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I can’t think of an appropriate title for this.

Hello. My name is Marissa, and earlier today, I was in a pretty bad car accident. I can’t shake it, so I figured I’d write about it and hopefully that would get it out of me. I was driving home from my babysitting job in the sticks of Millbrook during a misty rain shower, and I was going a little too fast for the rain. Yes, I was actually going under the speed limit, but it was raining, and I should have been driving more slowly. I had had a mild headache all morning, and I was about to fall asleep while I was babysitting. One late night followed by nothing to eat for 18 hours = a very useless me.

Then, as I approached a pretty serious turn in the road, there was an orange truck in front of me with another silver car ducking in behind him. After trying to jam on the breaks, but failing and hitting the gas, I swerved away from the truck and into a grassy hill. After a few moments of some unfortunate hydroplaning, my breaks failed me on the slippery grass, and I continued to fly into some bushes (I think…there were a lot of branches, but they weren’t trees.). I saw my car heading straight into a road sign, I squeezed my eyes shut, and my car flipped over several times. I opened my eyes to see shattered glass all around me- my windshield wiper was through my former windshield, shards of my former window were tangled in my hair, my driver’s side rear view mirror was dangling, and my glasses had slipped off my head during the tumbling. I reached for my phone to dial 911, but there was no service. I tried to dial my mother, but there was no service. There was no one on this road in the middle of the day, and I was alone, and possibly injured, in a totaled car.

During those moments, all I wanted were my parents. All I wanted was my mother to give me a hug, and my father to tell me what to do in this moment of distress. I, who so frequently boasted of my independence and capability to take care of myself and hold my own, yearned for my mom and dad to be holding my hand and telling me that it would all be alright. Today, I learned a lesson. I learned that I am not invincible, I am not ready to free myself of the comforts of living under my parents’ care, and I need some time to become ready. Thus, I decided later today that I will spend this year making sure I am ready- to leave my parents, and to be able to hold my own once I do.

After a few minutes of an incredibly fast heartbeat, some heavy breathing and a lot of shaking, the orange truck pulled up behind me and the driver got out and asked me if I was alright. He said he had driven up the road to where he could receive a signal and he called 911. He also saw the entire thing, and said I rolled over several times. I started laughing- which was probably the absolutely wrong response to the situation. I think I was just so overwhelmed that my instincts didn’t really have a button for this situation, so they blind-folded themselves and pressed “laugh.” Then I realized why I was laughing, and became even more scared. I then started to cry a bit, I think. I knew that if I was injured I probably wouldn’t feel it yet, so I kept looking at my limbs to see if there was any blood or any other visible signs of injury. There was nothing at all. For some reason, I felt like this guy didn’t know anything (obviously I was wrong) and something gave me the need to explain to him that I could be hurt, but I wouldn’t know it because of the adrenaline coursing through my veins at that moment. I just love how in moments of peak stress, I automatically assume that everyone around me is an idiot. *smh*

I waited in the car, and the woman that was behind the orange truck came to my window and asked me if I was alright. She held my hand and told me it was going to be okay, and that I was okay, and that help was on its way. I kept telling her that I needed to call my mom, but I I had no service. So she took my phone and drove up the road to get service, and she called my mom. She returned, and then a few cop cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance showed up. I kept thinking that something HAD to be wrong with me. No one gets into an accident like that and walks out fine. So a bunch of people asked me questions and I kept saying that I was fine and just wanted to get out. I tried opening the door, but the hinge was broken, so they opened it with some tool. My umbrella fell out of my door. I hope they put it back in my car.

I went into the ambulance and they kept asking me questions that I didn’t know the answers to. I felt so stupid. I didn’t know what they were saying, and all I wanted was my parents to be there to help me with this. My license was on the floor of the passenger seat because I had to take it out of my wallet to get my AHS parking permit, and my registration was safe at home in my bag. The ambulance took me to St. Francis, and on the way there I spoke with my parents. I was seriously freaking out. I just remember having so many things to say that I couldn’t get them all out at once, and then starting to cry because I was so shaken and flustered. The paramedic was really nice, and on the way there all I kept thinking was how lucky I was. Why didn’t I get hurt? I should have gotten hurt. No one walks out of that kind of crash without a scratch. But, I did. I did not have a single scratch. I then thought that some kind of divine intervention was definitely present in that moment, and I then realized who the face of God is to me. It’s CORCOVADO! I knew I knew it somewhere, and I always thought I just pictured it as a male version of the Statue of Liberty. But, no. In my head, God looks like Corcovado. And I realized that in the ambulance.

