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Christmas 2012.

He says the best way out is always through.
And I agree to that, or in so far
As that I can see no way out but through.

We classy.
Fireplace App + Elf + Christmas lights + hot chocolate + Eva + Christmas lights + Christmas socks = Love.
The setup.
Hi, Dad. Nice glasses.
This is Christmas, and this is happiness. 
Me and Harpoon. 
 Don’t ask how. Just accept it.
Benefit concealer into the whiskey.

18 Things of December

1 I white rabbitted my roommates.
2 I entered the month at First Ave, and left it at the mecca of the American New Year with my best friend. It really doesn’t get any better than that.
3 I danced so hard that I was sore for three days.
4 My friends dyed my hair dark brown.
5 I spent four hours at the gym in one day.

6 I found the website of my dreams: songza.com . It will change you forever.
7 Yulia flew 1200 miles to the state where I live for four days, and I did not see her once. Because that’s just the kinds of friends we are.
8 I questioned my decision of go to college while I was taking finals. I thought of 1) Cutting my fingers off 2) Becoming a pirate and 3) Trying to write a good book and get it published and getting rich, all just to avoid ever having to take finals ever again.
9 I earned a 79.61 in a class and begged my TA to round up.
10 I listened to these songs on repeat: Thrift Shop, Wicked Games, Coffee & Cigarettes, Born Again, James Tayor’s River, I’m Goin Down
11 Two more holidays with Yulia. Once I’ve spent three official holidays with you, you’re no longer a friend. You’re family.
12 I saw The NYC Ballet’s Nutcracker and The Holiday Train Show at the NYC Botanical Gardens.
13 I didn’t shave for the last two weeks of December.
14 I got sick.
15 I failed and redeemed myself. (Who’s not paying for next semester? This girl.) Unfortunately that also means that my father is that much further from buying a new Audi, but we can’t all be winners.
16 I had spaetzle. And it was magical.
17 I drove a car. And I didn’t hit anything.
18 I let Yulia put the tinsel on the tree, and I hate tinsel, so that also says a lot about our friendship.

Things Said By My Kind

-You’ve been on that daily jaw grind.
(And it hurts. So badly. *whimper*)

-He wants to know how long I’ll be gone.
-Long enough for him to forget all about you.

-I only like burps when I’ve had Chipotle. It’s like having it a second time.

Sometimes when I’m not motivated, I turn the shower from really warm and comfortable to ice, ice cold and remind myself that is what my life will be like all the time if I keep being a lazy fuck.

You see, this is why I come to the rec to pick up girls, then you already know if they look hot covered in sweat.

-I don’t want to be “that guy,” but I definitely think you should rock a lip ring.

-If I could make it rain anything, I’d make it rain Chipotle burritos.

-There are few things in this world that make me happier than Ellie Goulding, a bottle of wine, my guitar, and cough drops. They fix everything.
-What about me?
-You’re like a third tier necessity. Right below food and shelter, and kind of next to my glasses and underwear.

-It smells like stress in here.

Okay folks. I am 24 hours and 2 minutes away from the exam that will determine who pays for the rest of my college career (or at least next semester). I only need to get a raw score of 66 on the exam (which is a B+. How dumb is that?), so I would typically not be so worried, however I got a 65 on the last exam, so my confidence isn’t exactly sparkling right now.

I hate this shit. I hate this shit. I hate this shit.

Ahhhhh stressssssssssss.

I have been grinding my teeth SO HARD. AND IT’S LOUD. AND IT HURTS SO BADLY RIGHT NOW.    :(

I hate anthropology. I hate monkeys. They scare me. I don’t like bones. I don’t like dead things. I don’t like history. I don’t like learning about them. And I absolutely despise being tested on them.

I am an aspiring psycholinguist. I have no interest in your dumb anthropology stuff (although it is kind of necessary but WHATEVER).

I am so scared.

This is not going to be pretty.

It’s not like I’m unprepared. It’s just that there’s a lot riding on this exam.



Oh my God.







