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My Theory

“You look like a slutty Romanian.”

And I can’t change.

Even if I tried.

Even if I wanted to.

“It looks really attractive. It looks nothing like you.”

When everyone else is more comfortable remaining voiceless
Rather than fighting for humans that have had their rights stolen
I might not be the same, but that’s not important
No freedom till we’re equal, damn right I support it

Because there are never too many kisses.


This Close.

A lot went down during the month of May. I ran in the Run For Your Lives event, got pneumonia, reacted pretty violently to the medication I was prescribed, was in the hospital for a little while, missed all of my final exams, missed my AP exam, made up all said exams, and semi-finished school. My dad also went to Colombia for three weeks, and he will be home in a few days. So. Yes.

This summer I am actually going to be pretty busy. It’s not like last summer when I was always going away places, but I have a lot I have to accomplish this summer.

Different note: when I was a sophomore, I created a private blog for myself to document my college search, admission, and decision processes. I just found that blog again, and reading it was so funny. At that point, I still had absolutely no idea what I was going to study, or what kind of college I wanted to go to. I was kind of just closing my eyes, holding my breath, spinning, pointing and saying “Yeah! That sounds good!” I made a sidebar list of possible major/minors and they are…amusing. Some of the ones that I found most interesting are Yoga, Genetics, Forestry, Geology, and Fuck This. Haha…I really did not want to think about college at that point.

Now, I am pretty sure of my chosen …genre of study, if you will. I know that I will have some combination of degrees in Psychology, Linguistics, and foreign languages, which will most likely include one or more of the following: Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian. Honestly, the only thing preventing me from getting a quad major Psyc/Ling/Ital/Span is the fact that I want to study abroad. Otherwise, I could totally do it, but because I can’t rely on my chosen locations having courses that I need, I have to leave enough wiggle room to ensure that I will get all of my planned degrees.

The University of Minnesota has this awesome tool called Graduation Planner, and you basically map out your entire academic career class-by-class and see how things fit together to get the most from your education. Next semester, I will most likely be taking Intro to Linguistics; Intro to Measurement and Data Analysis in Psychology; Exploring the Universe; Italian Culture, History, and Society Through Film; and History of Media Communication. It’s only 5 classes, but because they are nearly all 4-credit courses, it’s works out to be 19 credits. Although, because I left so much room near the end of my 4-year plan, if my advisor thinks I should drop one class for my first semester, I’ll drop the Italian course. It’s the most inconvenient for my schedule, and it’s not necessary to take an elective for my major this early on.

I officially have 3 more high school classes left. We are doing absolutely nothing in English right now- just watching movies.

It’s funny…well, not funny really…actually it’s a little pathetic, but I feel so numb about leaving high school. And going to college. Like it’s not the kind of numb when you just know that at any second, something will wake you and all of a sudden you will FEEL whatever it is that you are suppressing. I genuinely think I am indifferent to this transition in my life. It wouldn’t seem so funny (or just, odd) to me if I weren’t reading all those Facebook statuses about “I’m going to miss everyone!” and “These past four years have been amazing!” and “I will never forget you!” I am not going to miss anyone, these past four years have not been amazing, and I will forget you. However, I experienced all of these feelings when I moved to NY. I missed everyone (I still miss a few…), those two years were amazing, and I will never forget some of the people I met there. I suppose I’m just numb because I have nothing to leave behind. I am used to changing things, and to leaving and explaining and being lost wherever I am. Being in a new place is not exactly exciting to me, but it’s most certainly not terrifying either. I officially suck at making new friends, so I guess I will just have to work on that next year. But I’m not nervous about it at all. I know that I suck at it. I have the small-talk skills of a spoon, but whatever. So I’ll be alone. I’ll not be lonely. There’s such a difference between those two.

My point is- this is much less of a big deal to me than it is to many. I don’t know how much I like that, but I don’t care. It will be good to have the same experiences as my peers, and to not have to explain myself. Yay.

ooooooo coffee.

I don’t understand why, but I love coffee. I used to think people who loved coffee were just addicted to caffeine…didn’t get enough sleep, and needed some kind of stimulant to keep them awake during the day. But, I now understand the appeal of the whole coffee culture. I don’t think I will ever be that person who drinks seven cups of coffee a day, I don’t even drink one every day. But sometimes I drink three in one day…hmmm.

