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Catholic School #thanksnothanks

Herro, world. So this has been the busiest week of the semester, but I would like to report that almost everything has gone fairly nicely. I had four exams this week and the abstract for my Linguistics project is due, so this past weekend was not exactly what I would call “fun.” There was a party on Saturday night, but it was a little too unalcoholic and really really really hot, so we walked home in the rain and settled in a little early to recharge for intense study study time on Sunday. (Although I made bucket lists for all of my roommates last week, and Eva was able to tick off one item at the party! Yay!) I spent three hours at Espresso Royale (shout-out to hot barista who literally has eye sex with every customer who comes through there) on Saturday, and then my friend and I spent five hours there on Sunday (shout-out to his friend who is in my Anthro class). It was intense study study time. I had an Italian Film exam on Monday, an Anthro exam and a Psyc exam on Tuesday, and I still have a Linguistics on Friday. Aiaiaiiii.
The Italian exam on Monday was actually a make up exam because I missed it last Monday. Seriously though, that class is the balls. I spent the last two classes watching The Godfather – I am not complaining. Basically our class is structured like this: we watch a movie on Monday, have a one hour lecture on Wednesday, then my section goes to talk about it in Italian at a coffee shop for another hour on Wednesday. Then on the exams, there is an essay question (that my section must write in Italian) for each film that incorporates the film, the lecture, the discussion, and how they all come together to say something about Italian/Italo-Americano culture. (My essays are usually in really bad Italian with some English words sprinkled in for good measure.) 
We had seen one film called Habemus Papam (highly recommended – it’s a great movie), and the lecture was basically a review of my 7thand 8th grade church history classes. Our discussion was more about the director and how although he usually makes films which are incredibly satirical and one would expect him to attack the Catholic Church in such a film as this, he did not, and how that could say even more about modern opinions of the church. However, our essay question was about Charlemagne and Napoleon and their relationships to the interaction between Church and State in Italy. Like, what?

However, because I did suffer through so many years of dark green acrylic sweaters and demerits and plaid skirts, I actually knew how to answer that question accurately, and I was so damn proud of myself. We got our exams back yesterday, and everyone in my Italian group was muttering little sighs of “Why did she ask us about that? … We didn’t even go over that in discussion … I still don’t know who the hell Charlemagne is,” so I was really, really worried. But guess who got an A on her Italian film exam? MEEEE. You know, I usually don’t like to talk about my grades on here, because usually they suck. But now? Now I am learning about seriously cool shit that I love, so I am doing well, and I will immortalize such feelings of accomplishment alla internet.
In Linguistics, we are learning about syntax and sentence structure, so most of our class is now spent diagramming sentences. Yes, that is correct – diagramming sentences alla Mrs. McCann and Mrs. Waters’ 4th through 6th grade English classes. Oh, I’m sorry – you don’t know whether that Prepositional Phrase belongs under the Verb Phrase or the Noun Phrase? That’s because it’s ambiguous, and I can tell you that because I have been doing this SINCE I WAS TEN YEARS OLD. Seriously, it’s like the universe is colliding in really trippy ways during the week that I need it to most and it’s just vaulting me forward and saying, “Here, Marissa…these wonderful happy coincidences are for you to take and run with! Go! Study! Be awesome!”
Unfortunately, nothing from my elementary years is helping me in Anthropology, because that class is terrible. To be honest, I still have no idea what’s going on. That final is going to be a bitch. And Abnormal Psychology is just too late and too long. Three hours in one room until 9pm gets to be a little rough, even when learning about really cool stuff. And there’s this one Portuguese chick who does not shut up the entire class and she is just awful. The material is pretty cool and whatever, I am just not cut out for night classes. And I am taking this dumb online course required for all CLA freshmen, even though I am technically a sophomore, and it’s really easy but it’s a really stupid requirement that probably won’t carry over to the class of 2017 (even though I am technically a part of the class of 2015, but whatever).
So yes. This is my review of the classes of my freshmen (but not so freshmen) fall courses. My advice to anyone who is currently a college freshman: sleep hard, play harder, work hardest. My advice to anyone who is in high school and is not loving it: don’t worry, because high school is meaningless once you enter college. Social status means nothing, no teachers have preconceived opinions of you, and you are the only person who determines exactly how well you do and how much fun you have. My advice to anyone in high school who loves it: sorry, I’ve got nothing. I really don’t understand that very much. My advice to anyone in Catholic school: brave on, little soldier. You’ll never be able to wear knee socks (which you may or may not pull up to your thighs) and hike up your skirt again without being considered a slut, so rock it while you can. And remember all you can about sentence structure. You’ll thank me when you are the only one in your class who already knows the difference between indirect and direct objects.
And I leave you with four of my most recent favey faves. You’re welcome.
Three and four are the best I think. I like them too much.