Then I was wheeled into a room in the ER, and my mom came in and gave me a hug. That was probably one of the most valuable hugs of my entire life. All I kept thinking about while I was waiting alone in the car, and dealing with the cops and paramedics was how badly I wanted my mom and dad. To finally have her there meant that everything was going to be okay. That everything was fine, that I was safe, and that by the grace of God I made it out of that car fine.

I know that others may have faced much more frightening experiences, but this was the most frightening moment of my life. And to know that I have parents that can dissolve all of that fear is one of the greatest things in my life with which I have been blessed.

Right now the only thing that hurts it my neck from some serious whiplash, and my chest from the seat belt. I will have a magnificent purple bruise there tomorrow, I am sure. And now that this is all out of my system, hopefully I will have a better sleep. Good night, blog.


To Avoid A Void

Allllright. I finally made the list of things to keep me distracted from moving/boredom this summer. I made two lists, though, because I will be in Lvg (YEAH baby!) and NY for quite a bit of time this summer, but the NY list is mostly things to do at home because I can’t really go anywhere else there sinceI can’t drive yet. In Lvg, though, I can go wherever I want. Okay- I’ll stop complaining. Here are the lists:

Luganoooooo: read, water color/acrylic/oil outside, run, bike, that strange obstacle course up the stairs, lido, chill DT, sail, windsurf, swim, go to the park, buy kite and fly ittt, ripstik, San Salvatore, call someone (**cough*Isa*cough**)

New York: Tymore, plant things, see a movie, camp, fish, follow the creek behind the house, get tickets to a concert, Lake Compounce, Sprout Creek, paintball, Millbrook, the beach!, sleepover?, rail trail, play games, Splash Down, go to the gym, shopping, kite, chalk, the spaaa, learn to hula hoop, run, sketch, ripstik, make smoothies, bubbles, blog, make lists, jump rope, sail, slip-n-slide, meet intl. friends in NYC, windsurf, juggle, paint, read, bike, job search, vlog, train to LI

There are the grand lists. Summer begins in FOUR DAYS. THIS is the sound I hear in my head when I think of the freedom summer.
FOUR DAYS. I can handle that.

The Swing and the Creek

Yesterday, Michael had a soccer game at 10:30 but I stayed home and cleaned my room, watched Law & Order, showered and got dressed, and did some homework. Then when they came home, the brought Mike’s friend Joey (Carli’s little brother) with them. We hung out and had lunch, then we went to Millbrook Park. I love the Millbrook Park. I want to like live there. Okay, not really, but I love it. I just like sat on the swing and swung (hehe =]) for a while. Then me, Sam, Mike, and Joey walked to Stewarts and got milkshakes. Mom and Dad picked us up, then we went home and the boys got ready for baseball.
We drove 2 miles to the baseball fields, and me and Joey went to the creek. The creek changed alot since last year. A little piece of it dried up, and it was a pretty deep part. I would say it was like 4-5 feet deep, and there was this section of land on the other side I always wanted to to go, but I could never get across that piece of the creek because on the other side you would always see snakes going in and out of these vine-like branches, and it creeped me out because you would have to walk through it to get to the little section of rocky land. But, since it dried up, the branches all dried and shriveled up so you could see everything that was in them, and it was snake free, so me and joey walked onto it. It was weird because I can so vividly remember that part of the creek, and standing in it and just seeing dried up rocks and no water at all is really weird. Anywayy, I just chilled out by the creek and rolled up my jeans, took off my flip-flops, and dipped my feet in. It was ffrreeeezziinngg!
The first time I ever went to the creek was when Joey and Sam and Mike were on the same baseball team, so me, Carli, and Ali all went to the creek every single game that was at LaGrange Fields. The other games were all atTymore, so we would just go to the creek there. It was awsome because there’s this little bed of clay-like stuff, and we’d like put it all over out bodies and then just let it dry and then we’d go in the deeper parts of the creek and wash it off. It’s probably a little good as far as exfoliation goes because there’s little rocks and pebbles in the clay so when you rub it on I guess it’s probably good…whatever it’s fun. lol. Unfortunately, I have to go write 2 essays now…PEACE LOVE HAPPINESS!