It started when I was probably 11 or 12 years old. I tried a sip of my father’s white chocolate raspberry latte at Dunkin Donuts. Now, I do not drink sweet lattes like that, and I don’t even drink DD, but that was my first pleasant semi-coffee experience. Then we moved to CH, got swallowed into the European coffee culture, and bought a Nespresso machine. I then began spending a large chunk of my weekly allowance on cappuccino and espresso, sitting by the water for hours…drinking coffee and talking and looking at things. I discovered Starbucks when I went to Lucerne. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my first ever Starbucks experience in was in Switzerland. I think I got a mocha. I didn’t know how to pronounce anything else, let alone how to order it in Swiss-German. The next time I went to Starbucks I was in Greece, then in America the following summer. My family still didn’t understand the Starbucks hype, so when we went to Austria and Hungary the following fall, I ordered a holiday latte in Vienna and my father discovered the wonder of what is the skinny latte. We then went to Disney the week before Christmas, and there was a Starbucks in our hotel. I think I consumed more sugar there from white chocolate peppermint mochas than I did during the entire remainder of the Christmas season.

But yes. I am now more of a coffee person, mostly because it’s so much less expensive than the special drinks, but I really do just love the taste of coffee. Our new Nespresso machine is great…I have nearly perfected the creation of the perfect cappuccino and think there should be a course at Marist called Latte Art, but for now I’ll just try to make it look nice. I really don’t know what it is…what the taste is in coffee that is just so appealing to me. It’s not sweetness, I don’t add any sugar to my coffee. I like the Bold blend at Starbucks, it has a little fruity tang to it that I really appreciate. I don’t know. I just really, really like coffee. This post is absurd. Whatever. I’m a little absurd.

Be My Honeypie, please.

I have had the same schedule for 3.5 months, and I still forget that every Tuesday I get an hour and a half between my Marist classes. I swear…every single Tuesday it comes to me as a pleasant surprise. In this case, my forgetfulness is wonderful. This morning I had a psychology test and I met with my calc tutor last night, so all night I wanted to write a post and watch the new How I Met Your Mother (which I heard Sam watching downstairs…so I had to put in my earphones because I am THAT easily distracted) but I had to go over the problems from Calculus and study for my psyc test. BUT NOW that I have 2 hours (I finished the psyc test early) I can write a post and do some Christmas shopping! (online, of course.)

My Secret Santa is so hard to shop for….ugh. I have looked at so many thing that this person would like but I just can’t decide. I think I’ll go to the mall after microeconomics and hopefully I will be inspired to buy something. I got one thing last night, but I need to buy more. Many companies’ standard shipping policies are 7-14 days, and 14 days from today is December 20! We are exchanging our Secret Santa gifts on Christmas Eve because that’s when we see my mother’s family, so that only gives me 3 more days to find the present if I am ordering it online. Grr…oh well. I’ll find something.

My psychology test was pretty easy. The only questions I was unsure of were what the function of Freud’s ego is (apparently the answer was link to reality…yeah I put emotion or something…woops) and whether something was “external” or “extrinsic.” I put extrinsic, and apparently it was external. Oh well.

In English we are reading “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett. I kind of like it…it reminds me of some conversations with my friends. Anyway, apparently it’s a “satire of the human condition,” and it seemed to me like the reactions and responses my English teacher was looking for were similar to those that Ms. Raines was after. The difference is, that Ms. Raines wasn’t looking for any specific answers, and she loved it when we brought up points that she’s never noticed before. Even if she thought we were wrong, she was just happy that we were forming our own opinions and thinking for ourselves, which I loved. I loved knowing that I could just let things kind of brew in my head for a little while and then share some weird little revelation and draw connections and that we were supposed to be doing that. She encouraged us to think for ourselves, and then confessed that once she’d successfully created her English monsters, she knew she’d have to deal with us arguing and thinking for the rest of the year, but she loved it because she’d accomplished making us into students who could successfully analyze literature and support our arguments.

My current English teacher just seems to be looking for specific answers. Like, he will ask what we think, but he will only be happy once someone has said what he was thinking. I am not saying that is wrong in any way, I mean he is an AP English teacher so he probably knows his stuff. It’s just not the kind of environment I enjoy learning in. I know this is tacky but I do genuinely enjoy learning when it’s about something I have interest in and I really do like talking about classic lit and reading it and thinking about it and writing about it, but I just wish my English teacher would kind of form the class around how we saw things, rather than how he saw them. Then again, I have to remember that this is a freaking AP class. I hate the AP system to much…this is not learning. This is standardizing. This is not truly comprehending and learning how to create, but simply learning a formula and how to plug in the variables. I do not like learning formulas, because I think there are an infinite number of solutions (the fact that I just saw my calc homework problem from last night with the answer of infinity flash before my eyes is indicative of some damn good studying). I really do hate AP…the purpose is to learn the formula, crank it out for the exam, and get out. There’s no real growth there….just the understanding of the formula. Nothing that will be of any significant benefit to us in the future, other than how to do what is expected of us.

This is why I need to go to a good school…one where students do not just “get by.” Therefore, I must not be one who just gets by…I have to go above and beyond because I WANT TO. Because those are the kinds of professors I want, and the kinds of students I want to be surrounded by. Those who appreciate learning for learning’s sake, for the sake of growth and progress and understanding.

On a completely different note, did you know that gold car holders get free refills of brewed coffee and tea at Starbucks? How freaking amazing is that? I can get the Christmas blend! SCORE. I am at Starbucks by the way…I also decided to embrace the fact that we are already 1/6 of the way through December and I bought a gingerbread biscotti. It’s actually supposed to be biscotto, because there’s only one, but I’m a bitch like that. Oh well.

Also, I found the perfect homework song. I read what kind of music was best for studying, and some sources said classical, others said opera, but one that I found very interesting just said music that you know very well, because you won’t be thinking about it. I thought about that and it totally made sense…so I used to listen to Gavin Degraw and James Taylor because I can pretty much write out every single lyric on their albums. James Taylor, however, evoked too many memories for me. There’s a lot of nice imagery in his lyrics (“and the berkshires seemed dreamlike on account of that frostin”…oh berkshires….) and I don’t know…I think because I have listened to that so much ever since I was a baby, I associate too much with the song. So that didn’t work, but then Gavin Degraw didn’t work because I listened to his album when we were at the Château de L’Isle-Marie and all I can think of is lying in my bed in the freaking coolest life-size French dollhouse-esque room, smelling that weird April must, and thinking about those things that 15 year olds think about (well, some of them…) (okay so maybe just me…) and I would get a little emotional. So Gavin Degraw failed, too.

THEN, I rediscovered Be My Honeypie by The Weepies. I first saw the video a while ago, and I recently rediscovered it fell in love with the video all over again. Then I downloaded the CD, and I fell in love with the song. I downloaded it on December 2, and I have listened to it 121 times so far. The lyrics are super simple, I have no associations with the song, it isn’t super deep or emotional, and the music is so simple. Thus I can listen to this thing for hours and it provides enough of a dose of happy to prevent a little study-angst while still being simple enough to not distract me. I swear…it’s the perfect homework song. I am listening to it now, because it’s awesome. And it’s raining outside, and I need some happy honeypie if I don’t have any sunshine.

Back to WFGodot… the two concepts we (well…he) talked about from the book today are:

1 Basically, the caption of my blog title. The more we know, the less we know that we know. So like…the more we learn, the more we are aware that we really don’t know anything. Learning to become aware of the fact that we don’t know jack shit. Basically.

2 Although the slave Lucky is initially perceived as unlucky, he is supposed to be perceived as the lucky one because he does not have to make any decisions. So, kind of like because Lucky does not know anything, he has no problem making decisions because he thinks he knows everything PLUS the fact that he does not have to make any decisions equals his not having to deal with the anxiety of making decisions and judgement calls like Vladimir and Estrogon (not estrogen…estrogon. although I feel like there was some intent there…in making Vladimir a Russian name and Estrogon similar to estrogen…so we have a Russian and a woman. later we also have a crazy man (named “Pozzo,” which I would pronounce as pohzoh, but my teacher says as pah-tso, which is how the Italian word for “crazy” is pronounced. hmmm…), and then there is a slave. So we have a Russian, a woman’s name, a crazy man, and a slave, and a boy who remains nameless. Idk…seems like the names are important. But my teacher does not think so. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, they are not of importance.). In case I lost you, I was talking about the second concept we were “introduced” to today which is basically that Lucky is lucky because he does not have to make his own decisions and because he does not know enough to doubt himself. There you go. Bam.