Eighteen Things of November

1 I went to New York twice, and realized that “home” is a bit of a Horcrux to me. Little pieces of me get torn out and planted in places, and it’s just a bit sad that I can’t have all of them. I thought it would have been a relief to be in New York, but it just made me realize how much of me has been ripped out and planted in Minnesota, and begun to grow there. I know it’s not like this for many college students, and where they grew up will always be “home” to them. But my childhood home is kind of trickling away…so I am happy that little pieces of me have other places to be rooted and grow. I have found that the reason going “back home” has always been a little hard for me is because the pieces of me that are left there have been paused. The pieces that fit in there are not what I am, but what I was when I left. For this reason, it always takes a little getting used to and playing catch up to reacquaint my current self with things of my relative past.
2 I both entered and exited the month of November at First Avenue.
3 I went to a concert for the sole purpose of seeing the opening act, but fell in love with the main act. This song of their’s is playing on repeat while I write this.
4 I studied more for an exam than I have since I was probably 13, did really badly, and cried.
5 I voted for the first time. I Voted No, and I voted for President Barack Obama.
6 I wrote my first real abstract.
7 On Thanksgiving, I woke up at 5am (after having gone to sleep at 3am) and went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the one and only Yulia Gusarova. We stood in the military and NYPD family standing area, and no one said anything. We had wonderful holiday lattes, saw marching bands and Cody Simpson, collected confetti, and had a very us time. I then took the LIRR to my grandma’s house for dinner, then drove home, and went Black Friday shopping at midnight, and returned home by 6am. It was a good day. As are any days involving Starbucks, people I love, shopping, and confetti.

8 I did some intense Christmas shopping which has resulted in a sad lack of food in my dorm. At least I have a place to hide the Christmas presents now that my cupboard is empty.
9 A guy in my project group found my amazingly hot (yet incredibly petit) TA on Grindr.
10 I registered for classes for next semester, and 4 of the classes I wanted to take were full. Next semester looks like this: CLA 1002 Composing Your Worlds, ESCI 1005 Geology & Cinema, LING 4002 Linguistic Analysis, CSCL 3456W Sexuality & Culture, PSY 3201 Intro to Social Psychology, and PSY 3801 Introduction to Psychological Measurement & Data Analysis.
11 I didn’t shave for two weeks. I figured…hey. All the cool kids are doing it. (However, at 2:30 am on December 1st, I shaved and it was glorious.)
12 I drank wine from a teacup.
13 I participated in a psychological research project and I think I failed the tests they gave me because I misunderstood the directions. Oops.
14 I played hide and seek outside in my socks at 2 am.
15 I was taking the light rail home from MSP, and took it two stops in the wrong direction. As soon as I realized I was on the wrong train, I got off and waited at this stop in the middle of nowhere. I was the only one there and the next train wasn’t for 18 minutes. Some sketchy dude then came up to me and started speaking to me in Spanish. All I caught was “Buenos noches” and “bonita.” Then he started repeating something and getting a little angry, and I told him I didn’t understand him. Finally he annunciated a little more, and said, “Do you have husband?” I’m going to be honest here. I gave him the face. And unsurprisingly, he stopped talking to me. Then some of his friends joined him, but this relatively normal looking dude showed up on a bike and he was watching was was going on and I just ran onto the light rail car with the most people on it.
16 I Seafarered Catan like a boss.
17 Someone said, “This song requires you to feel it in your hips. If you don’t have hips, Jack and Coke will help you find them.” He also said, “We’re one big family. You love most people, and you really don’t like some people. But still…you know that guy that you really really don’t like? You’re going to end up dancing with him by the end of the night. I’ve seen it 100 times. I’ve been that guy 100 times.” Someone else said, “Now think of everyone you know. Who will do your dental work after the apocalypse?”
18 I went to a concert where they put some beautifully obnoxious black x’s on my hands, but passed around bottles of wine.
I elaborated a bit more for this month because there was an unfortunate lack of posts during November.
“I’m not confused. I’m just well mixed.” Stay fresh, my friends.