October 2012

Here are 18 things that happened during October 2012.

-I brushed my teeth in the shower.
-I discovered the wonder that is Cherry Coke Zero.

-I pierced my ear. Again.
-I went to a concert where I realized that I do indeed like B.o.B.
-I learned how to read and write IPA.
-I fell in love with City of Colour.
-“The Amazing Spiderman” entered my top ten.
-I won Settlers of Catan and invented a new game: Dealers of Catan.
-I skipped a concert to study for an exam.
-I dyed my hair a lovely shade of eggplant purple.
-I dressed up at a pirate for Halloween, but every person I met thought I was a gypsy. So I went with that.
-I bought a denim vest. It’s actually like half of a denim vest, and it’s really horribly ugly, but I am in love with it.
-I went to a haunted hayride/house/corn maze, and it was fun, but cold and not very scary. Although the actors pulled my hair. And I was not expecting that.
-I became friends with a Brazilian, a stylist and a pilot.
-I discovered the most ghetto way to make an eye patch.
-I declared my major in Italian and then decided not to major in Italian.
-I watched a film about which Rufus Wainwright wrote a song. The movie sucked. The song is awesome. Leave it to Rufus.
-I went to The Wallflowers’ concert and fell in love with the opening act, Trapper Shoepp And The Shades.

Eighteen Things

18 things I did not expect to happen that have happened during my first month of college.
-I really like my roommates
-I love community bathrooms (they’re always so clean and I don’t ever have to be the one to clean it!)
-I chopped off 9 inches of hair
-I got a tattoo
-I got another piercing
-I have the most attractive TA’s EVER
-I walk around singing this song: CLICK ME
-I eat salad every day (what can I say? I love baby spinach)
-I realized that Dr. Bronner was not kidding when he said that his soap has 18 uses
-I watched three different films in my Italian Culture Through Film class whose plots included an old ugly monk having sex with a hot young priest in exchange for a book, a young monk having sex with gypsy and abandoning her, a threesome (in which one of the guys gets jealous and murders the chick), unnecessarily graphic necrophilia, and the sex life of a castrato which always seems to include his brother helping him out
-I finished a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in two days. (Thank God I’ve been exclusively eating salad)
-I started writing a book
-I bought two pairs of pink jeans
-I burned premade cookies (my self-esteem is still trying to recover from that one)
-I lost my favorite soap and started crying about it
-I realized that the only way to focus during an 8pm lecture is to drink coffee and play angry birds to keep me awake
-I bought a bagel and literally threw it away because it was such a sorry excuse for a bagel
-I got really close to winning Settlers of Catan and was then cock-blocked from a perfect win

This Close.

A lot went down during the month of May. I ran in the Run For Your Lives event, got pneumonia, reacted pretty violently to the medication I was prescribed, was in the hospital for a little while, missed all of my final exams, missed my AP exam, made up all said exams, and semi-finished school. My dad also went to Colombia for three weeks, and he will be home in a few days. So. Yes.

This summer I am actually going to be pretty busy. It’s not like last summer when I was always going away places, but I have a lot I have to accomplish this summer.

Different note: when I was a sophomore, I created a private blog for myself to document my college search, admission, and decision processes. I just found that blog again, and reading it was so funny. At that point, I still had absolutely no idea what I was going to study, or what kind of college I wanted to go to. I was kind of just closing my eyes, holding my breath, spinning, pointing and saying “Yeah! That sounds good!” I made a sidebar list of possible major/minors and they are…amusing. Some of the ones that I found most interesting are Yoga, Genetics, Forestry, Geology, and Fuck This. Haha…I really did not want to think about college at that point.