I have two problems with the manner in which we learned about these (of course I do. When do I ever not have a problem with anything.). The first is that my teacher talks about these as some sort of incredible revelations that Beckett made by which we should be completely impressed and in awe of this understanding (whether it’s Beckett’s, my teacher’s, or our understanding that should impress us, I do not know). I do not mean to employ the hipster/pseudo-hipster (debatable) mantra of “I knew/did/heard/saw/ate/smoked/used/wore that before it was cool,” but it’s not like we are a bunch of children who could not have come up with that on our own, and I in fact named my blog after one of those concepts. I’m just saying…I chose my blog caption for a reason. I realized that the more I learned and grew, the more I doubted the truth of what I actually knew and the more I developed a desire for knowing and learning and experiencing. It isn’t that I want to feel smug or awesome or that my ego needs any more inflating (pshh…yeah right), it’s just that I wish people wouldn’t assume us to be these two-dimensional kids who need to have everything fed to them. I love the fact that I do not go to high school for the majority of my day, but this morning’s class reminded me of why I left Lourdes and why it is that I have to work my ass off in college to make sure that I don’t have to surround myself by people who assume my incapability…I don’t know. I just don’t know.

(I just got another coffee for 0.54. Gold Card FTW.)

The second problem I have was with how my teacher also assumed us all to think like him in the sense that “we enjoy being like Lucky…it is easier to move with the bell and be told exactly when we have to pick up our backpacks and go to the next class and be told exactly how to dress and what to say than to make decisions on our own, because as we learn, the uncertainties we develop will only cause more doubt in our decision making and therefore just cause more anxiety.” Basically the point we were supposed to get is that having expectations and a specific purpose is more important/valuable than freedom, which Lucky does not have. I’m so sorry if I am not explaining this well…I can wrap my head around it but not really get it out in one piece. My huge problem with this is that he assumed it to be true for all of us…and kept saying things like “we” and “you.” I don’t know whether I am just getting caught up on a technicality and he was just generalizing because it was faster and easier, or if he genuinely meant to refer to all of “us,” but I really don’t like that. I don’t know if I am being a sensitive bitch about this or if I am right, but I just wish people would stop assuming that we all think the same way, because we most certainly do not.

I left the bells and backpacks because I NEEDED freedom to be happy with myself. I need to be the one making decisions for myself, or else I will just become a mess. I am fully aware that there is an incredible amount of doubt and uncertainty behind all of my decisions, but you don’t let that stop you from MAKING them! Come on, guys. Yes, of course it’s generally easier to be told what to do and what you are expected to do, but that’s just to shut everyone up. Okay fine, tell me exactly how clean you want my room so I can do that and you will shut up. Tell me exactly how long this paper should be so I can do it and you will shut up. Tell me exactly what is considered a crime so I can avoid it and you will shut up. Tell me exactly how much eyeliner is too much for you so I can do that and you will shut up. But as far as what you do with your own time and your own life…of course freedom is better. Your own ethics will stop you from doing the things you know are wrong, and they will help you be the person you want to be, but to understand the law and avoid conflicts between your own subjective morality and the law’s definition of a crime is important so I can just obey it and everyone will just shut up about it. I do not like being told to do things (Obviously…and this is a big problem for my parents. Sorry, guys. Love you.) because what sense is there in living if you do so by everyone else’s standards and not your own? Will you really be happy then? Yes you will have shut everyone up so you can live peacefully, but how much personal satisfaction will you have with your own life if none of your decisions were your own, but just the product of fulfilling expectations and leaving with the bell? I don’t know…this is too long and I have to to go microeconomics. I just don’t know.

Updated play count: 146


I saw Harry Potter! It was really great…I loved it. I think this one is the closest to the books (which I LOVED) and it really captures the mood I got from the books. So many things look so much like I had imagined them to be like Luna’s house and the last fight with Bellatrix. E P I C.

On a completely different note I was just looking for a song to listen to on YouTube in my “Music” file and I found THIS song. The second I heard it, I immediately felt like I was back in Spain and Lugano this summer. This was on one of the CDs we got from the villa in Spain and it was my favorite song on that CD. It reminded me of exactly how I felt during that time, which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it’s nice to stumble across little reminders like this and because there were some extraordinarily happy times this summer, but bad because it also reminded me of what I’ve left behind and how sad I was to leave.

Just so it’s clear, I complain far more on this blog than I do in real life. I sound like such a spoiled, jaded brat who doesn’t ever stop complaining, but I only do so often because here because this is where I let out most of the thoughts I push aside during the day. So, yep.

Ohhhh! And I get my SAT scores in 7 hours!!!!! I am dying to know how I did. Wish me luck!!!

Goodnight. =]