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I decided that I am not going to sleep tonight. I am riding a high. I am riding a wave, and hopefully it can take me through the ridiculous list of shit that I have to do. Tonight I will sail through it. Fasho.

I saw Mika perform earlier tonight. It was an incredible experience. As we were leaving, my friend said, “I just feel so…MOVED.” And moved I felt.

There was so much love in that room. Even that annoying chick behind me who kept screaming off key and the really tall bald guy in front of me were just feeling the love. So much LOVE.

And Mika is Mika. He’s…what I hope I can be like. As in I hope my presence can evoke the kind of feeling in other people that his presence evokes within me.

I don’t know if this is the case for the rest of my fellow human beings, but live music is kind of my kick. It’s what makes my heart pitter patter. It makes me smile…like actually smile. It connects me to everything else, and feeling connected is such a good feeling. One of my strengths is Connectedness. Concerts recreate my connectedness.

I think my favorite part of that performance is that he completely made his songs magical with a strictly acoustic set. Which is awesome, because he uses tons of synth and electronica beats in most of his music, but everything he did was stil oh so very MIKA.

Because I feel so awesome right now, I will shower, then write an essay, make a presentation, write another essay, and dance. I am going to get the keys to a study room and dance. Mmmm. Dancing.

This song reminds me of what is important. TO DANCEDANCEDANCE.

Emily, can’t you write a happy song

Get your ass to number one
You could try a little harder
Emily, you could be a millionaire
But you’re so full of hot air
Gonna end up like your father
Emily, you can’t leave your life to chance
Get a boy and learn to dance
Be a girl like any other
Emily, are you stuck up? Are you gay?
If you are, well that’s ok
Cause it doesn’t even matter

Emily, it’s your life and you can’t live it twice

One day you’ll understand and then you’ll take my hand
Emily, I love you, and I know you do too
You never make no sense, screaming at me in French
Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie?
Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie?
Shut up listen to me, dance with me Emily
Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie?
Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie?
Shut up listen to me, dance with me Emily

Emily, you got so much in your life

Me I got no one’s advice
Don’t you know you got it easy
Emily, what you smoking, what’s that stench
Who you screaming out in French
Did you really think you had me
Emily, that’s enough, do as you’re told
Acting like you’re eight years old I give up it’s not worth trying
Emily, one day I will end up dead
That’s the only thing I’ve said
That will ever get her smiling, Emily

Emily, live your life in a balloon

Lock yourself up in your room
So the world can never reach ya
Emily, am I’m speaking Japanese
Got me falling on my knees,
Got me praying to Saint Peter
Emily, see the price I have to pay
I would give my life away
If I knew that I could reach ya
Emily, why you make this hard to me
It’s not the way it’s meant to be
I don’t never wanna hate ya


October 2012

Here are 18 things that happened during October 2012.

-I brushed my teeth in the shower.
-I discovered the wonder that is Cherry Coke Zero.

-I pierced my ear. Again.
-I went to a concert where I realized that I do indeed like B.o.B.
-I learned how to read and write IPA.
-I fell in love with City of Colour.
-“The Amazing Spiderman” entered my top ten.
-I won Settlers of Catan and invented a new game: Dealers of Catan.
-I skipped a concert to study for an exam.
-I dyed my hair a lovely shade of eggplant purple.
-I dressed up at a pirate for Halloween, but every person I met thought I was a gypsy. So I went with that.
-I bought a denim vest. It’s actually like half of a denim vest, and it’s really horribly ugly, but I am in love with it.
-I went to a haunted hayride/house/corn maze, and it was fun, but cold and not very scary. Although the actors pulled my hair. And I was not expecting that.
-I became friends with a Brazilian, a stylist and a pilot.
-I discovered the most ghetto way to make an eye patch.
-I declared my major in Italian and then decided not to major in Italian.
-I watched a film about which Rufus Wainwright wrote a song. The movie sucked. The song is awesome. Leave it to Rufus.
-I went to The Wallflowers’ concert and fell in love with the opening act, Trapper Shoepp And The Shades.


I got a 90 on the Math 9 Regents! Oh YEAH! I’m like friken amazing! WoooHOOOO! And I got a 95 on the Spanish Proficiency! How that happened, I’m not sure, but I did it! YAY! WOOOHOOO!