Now, I am pretty sure of my chosen …genre of study, if you will. I know that I will have some combination of degrees in Psychology, Linguistics, and foreign languages, which will most likely include one or more of the following: Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian. Honestly, the only thing preventing me from getting a quad major Psyc/Ling/Ital/Span is the fact that I want to study abroad. Otherwise, I could totally do it, but because I can’t rely on my chosen locations having courses that I need, I have to leave enough wiggle room to ensure that I will get all of my planned degrees.

The University of Minnesota has this awesome tool called Graduation Planner, and you basically map out your entire academic career class-by-class and see how things fit together to get the most from your education. Next semester, I will most likely be taking Intro to Linguistics; Intro to Measurement and Data Analysis in Psychology; Exploring the Universe; Italian Culture, History, and Society Through Film; and History of Media Communication. It’s only 5 classes, but because they are nearly all 4-credit courses, it’s works out to be 19 credits. Although, because I left so much room near the end of my 4-year plan, if my advisor thinks I should drop one class for my first semester, I’ll drop the Italian course. It’s the most inconvenient for my schedule, and it’s not necessary to take an elective for my major this early on.

I officially have 3 more high school classes left. We are doing absolutely nothing in English right now- just watching movies.

It’s funny…well, not funny really…actually it’s a little pathetic, but I feel so numb about leaving high school. And going to college. Like it’s not the kind of numb when you just know that at any second, something will wake you and all of a sudden you will FEEL whatever it is that you are suppressing. I genuinely think I am indifferent to this transition in my life. It wouldn’t seem so funny (or just, odd) to me if I weren’t reading all those Facebook statuses about “I’m going to miss everyone!” and “These past four years have been amazing!” and “I will never forget you!” I am not going to miss anyone, these past four years have not been amazing, and I will forget you. However, I experienced all of these feelings when I moved to NY. I missed everyone (I still miss a few…), those two years were amazing, and I will never forget some of the people I met there. I suppose I’m just numb because I have nothing to leave behind. I am used to changing things, and to leaving and explaining and being lost wherever I am. Being in a new place is not exactly exciting to me, but it’s most certainly not terrifying either. I officially suck at making new friends, so I guess I will just have to work on that next year. But I’m not nervous about it at all. I know that I suck at it. I have the small-talk skills of a spoon, but whatever. So I’ll be alone. I’ll not be lonely. There’s such a difference between those two.

My point is- this is much less of a big deal to me than it is to many. I don’t know how much I like that, but I don’t care. It will be good to have the same experiences as my peers, and to not have to explain myself. Yay.

Suds in the _____; _____ of names.

