstice is cool though.


54 F in January =

I am waiting. I am one stressed out ball of anticipation. I need to hear from 8 more colleges, TASIS, and the Clearwater. The only thing I know for sure is that I will hear from all 8 colleges by April 1. Other than that, I am just kind of twiddling my thumbs and waiting for some acceptances and some answers. I am going to tell you exactly what I WANT to happen…what the perfect scenario looks like….

I am offered the Clearwater apprenticeship, and also graduate high school. I miss about a month of school, but my teacher supports me and helps me out. I take my days off when I have an English test or an important class, and there’s that. It will be amazing.

I am offered the position at TASIS for session 1. Me and Yulia have a grande olde time being counselors for a bunch of middle schoolers while never sleeping and making the most of my one last hoorah in Europe before college. TASIS gives me enough cash to barely survive in Lugano. I also bungee jump on or shortly after my 18th birthday like James Bond (cue Scouting For Girls). I turn 18. It will be amazing.

TASIS is cool and let me take the flight I need so I can also visit Vero in Germany. I fly to the Deutchland, spend an amazing week with some real live German people (haha…..what?), then I take the perfect flight from Dresden → MXP → JFK. I cry on the airplane home (flight 199 or 198 perhaps?) as I realize that I have to come down to planet earth and be a normal person again. Life is complete. It will be amazing.

I then spend 1-2 weeks preparing to go to college. You know…dentist, packing, anti-separation anxiety, buying things, uploading albums to Facebook of the most amazing summer, … those kinds of things. It will be awesome.

There we go. I am well aware of the fact that far too many details have to fall into place (And I have to be accepted into at least 3 different programs….that’s far less likely) for this kind of a miracle summer to actually occur, but it’s not impossible. (shut up.) I mean…we got to Lugano in the first place? That was a miracle of a thousand tiny details falling into place…why can’t this happen? I hope it does. I do not think it will at all…I just hope it does.

Last Not-So-Free Free Period Ever

Part I

hey ;P

SO. I am here, in the library, during my LAST free period ever at OLL. This is a sweet, sweet moment.

Yes, this is the end of something. But it is a welcome end. I have been waiting for this moment since September.

Honestly, the whole missing people thing has not gotten any easier. There is still a constant pang in my gut whenever I look at certain pictures or hear a certain song or someone says something and I look for a certain person in the room to be looking at me, and smiling, and that person isn’t there.

There were moments at Lourdes when I wanted to start screaming and throwing shit, but I just closed my eyes and held my breath and blocked everything out of me…I locked out those feelings of frustration. So, I think this year, I have learned how to get over myself. You know? Like…I’ve taught myself how to just get over it. Which, you know…is useful. Especially for me o.O

Someone asked me, “Isn’t it bittersweet? Leaving already?” So, I thought about it, and…no. It’s not bittersweet. It’s like seven gallons of high fructose corn syrup sweet. It’s THAT sweet.

Honestly, I will miss Vero, but that’s because she’s going back to the mothership. Not because I am leaving. She’d be leaving either way. And, I am not moving. If anyone is really my friend (or, rather, if WE are really friends) then we’ll remain so. We still live near one another. If a friendship can last 11 months across an ocean, I can certainly maintain a friendship without being in the same school if I’d like to. Thus, this is not bitter sweet. There is absolutely nothing bitter about it.

I cannot wait for this day to be OVER. And, for finals to be over. That will be amazing.

Part II

My summer is going to be really awesome. Here’s whats gonna go downnnn.

June 28 – July 10: The Clearwater

July 11 – July 14: Nothing…summer reading will most likely be done my then.

July 15: ROAD TEST

July 16: Packing

July 17 – 24: I go to visit Marielle in Missouri!!!!!!!
^ July 18: I TURN 17 YEARS OLD.

July 25 – July 28: Hmm probably a lot of driving.


August 9 – 12: Camping at Ricketts and Hershey Park!

August 15: Yulia leaves =[

August 14 – 25: Preparing for school most likely. And…doing things that I hadn’t had time for the rest of the summer.

August 26: Marist festivities begin.

August 29: Classes begin at Marist! So…my summer is kind of over by then.

The Last Bit of a Long Week

On Wednesday, there wasn’t that much wind so we came in early and watched the movie “Wind” and me, Allison, and Marielle painted each other’s faces! I was a butterfly, Allison was a raccoon, and Marielle was a cat. It was sooo funny! But then I had to go to Dick’s so on the way there Mike was scrubbing off my face with mom’s makeup remover.