Millbrook Park

Today at around 4 we went to the Millbrook Park. I can’t tell you how much I love that place. It’s such a perfect place to hang out, it’s unbelievable. They have this wooden double-porch swing that I love, and I just sat there today and blew bubbles. It’s never really that crowded, so it’s pretty quiet. I love the swing because there are very sensitive wind chimes hanging nearby, so you can just sit there and listen to them. We brought Pinochle cards and played a game while we ate Trail Mix, gummy worms, and drank iced tea. It was awesome, relaxing, tranquillizing, soothing, and it just made you happy. Then on the way home we stopped at Stewart’s and got a 6-pack of Klondike Bars for the 4 of us, but we had 2 left so we gave them to this lady and her son. I love Millbrook.


Today…hmm…we did alot today. Well, first of all, I woke up to Mike shaking me and saying, “Maris, we’re going into Millbrook to the farmer’s market in 5 minutes if you wanna go…” Then I said, “You’re not allowed in my room. But thanks for waking me up I’ll be down in a couple minutes.” I’m not usually very nice to anyone who wakes me up when I’m in the middle of a dream. Which reminds me, I had the weirdest dream last night! It was like we were in Cancun, but our hotel was in the desert and my cousin Catherine got sick from swallowing salt water, and Michael got blamed for it, so I stuck up for him and said it wasn’t his fault, and then either I forgot it or Mike woke me up. So anyway…..I got up, brushed my teeth, got dressed, did the whole routine, and got in the car. It was soo nice out, we had all the windows open, and were playing really loud music, and it was just so nice. Of course we just had to stop at all the garage sales on the way (dad loves them, and I think his love for them is rubbing off onto me :) ), so it took a while to get there.
Now you have to understand, the Millbrook Farmer’s Market is so awesome. It’s the kind of thing that just makes you feel good, and happy. I love Millbrook because it seems like it’s from a movie, and everything and everyone is just so….perfect. There are cute little shops; delicious restaurants; neat, clean sidewalks; a perfect park complete with a big, metal slide, swings, a “pirate ship,” a jungle gym, perfect picnic areas and tables, a little pond with small fish and frogs, and my favorite part……the wood swing; and the weekly Farmer’s Market. The Farmer’s Market is small, and usually consists of about 15-20 booths. Some of them are Breezy Hill Orchard (awesome bakery, salsa, and cider), 2 or 3 cheese guys, an all natural soap lady, 2 plant people, Three Sisters’ Country Kitchen (some specialty foods and catering), a bread person, a new one which has pickles and jalapeno jelly, a vegetable person, fresh-farm eggs, and they always have a local band playing some music with their CD’s. Of course, everything is local. We usually get some cheese; some veggies; me and Sam get an apple turnover, Mike gets a chocolate-chip cookie, and Dad gets a ginger cookie from Breezy Hill Orchard (I also always ask for their Corn-Apple Salsa). This time, we knew my Grandma, Aunt Arlene, Uncle Jeff, Nonni and Opa were coming over so we looked for some cool stuff they might like. So of course we all got our bakery items (we got my corn-apple salsa :) ), we got this soft sheep cheese, some really thin asparagus, and pretty much everyone has free samples so we tried everything.

Then we went to the perfect park and ate our bakery items for breakfast. On the way home, I think we drove by/stopped at 3 or 4 garage sails. We got a book on canoeing, a garlic/herb pot, and these two little candle-lantern thingies. Then we got home and started cooking for when everyone came over. For little appetizers, we had Havarti cheese with dill, 60% cream Havarti, that sheep cheese, Black Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits, Blue& White corn tortilla chips, and 2 salsas. We made grilled chicken/veggie kabobs, corn on the cob, Caprese Salad, ribs, and Nonni brought her Orzo salad. I think Nonni’s Orzo Salad is my favorite food. Then everyone came over and we had a great time. For dessert we had pineapple upside down cake, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, and pizzeles. Then dad’s friends stopped by and brought us gummy worms and bubbles. I think people stop giving you bubbles around the age of 5, but they’re soo much fun! Then everyone left and we hit the sack. ZZzzZzzzzzzZZzZZzZZZzzZzZZZzZzZzZzZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZzZZZz………