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Idiocy, Starbucks, & The Hunger Games

Thismorning sucked. It just…sucked. And I cannot tell you how surprised I was when I found out that “thismorning” is not a word. “Tonight” is a word! What the hell. And lately I find I have been combining words like that, and putting an “e” on the ende of everythinge. I am not sure why. I noticed that everytime (again, should be one word. “everyday” is a word!) I type the word “whom” I put an “e” on it. Not good. Not good.

So, this morning (ehem- thismorning). Well actually I have to back up to yesterday, when I had sailing class on the Hudson River in March. Yes, this is the warmest the Hudson has been at this time of year in decades, but it’s still really cold. So during sailing class yesterday, I was wet and really cold and every single person was sniffling and shivering and the instructor was wearing SHORTS. The guy was wearing shorts and not shivering at all. I couldn’t help but start shaking after, oh, I don’t know, the second hour of watching him forget to attach the main halyard before putting the mast up. Really? Really. I know how to do very few things with certainty, especially things of the “assemble this thing!” variety, but I do know how to properly rig a small sailboat. I was a little surprised. I was wearing spandex pants and sweatpants, plus a tank top, a tshirt, a long sleeve shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, and a windbreaker and I was legit freezing. He was wearing shorts. Blew my mind. He forgot the halyard. Blew my mind.

I mean, we all make mistakes, and I am probably the most forgetful person you have ever met. I am not kidding. But…the halyard? I mean…it’s a little boat. There aren’t that many things that we have to do to rig it. Whatever…I will stop now.

So I froze. And I then went to the gym, and I noticed that I was sniffling while I was running. Then I went home and showered and my throat started hurting. Which sucks. Then I was feeling pretty crappy, and I went to see the Hunger Games with Marielle. It was alright. I’ll talk about that later. But during the movie I got so much worse and I kept sniffling. Then I got home and showered and was in bed by 1am, which is not good when you’re sick. It’s actually really stupid. But this is me…This is only one of the eleven extremely stupid things that I do on a daily basis. At least I met my quota.

This morning, I woke up, and I felt so much worse. It’s the kind of cold that really destroys your throat and your ears as well. So I woke up and saw the alarm clock- 7:28 am. My class starts at 7:30. I typically leave my house at 6:55-7:00 to make it to class on time. Shit.

So I threw on a tshirt and a fleece and some jeans and got in my car and started driving to school, then I stopped. I ran out of gas. I RAN OUT OF GAS. WHO DOES THAT. Ugh my God…I am such an idiot sometimes. It kills me. And…oh look a that- MY CELL PHONE IS DYING. Legit dying. So I turn on my phone and call my mom hoping she will answer, and she does, and becomes very angry (and rightfully so) at my forgetfulness and stupidity and drives to me and I eventually get gas and drive here, to Marist.

I have a gold card for Starbucks, so I get free drink post cards, and so do my dad and Sam. My dad gives me his sometimes, and so thismorning (ehem) I had two of them sitting in my car. I save them for really crappy days when I want a really large sugar free latte to make me a little happier. Today, however, my throat was hurting, so I got an iced latte. Oddio they are so good. It’s like…liquid ice cream. With caffeine. I swear…it makes a sucky day suck a little less. I now have 1:20 before I have to go to Calculus, then I have sailing for 3 hours. I hope I don’t freeze today. I am not in a freezing mood.

So I am going to write a mini review about the Hunger Games, both the book and the movie. I read The Hunger Games in one day- I just sat down and kept reading. I do this a lot actually…I’ll just start reading something and if I don’t have any plans I’ll just keep going and going and plow through it. I think this kind of takes away from the book though. I feel like if I took my time I would soak in a lot more of the development of the novel. Like Suzanne Collins did not write it in 6 hours…I don’t know. I just thought it was worth noting that I don’t know if I should to that so often.

Basically, it was good. I would recommend that you read it if you are looking for some interesting light reading, but I didn’t get super absorbed into it. Like Harry Potter consumed me. Twilight took over my life. Those two series really became something that I just could not put down. I don’t think I took more then three days to read any of those books because I simply could not put them down. Those books accessed me emotionally and really pulled me in. The Hunger Games? I don’t know. I just feel like there are two reasons that they are so popular: 1) Everyone can read them and mildly enjoy them and 2) Twilight and Harry Potter are over.

I believe that the mainstream literature of my generation will be defined by Harry Potter and Twilight. I don’t know a single person who read the Harry Potter books and didn’t like them. It’s just such a complete world that it’s hard to believe that it isn’t real after a while. I remember I was reading the sixth book around Christmastime one year and I was under the Christmas tree (don’t judge me) and it dawned on me that NONE of that is actually true. As in, magic is not real. There are no wizards. Wingardium Leviosa will never help me. And I was sad, because that world seemed so real to me. It seemed six books worth of real. And it’s not like it happened in some other magical universe, it happened in the UK. So HP really created a new world for the readers to attach to, but the Hunger Games just kind of…I don’t know. I guess I should finish the series (I only read the first two books) because apparently the ending is really crazy and maybe it will be more interesting then, but it didn’t really seem that great to me.

I think everyone can enjoy them because there’s a little taste of everything for everyone. There’s some romance, some action, some wilderness/survival stuff, some political 1984ish stuff, and a badass 16-year-old girl who shoots squirrels through the eyeball and eats them, and I think everyone likes badassery (aaahaa- that Autocorrected to brasserie) in their novels. But the problem for me is that it is spread too thinly- there is not enough of any one appeal to make it really attractive to one particular kind of audience. So everyone will like it, but I don’t how much someone can absolutely love it. Like in Harry Potter, there was SO MUCH action, SO MUCH magic, SO MUCH romance (well, romantic things that happen…), SO MANY different subplots that drove you crazy and sucked you in no matter who you were. And Twilight? There was basically just ROMANCE AND LOVE AND HEARTS AND HOT VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES AND SEX THAT LITERALLY BROKE HOUSES. That’s pretty much it, so the audience that Twilight appealed to (everyone’s inner romantic) just absolutely devoured those sappy stories with happy endings.

But with the Hunger Games, it just seemed a little formulaic for me. Like, “romance + political theory + murder + badass teenage girl + adorable little sister + survival = enormously popular novel.” The second is better in my opinion, but so many people only read the first one. Also, I know this sounds silly, but the first one doesn’t end with a happy ending. Every single Harry Potter and Twilight book ended with some kind of a cathartic (is that even a word?) resolution that made you feel happy. “Well not everything ends with ‘Happily ever after’!” Yes, that’s why I read books. I don’t want to hear about problems without some happy solution. That’s what real life and political science classes are for. So I think the Hunger Games just kind of ended with too many questions to make me feel happy about it.

About the movie- I think it was a lot more helpful in explaining things than the book. For example, in the book you don’t actually know if Seneca is creating the fire or how Haymitch is getting them to alter the rules because everything you see is from within the arena, and it’s all just Katniss’s speculation. But in the movie you see Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flickerman) and the hot plastic bag guy from American Beauty (Seneca) explaining things and shooting Katniss with fire. Maybe I’m a little dim, but I wasn’t so sure about how all of that was happening. It was to seeing for some concrete explanation. (I don’t know how that sentence made sense in my head, but it did. Hmm.) However, the one scene that I did find a little disappointing was one of the last scenes, when Katniss and Peeta are about to eat the berries. In the book, you know for sure that Katniss is just trying to be awesome and get one past the game makers. But in the movie, I don’t think I would have thought that if I hadn’t read the books. It looks like she really just loves Peeta. Idk, I guess it just doesn’t really matter but I think so much of the book is about how Katniss thinks about things that the book and the movie become being of different stories, so I can’t really compare them. Idk. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway. Lots of people loved the movie.

I now have to go to Calculus, then I have to go freeze my ass off at sailing. Absolutely not looking forward to that. I love sailing, but please not today. Please.

Oh well. I guess I will just have to suck it up. Maybe I’ll get there early and rig it myself. I’ll be sure not to forget anything such as the one line that is responsible for making a sailboat a sailboat. Oh yes! And I am going to Minnesota tomorrow! That’s going to suck- being sick on an airplane. Oh, God. I really hate being sick for so many reasons. But it will be nice to explore UMTC, hopefully I will really like it. I think I will…

Adios, amigos. Stay healthy and do not go on a river if it is too cold to wear fewer than 4 layers (unless you are rowing. in which case as long as there is no floating ice, you’re good).




How To Not Buy A Cell Phone Charger

So! I am in Missouri right now, and it is my last night here. I have a ton of cool amazingness that I will eventually have to post about, but instead, I will write about my journey for cell phone juice and the dude from RadioShack.

You see…I’m not always the brightest light bulb in the package. Oh, oh no. Maybe the glowiest, and the one that can change colours the most quickly, but when I decided to not pack my phone charger, well that was a pretty dim moment for me. Thus, I have been forced to survive without total, complete freedom of communication for the past few days. However, tomorrow I will be flying into Laguardia where my oh so amazing uncle will be picking me up, and then I am going into the city to have Starbucks (haha no not really. But you know I would…). The point is: I REALLY need my phone. Thus my journey began at 9 am when I Googled the hours of the Student Center (or, something like that) at Mizzou.

I put nice little sticky notes on my door so that Marielle would know that I was, in fact, NOT abducted by unicorns, and set off on her little (LITTLE) bike. I found the Student Center with ease (thanks to my incredible cartography skills), locked up Marielle’s bike, and whipped out my helpless, dead, little blue phone.

Then, I found the charging station, and asked the dude if I could charge my phone…

(Guy who will remain nameless): Do you have your student ID card?

Me: Nooo…?

Guy: Do you know your student ID number?

Me: Noo…. You see . . . *kindofsadbutmostlyconfusedandhelplessface* I’m new around here and I don’t know my student ID number and my phone is un cento percento DEAD.

Guy: Ok, that’s fine. You can just charge it here anyway.

Me: Sweet.

Soooo we tried every damn charger tip in the entire container (eleven), and of course – OF COURSE – the one that I need is the one that just broke. The guy warned me that I would have little luck downtown, but I really wanted a hazelnut iced coffee from Lakota so I went anyway. I got my iced coffee, and the guy at the counter was a complete jerk. He was one of those stereotypical “I think I am cool and worldly because I drink espresso but only the organic kind because I am green like all of my Midwestern pseudo-hipster friends who only listen to MGMT and FosterTP and wear flannel and thick glasses” snobs. So I drank my iced coffee on a bench in the park with the company of Taylor Swift (It was a bad morning. There is a TSwift song for every bad morning.) and then realized that it was noon, I had yet to eat anything, and I was hungry. So I rode to Kaldis and got a chocolate banana nut protein smoothie, because it tastes like Chunky Monkey wishes it did.

I then asked the guy there (this one was NOT a tool) where I could get a phone charger, and he made that strange face combined with furring one’s brow and sucking air in through one’s teeth kinds of faces, and then said that the RadioShack by the mall was my best bet. BUT MY HANDY DANDY MAP ONLY EXTENDED TO BROADWAY, AND I HAD A MINI-BIKE WHICH CANNOT HANDLE GETTING LOST AGAIN. So, I drank my delicious smoothie and headed back to the apartment, where we swam, and then went to RadioShack. I walked in and asked the guy for the crappiest, cheapest cell phone charger he could find that would fit my phone, because I literally needed it for one charge. I tried using several different chargers of phones that were made by the same company as mine, and had no luck. I went to the stupid charging thingy and found no help. I exhausted every free resource I could, but I finally had to spend some of my last $40 on a freaking phone charger. W. T. F. I then saw no chargers that would fit my phone below the $20 line of doom, and after just having accepted defeat, the RadioShackGuy said

RSG: I can just charge it here for you if you want?

Me: FOR FREE?!?!?!?!

RSG: Umm, yeah. It shouldn’t be a problem. When will you be back to get it?

And so I explained to this guy that he was awesome and that he made my day such a nice one because he just was NICE. He was NICE. He was radiating awesomeness. After a day of being crushed by technological difficulties, some human kindness was soooo greatly appreciated.

Marielle and I then went to Chipotle, and I was seriously considering taking this guy to Starbucks just to explain to him how awesome it was. HOWEVER, we got to RadioShack, and I scanned for Mr. Awesome, but he was nowhere to be found. Another older employee asked me if I needed something, and he rolled his eyes and gave me my phone, and said that the guy was not supposed to do that. NOO! DON’T GET MR. RADIOSHACK IN TROUBLE! HE HELPED ME OUT! NOOO! I told the guy to thank Mr. Awesome for me, and he said “Okay, but he is NOT allowed to do that.”

So, Mr. RadioShackGuy, THANK YOU. You helped me out, and I really hope that other dude doesn’t give you a hard time.

This morning at about 3 am, I was doing nothing important on Marielle’s laptop and I mindlessly peeled the poor little green star off her computer, and tried to stick it back on. At 3AMcondition, I did a pretty bad job, because as I typed this post, every time I hit the space bar, my thumb rolled over it and now it is a crumpled sticky mess. Sorry, Marielle. Don’t be too pissed. “I had to pack my shit, you know?” teeeeheee ^^

Christmas Season 2010

This year, I have once again failed to post about the Christmassy things that I did during the month of December, but I figure it’s better late than never, eh? Yes, yes it is. So, lezgetstahted babayyy…

One of the first Christmassy things we did was making gingerbread men =]. I did this with Nonni every year since I was 3 years old, and she even brought some of the necessary ingredients to Lugano so we could make them with her there. This year, however, was the first year we could make them with Catherine and Joe. Nonni made the dough ahead of time, and then us three helped her roll it out and cut the shapes and bake them, and then when Catherine and Joe arrived it was time to decorate. Nonni made the lemon icing as usual but this year we had a special request for purple icing, so I used my kindergarten color mixing skills and made some purple icing. It was…purple. Very, very, purple.

Opa was always the best decorator by far. He would patiently place every sprinkle on the cookie and they would look awesome. We, however, couldn’t care less and we just wanted to eat them. This yeas was different though. Sam actually had basketball practice, so only Mike, Catherine, Joe, and I decorated the cookies. Joe would eat as he decorated, so he was done pretty quickly. Then Mike got bored so he left, and Catherine and I were left to decorate. She has an incredible amount of patience for a little kid when it comes to decorating cookies, though. And I must add that my cookies were AMAZING. I made the sickest candy canes, trees, sleighs, and people. They are my favorite =]. I made a Katy Perry gingerbread woman…she was HOT. Hahaha. Since Sam wasn’t there he asked me to make him a ginger, so I did for him. And I made a beautiful red sleigh with little white sprinkles lining it. I even broke out the tweezers to place every sprinkle. OH! I also made a really cute snowman =]. HE WAS ADORABLE. Okay, I’ll stop now. Then, of course, we had dinner and it was a lovely day of Cookies with Nonni.

Another Christmassy thing we did is going to see the Nutcracker. I went with Nonni, my mom, my aunt, and Catherine. First we went to brunch at this really nice place in Poughkeepsie (to be abbreviated as “Pok” in the future) and then we went to the show. In case you were unaware, I was really into dancing until I was 12 years old and I quit. I loved it, actually…it just wasn’t right for me anymore. That’s actually the age by when most girls quit because either it will become your entire life, or you drop it. Most people don’t do it for fun after that point- it becomes mostly people who plan to either major in dance or to become dancers as a profession, and I was obviously not good enough for either of those things, so I quit. Anyway, Nonni had taken me to the Nutcracker every year since I was 3. We usually went to the Bardavon, but we went to the NYC Ballet a few times.

I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy it now that I am a bit older and I don’t dance anymore, but I loved it just as much, if not more. There is just something about watching the dancers tell stories with their bodies that is so beautiful to me. Especially since the only dancing you see most people doing nowadays is in a club after a few drinks. It just made me feel so good, you know? Also, I saw a ton of dancers in the production that I actually danced with when I was younger. Most of them are actually younger than me, and they are incredible dancers. So, I enjoyed it VERY much. I was a little disappointed though to see that Catherine didn’t like it quite as much. I guess that we are just different people who appreciated different things at the age of four. Like, we are raised very differently. It’s okay though- to each his own. After the Nutcracker we went to Nonni’s house and met Opa, my dad and brothers, Uncle Tony, and Joe there. We then had dinner and it was so nice. =]

There was a random day somewhere in December where it barely sprinkled snow outside, but we had a 2 hour delay. My dad told us we could stay home, but Sam wanted to go to school because he had a basketball game that night. Mike and I stayed home and we broke out the Christmas music and hot cocoa and decorated the entire house for CHRISTMAS. I love love love Christmas decorations. AHHH I love them. Our manger was broken though, it was pretty sad. I even set up Mom’s little village that lights up and where the little people skate on the ice rink, and I sprinkled fake snow all over it. I am, as my dad calls is, a Christmas purist. I don’t like purple Christmas trees nor do I like opening a single present before Christmas (I actually get a little upset if I even SEE a Christmas present before Christmas…). It’s a little strange, but it’s me. The Christmas purist. So we decorated the entire inside of the house, and sometime that weekend we went TREE HUNTING. We used to go to the same tree farm every year but the place started going downhill and my dad like Canadian trees better (they smell nicer, apparently) so we went to a cute little place on the side of the road. It took maybe 45 min to find our tree, which is pretty good for us.

Our tree then sat idle in our garage for a few days (without water, which resulted in needles all over the place) until we decorated it. I think Mom and Sam were sick that night so it really was just me, Mike, and my dad but it was still nice. AND, I basically got to decorate the tree however I wanted this year, which made me happy =]. I really dislike blinking lights (and other things that blink, drip, click, tick, etc…including this damn cursor in MS Word. ehhhh.) and I prefer white lights, so this year the tree was only white non-blinking lights! YAY! I love it. And, I eliminated the peanut and macaroni Jesus ornaments that we made in nursery school from out collection. We also donated the purple and grey ones because they don’t really go with the vibes in our living room at Christmastime. I also really don’t like tinsel, so there was no tinsel to be found this year (although I always thought that if I got a tiny black dog I would name it Tinsel. I think it’s cute =]). I also think only certain people know how to use beads and garland without it looking tacky, myself NOT being one of them, so we didn’t use either this year. Our tree was is perfect. =]

After that I went shopping at the Danbury Mall with Nonni for my Christmas dress. I got it from Express…I LOVE IT. It’s so cute =]. And it’s black…so I can kind of wear it whenever I want. Nonni also bought some things for me at Charlotte Russe, and they had AMAZING sales. They had corduroys and almost all tops for 50% off or for $5. Seriously? That was awesome. I also got a skirt for $15 and two sweaters for $15. I felt like I was stealing something. But, they all looked really nice =]. THANKS, NONNI!

The week before Christmas Mrs. DiSalvo and Maria came over to Nonni’s house and we had a Cookies with Nonni lesson in Florentines (aka lace cookies) and Linzer Tarts. It was a lot of fun =]. Then Marielle came over to Nonni’s house and we made Mexican Wedding Cookies. I’m not sure what makes them Mexican, but they are delicious. Pretty much everything after that is on my Christmas 2010 post, so…yep! Happy New Year!


I saw Harry Potter! It was really great…I loved it. I think this one is the closest to the books (which I LOVED) and it really captures the mood I got from the books. So many things look so much like I had imagined them to be like Luna’s house and the last fight with Bellatrix. E P I C.

On a completely different note I was just looking for a song to listen to on YouTube in my “Music” file and I found THIS song. The second I heard it, I immediately felt like I was back in Spain and Lugano this summer. This was on one of the CDs we got from the villa in Spain and it was my favorite song on that CD. It reminded me of exactly how I felt during that time, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it’s nice to stumble across little reminders like this and because there were some extraordinarily happy times this summer, but bad because it also reminded me of what I’ve left behind and how sad I was to leave.

Just so it’s clear, I complain far more on this blog than I do in real life. I sound like such a spoiled, jaded brat who doesn’t ever stop complaining, but I only do so often because here because this is where I let out most of the thoughts I push aside during the day. So, yep.

Ohhhh! And I get my SAT scores in 7 hours!!!!! I am dying to know how I did. Wish me luck!!!

Goodnight. =]

I am smart. (I think…)


( Yes, I just said that. )

I seriously FREAKED OUT when I saw my report card…you have NO idea. I was in shock…honestly, I had no idea that I was doing that well. I was (and still am…) incredibly proud of myself. I now understand that I have the potential to do well, I just have to put in the effort.

Yeah…looking back on last year, I actually don’t know if I regret doing horribly in school. Of course, I wish I had done better, but the reason I did so horribly was because I was busy doing other things that I could never have done anywhere else…you get it? Like, although missing days of school to go to Scotland (and Liverpool, and Venice, and Vienna, and Budapest, and Parma, and Belgium, and A’dam, etc…) and spending a countless number of hours downtown may have cost me 5 (or 10…) points on my average, I don’t think I regret doing those things. Although it is such a cliché, I learned so much by doing those things. It really was a once in a lifetime experience, and I’d like to think I made the most of it.

OH. and tomorrow I am going to see Arry Poh’ah with Marielle, and then Tuesday is my last day of school AND the day I get my SAT scores! It’s going to be a good week, but these last two days of school are going to be intense. Thus…I must now prepare for APUSH.

xxxxxxxxxx (all those kisses are for YOU) –Marissa ;)