On Thursday, there was the most wind and waves I think I ever saw on the Hudson River. It was, like, unbelievable. I was in a sunfish, so I was kinda scared because I was by myself, but it was awesome! Well, it was awesome until I capsized in the channel. My thoughts:

OH MY GOD! Thank you soo much for this wind! Thank you for sailing! THIS is why I sail. It’s days like these that separate the sailors from the rest of the population. This is sooo cool! Hey, wait a second…the current really picked up! Wow! The waves are SOO much bigger now! [look back] Oh! That ducky has two people in it! WAIT A SECOND! That’s not a ducky! That’s a 420! Aww…shoot. I’m in the channel. oops.
Bailey: [Motor boats up to me.] Hey Marissa! I know you’re having fun, but try having fun with the rest of us! You’re in the channel! I want you to tack.
Marissa: [I try to tack, but the currents too strong so nothing happens.] Bailey! I can’t tack!
Bailey: Okay, so then gybe!
Marissa: Are you crazy! NNNUHHHH UHH!! I AM NOT gybeing in this weather. Nope. You can’t make me.
Bailey: Fine then I’ll give you a push to help you tack. [She pushes my boat and I start to tack.]
Marissa: [I capsize…then turtle.] I’M SCARED BAILEY!
Bailey: Okay…swim to my boat!
Marissa: You mean let go??!!
Bailey: Yeah!
Marissa: NO WAY! I AM NOT LETTING GO! [I grab onto the dagger board and move the boat into capsize position.]
Bailey: Okay, I’ll get Jasper. [Jasper motor boats over as I hang onto the dagger board for dear life. Then Bailey motor boats up to my boat.] Okay…jump in!
Marissa: [I get in and we pick up 4 other kids whose boats also capsized or turtled and couldn’t right them.]

So, yeah. It was intense. Like…harcore sailing. Hehehe…

Then on Friday, I was in a sunfish in the morning and then at lunch we took a million pix and videos of Luke and Noe. It was sooo funny…Then in the afternoon I was with Tom in a JY 15. That was…an adventure. Yeah, I would have said something else but Marielle is probably going to read this =P . Ermmm…then on Saturday was the race. I was with Luke in a Jy 15, and he skippered (skip!! lol) the first race and we capsized and lost, and then the second race I skippered and we came in second. For the third race, I skippered and we came in last again. At least we pulled second once!!! Sean and Brandon won all three times. Oh yeah and I got Most Improved. I guess thats a good thing…but I must have been realllly bad in the beginning because I’m not that great now. lol…w/e.

Oh yeah and what do you thing of the new motto??!!

Want Some Water?

Today at sail camp, I was with Amanda in a JY. It was…erm…interesting? Yeah, interesting. She really likes Marielle’s cousin, so we told her he really likes monkeys and that like everyone in France owns one, so Marielle was going to get him an albino monkey. Then she started talking to him about it and he thought she was crazy. (Okay, well crazier). It was hilarious.
We (me and Marielle) kinda got ourselves into a little pickle today. Actually, it was my fault, but it happened because of a favor I was trying to do for her. It’s all good now, but things are wee bit strange.
This morning, we were all tied up and we were swimming but it was low tide so it was really shallow, and Noe (sp???) threw like mud on one of the sails and at Marielle. It got in her eyes and we were kinda worried because her eyes were wide open and there were little rocks in the muck.
So at lunch, me and Allison were using my waterproof eyeliner on our nails and we were like painting our hands, and I wanted to show them how it was waterproof so I took some of Noe’s water and put it on my hand. Then Nick said we should buy one of the macaroni and cheeses from the snack shack and pour the cheese powder in his water since he wasn’t there (he was playing chess). We did it, and Allison also added crushed soy beans. We like shook it up and it smelled (and looked) absolutely disgusting! So when Noe took a sip of his water after lunch, we all started laughing and then he spit it out everywhere and used some of his American curse words. Then he was chasing us around pouring it on all of us, and he got Nick ALL OVER but he only got me and Allison’s hands. It was so funny because he was like, “Marielle, I understand. But I did nothing to you!” Now it sounds like he was upset, but he was like laughing with the rest of us. Then he pushed Nick off the docks, it was pretty funny.