I’ve developed such an appreciation for people who don’t let unnecessarily negative criticism affect them. If you know me or have been reading this for a while, then you can probably guess that I am always working on that. The only thing that I still struggle with, however, is disregarding negative judgements from people who I admire or care about. I always want to impress those people, and make them proud of me, so I feel like I must respond to their every criticism, when I actually don’t. People will always tell me what they think is best, and what they think will make me happy. And that’s great, because many times, I agree with them. But they do not KNOW what will make me happy, or what is right. But when I know that something will make me happy or otherwise, and someone else is trying to tell me differently, well I can’t just listen. I can’t. I am the only one who will directly deal with those feelings, so I am the only one whose opinion matters in those circumstances. If it turns out that they were right, then I have no one to blame but myself. But if they were wrong? If I listened to someone who supposedly knew me better than I knew myself, and they were wrong about happiness, and as a result I was unhappy because I listened to their advice? Well, then I will be a little pissed at myself for not taking my own advice, but I will mostly be pissed at them for giving me shitty advice. And I will blame them. It’s what I do. I blame. I have to work on that.
I made a bucket list, because I think it’s cool. It’s good to imagine yourself as the person that you will create yourself into…not only does it give you something to look forward to, but it gives you goals, and inspiration. I have a Wall of Stuff (if you get this reference then I love you) where I put the clichéd ticket stubs, pictures, letters, and postcards, but I also put pictures of things that I will one day do, or places that I will go, and people that I will become. That wall makes me sad sometimes, because I look at all of the wonderful things of my past that I miss oh (ehem. oh) so much, and I am just genuinely sad that those times have ended. But then, I see the pictures of the places and people and things of my future, and I am just inspired. I am inspired and excited and renewed, and I just feel so happy that I know I have a future. If everything in this world fails me, all I will have is myself, and as long as such wonderful things as the futures in those pictures exist, then I know I will be fine.
I made a bucket list a few months ago. It’s just the verbal presentation of the ideas that have always been in my head, so I figured, hey- I love lists. I’ll make another list. Then someone close to me told me that bucket lists are stupid. And I was like, “Oh, of course they are. Why did I make a bucket list?! They are so stupid!” But then I realized that I don’t think they are stupid at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you can change mine, then go for it. I’m pretty malleable in the hands of logic and reason. But if not, then my opinion is the only one that will determine my happiness, so mine is right as far as I am concerned. Thus, ladies and gentlemen of this strange ball of chaos that we call Earth, I present to you, my bucket list.
(Note: This is just how I wrote it, and I did not edit anything from how it was written when it was originally intended for only my eyes. I promise.)
(Another Note: Things will always be added to this bucket list. That’s how they work! THEY GROW!!!)
  1. Write a book.
  2. Make a seriously awesome work of art that I proudly display somewhere in my home.
  3. Bungee jump.
  4. Sky dive.
  5. Go on an adventure to climb some real rocks.
  6. Run a marathon.
  7. Go to India.
  8. See the Northern Lights. YES I KNOW it’s a cliché. But…you know…I believe that the truth lives in the clichés.
  9. Learn how to play the guitar. I think everyone should be able to play the guitar. When you can truthfully say, “Yeah, I play the guitar,” then you automatically gain like 50 life points.
  10. Have a real job that I genuinely enjoy.
  11. Go scuba diving. Finally.
  12. Ski in Switzerland again.
  13. Learn how to ride a motorcycle.
  14. Learn how to save money, then apply that newfound knowledge to my life.
  15. Have a permanent residence in Spain or Italy. Mint green Vespa with tan leather seat and big black furry dog required.
  16. Learn how to play the drums.
  17. Wear the same t shirt every day for an entire summer. This does, however, exclude The Clearwater and Special events. This is thanks to UT. So, thanks.
  18. This one is inappropriate.
  19. This one is also inappropriate.
  20. Go to Mardi Gras in NOLA.
  21. Be a mother and give my children badass names.
  22. Write something awesome that someone else will read.
  23. Dye my hair an unnatural color.
  24. Be in a movie.
  25. See Rufus Wainwright perform again.
  26. Take dance classes again.
  27. Go on a kayaking/rafting adventure vacation and pretend to live in an L.L.Bean catalogue.
  28. Eat a lot of grapefruit.
  29. Record every day for one year.
  30. Not wear makeup or hair products for one month straight. (obviously excludes deodorant, nail polish, and perfume…but no tinted moisturizer.)
  31. Learn another language. Italian and Spanish do not count.
  32. Sing karaoke.
  33. Always be able to run 2 miles straight through.
  34. Bike across the US or some part of Europe.
  35. Travel on the cheap. Biking, perhapsably. #35 will suffice if done luxuriously (as in slowly- no time limit. luxuriating in time!).
  36. Splurge on a pair of power jeans. They will be known as my awesome pants. And when I wear them, I will become exponentially more awesome. If that’s even possible.
  37. Go on a volunteer/mission trip. Or join the Peace Corps. Same thing.
  38. Go to a Pride. Preferably NYC Pride.
  39. This one is also inappropriate.
  40. Be vegan for one month. Or six. Or twelve. Or however long I want.
  41. Buy a really expensive pair of sunglasses that I love, regardless of whether or not anyone else likes them.
  42. Cut my hair off. All of it. Well, not ALL of it. But a lot of it.
  43. Follow my 37 rules for parenting. Or at least read them occasionally to remember what it’s like to be a child.