On Monday, I went to Amber, Nicole, Erin, and Courtney’s party. It was a dance at Estelle and Alfonso. On Wednesday, I went to Rebecca’s pool party then we drove to Grandma’s for Aunt Kerry’s birthday and on Thursday I went shopping! I got 12 shirts, a pair of shorts, 2 skirts, a pair of jeans, this awesome dark blue nail polish (and a teal one), and jewelry. I have to say, I’m not very good at saving my money. I never was good at it. I know it could become something really bad, but I’m smart enough to know when to stop. Kinda like with texting. I’m definitely not going to push my limit, but I’m going to text all I want until I reach the magic number (225), then stop and leave some cushion in case someone texts me. I’m no dummy! Anywayy…all the stuff I got was nice and I won’t need anything else for a while.

Thursday night there was a boy scout meeting for summer camp, so Sarah came and we walked around the rec. Then yesterday we just hung out at Nonni’s house. She made some mad good chili because the Mericle boys are coming and apparently they like chili.

Then yesterday the boys helped put up some tent for the Church with the boy scouts so I went, and then we went to Mr. Zeigler’s house and went in his pool and had hot dogs. I don’t like hot dogs very much, and they actually seem really gross, but I liked these ones. Anywayy, then last night I went to the movies with Marielle. We saw wall.e…it was cute! Yeah, so today I don’t know what we’re doing but at like 2 we’re going to Nonni’s house for dinner and then we’re going to 6pm mass at St. Francis in Newburgh. Other than that, not sure what’s going down…..



The dance was last night, and it was pretty cool. I looked really nice loleveryone looked really nice but some girls were a little under-dressed. We had a half day yesterday, so I got home, watched TV, showered, got my hair done, got jewellery, got dressed, and went to the dance! It was pretty cool because I was one of the few people who danced to EVERY single song. It was good. Again, I ate absolutely nothing (2 pieces of Dentyne Blast don’t count), but I drank tons of water because it was hot in there. The teachers and preists and Sr. Anne were there and all the teachers and Sr. Anne danced; it was hilarious cool hahaha. No, really, Mrs. Fo and Sr. Anne can dance, but some of the other teachers dance moves were a little…em…I’m gonna stop talking before I get myself into trouble. Anywayy, it was lots of fun and me, Carli, Casey, and Rebecca did all the ridiculous dance moves that people think are cool but are actually quite ridiculous (lawn mower, sprinkler, wash board, apple-basket-mushroom, top/bottom bunk & fan, etc…). It was sooo much fun. We got Class of 2008 livestrongs, beer glasses (don’t ask), mints, and chocolate bars.
At the end, alot of people were crying. I kinda don’t get why, because we’re gonna see each other on Tuesday. I mean, we’ve had longer breaks from school before; it’s just an extended weekend. I’m just playin. I know why they were crying. But I’m like made of titamium baby, I don’t shed tears. Okay, so I do, but not over unreasonable stuff like this. Like, if you’re really truly friends with somebody, you’ll keep in touch and see each other and your relationship won’t fade out. Like my daddy tells me, “A relationship is like a flower. If you don’t water it, it will die. It doesn’t matter who does the watering, but without proper care, it will die.” If you don’t take care of the flower, that means you didn’t care about it enough or it just wasn’t important to you. So if you really care about someone and they are important to you, you’ll be BFFs…literally. If not, then you won’t because you won’t “water the plant.” So anywayy, my point here is that I don’t know what all the drama is about. Like, seriously, ALOT of people were crying. Even people who are going to Lourdes were hysterical. I was like, okay…sorry for not being all emotional but it’s not that big of a deal. I guess it doesn’t matter to me because I have friends that already go to different schools, so it’s not so hard to understand that you can still KIT. Also, most of my friend are going to Lourdes next year, so w/e.

Bottom line (literally hahaha)- the dance was fun, hot, salty, and wet.


My Confirmation is tomorrow! Yay! Friday is THE DANCE! It’s THE DANCE! THE DANCE! THE DANCE! It’s not just like the other dances we’ve had where you wear like a mini skirt or seriously cool jeans, it’s like the prom of St. Columba! It’s sooo cool! I’m so excited! I just got my nails done, and I got like a French but instead of a whit stripe it’s a blue stripe with sparkles! SPARKLES! As in like glitter! Glitz! Yay! And there’s this subtle silver design on my ring fingers and my pinky fingers. I didn’t originally schedule for a pedicure, so we’re going back and 6pm for that. I’m getting my hair done by the fabulous Maria at 3pm before the dance. Yay! Wooohooo! And my dress is perfect! I didn’t follow Mrs. Tittles rule, but I think it’s perfect!