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Let’s Reminisce

One year and three days ago I was visiting the U for the first time with my dad. I was ill-prepared for the weather, I had an ugly cold, and I was not completely impressed with the U.
Now, I am here – living here. Being Minnesotan. Or at least trying…
I often forget to just take some time to look back, to think about where I was one year ago, two years ago, three years ago. The great thing about having this blog is that I can do that really easily. I just have to click around, and I have the perfect time capsule of my life. My life preserved in words.
When I think of my senior year of high school, the picture in my head is vastly different than that of every single one of my friends. I think of limbo…completely done with high school, but not yet in college, and trying to throw them at one another and find some way to stitch the seam together. I think of driving in the BMW, smelling the Bath & Body Works pod, listening to Tegan & Sara, Rufus Wainwright, Florence & The Machine, and Jack Johnson. I think of studying in the library and spending half of my teeny paycheck on over-priced coffee. I remember changing a lot.
I remember being a little scared of the fact that I could feel myself changing…and I remember trying to use everything within me to not let anyone see how scared I was. Of college in particular…I had no idea what I was going to do. I was terrified by my lack of ability to make a decision.
Anyway, it’s cool to think about how much has happened in this year, and how many things have not gone according to plan. One year from now, I hope things are going swimmingly. I like that word so much. Ugh.


18 Things of Februarch.

I failed at creating an 18 Things of February. (Mostly because February was painfully uneventful and a little sad.) Therefore, I have decided to create an 18 Things of February and March. So some of these things happened in February, some in March. Mostly in March.
1 I went to NY. Twice.
2 I was in seven different states.
3 I was tattooed in California. I have now been tattooed in three different states across the US: NY, MN, and CA.
4 I drove half way across the country twice, in a van, with eleven people, in one week. I also flew half way across the country four times.
5 I was introduced to this gem.
6 I ate flaming cheese.
7 I got a job.
8 I did sunrise yoga on the beach.
9 I went skinny dipping in the Pacific Ocean.
10 I spoke to an Italian person in Italian for the first time in a long time.
11 I spent three weekends in a row outside of the place I now call home.
12 I got a really bad haircut.
13 I went to a pants sale and bought everything except for pants.
14 I got sick on butterfly cookies.
15 I realized that I actually really like Harper.
16 I made this my new alarm.
17 I regretted moving to Minnesota for a little while. It’s just really cold sometimes. And the weather sucks too.
18 I was in a car accident.

New Year. Nothing else is new though.

So I decided to change the format of my blog a little bit. You know. To freshen it up for the New Year.
I’m not really feelin it yet. Expect lots of changes until I feel comfortable with it.
There were a few days when being in New York just sucked. It was miserable. My family was driving me insane and I missed Minnesota terribly. Today, however, was good.
I spent the day with my dad, and we went to Arthur Avenue to pick up some necessities, then we got a coffee, bought his friend some bread, and went to the New York Botanical Garden. It was odd being there in the winter because everything is…you know…dead.

Cappuccino with marscapone. Weird but delicious.

We were on this little tram tour of the grounds and my dad was getting a little too excited about the prospect of returning “seventeen times this year to see the different flowers in bloom!” I love him so much, but when he starts talking to me about planning “an azalea party for work” I just have to remember that I am half him. He bought a membership to the garden when we went to the train show in December, so he is super stoked to return in June (can anyone say “4000 rose bushes?”).

New York: We have Rolex street clocks.

<3 Emerson <3

Then we started driving home and went to Chipotle, ran a few more errands, and went to Beacon to pick up my mom’s leather bag from the repair store. The woman who works there is absolutely nuts, but she seems pretty cool. Then we went to Bank Square for another coffee (weird, I know) and walked around on the dock. The river was calm and glassy, and Newburgh looked uncharacteristically beautiful and non-threatening from all the way across the Hudson.

That dock is really something special. It’s very well designed, and it creates a feeling of something important on the waterfront. It was a little chilly but I was just sitting there and we were talking, and watching the ferry cross the dark Hudson, and I had one of those moments of appreciation. When I kind of think to myself, “This is good. Almost as good as it gets.” Yulia may call it euphoria. But it was one of those moments when I realize how lucky I was to grow up in a place of such rich value. There is so much culture, so much natural beauty, and so much history in the Hudson Valley. It’s really such an amazing place, and tonight I focused a few minutes on appreciating just how special it is. I can complain about it all I want – whining about being force to leave the unparalleled Lugano, and running away to school in Minneapolis, but I am really so grateful to have such a beautiful pocket of the world to call home.
Mike’s train arrived shortly after, we all went home, and we made dinner.  Everything was good.
It’s the times like these that I occasionally miss when I am gone. It reminds me of a time before the bullshit…when I could just spend the day with my dad in peace. No fighting, no misunderstanding. Just coffee, a lot of time in the car, Owl City, and the Hudson River. These are the times I will miss.

Not all who wander are lost.

When I am with Yulia, we get lost. Often. So often, in fact, that we actually plan time into our day specifically for getting lost.

We missed a concert festival because we got distracted by these two hot South African guys and we ended up on the wrong end of Manhattan, so we just decided to go to Starbucks and go shopping instead. I lost my own car three times in two days. We wandered for a good two hours before we found exactly which parking garage in Manhattan had my car in it, and finding my car in the Jones Beach Theater parking lot was a lot more difficult than we had expected. We started biking to the wrong bridge in San Francisco. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we just assumed that “the big bridge over there” was the Golden Gate Bride, and we didn’t realize why it was so difficult to get up there. Come to find out, that was all because we were trying to cross the Oakland Bay Bridge on bicycle. Oops. We also accidentally took a bus 45 minutes outside the city of San Francisco approximately three hours before our flight back to NY. We assumed the bus would turn around at some point, but as soon as we entered the neighborhood that made me wish we had worn our bullet-proof vests that day, the driver told us that we had to get off because it was the last stop. Fortunately, the next bus passing through there would indeed take us back to downtown SF, but it was another 2.5 hours of us getting lost.

With us, though, getting lost isn’t always a bad thing. We fail at so many things we try to do, but awesome things happen in the mean time. I am the one who freaks out a little bit, and to Yulia, we are never lost. We are just taking a different – and usually inconvenient – route to our destination. I think that’s one of the reasons we get along so well – we’re a good team. Obviously sometimes we argue because we are both convinced that we know the way to get back to our hotel, and one of us is always wrong and feels like an idiot after making us traipse all around downtown San Francisco (usually me…*sigh*). However, the fact that we both spend so much time getting lost really makes me happy that we’re friends. I don’t know very many people who wouldn’t hold a grudge for my making them wander three miles in the wrong direction because I put the wrong address into my iPhone, and I don’t get mad at her when her internal compass is not exactly accurate.

Getting – and remaining – lost are big parts of my life. I know that sounds dumb, but when you’re lost, you kind of just take everything for what it is, and you really learn to just appreciate things a lot more. This morning (that’s college student speak for 1pm on a Saturday), I was going to go to Starbucks on the West Bank of campus to get some work done and write a blog post. While waiting for the connector bus, the city bus showed up and I just decided to take it. I have literally no idea where I am right now, but this chai latte and lemon-poppy muffin are amazing, and I am so happy. I have no idea how to get home, but I’m pretty sure this barista wouldn’t mind helping me out.

The lipstick marks around my tall yellow mug of chai tea latte are a pretty dark berry color, and my eyes are a little watery because of the ridiculous amounts of red and gold eyeshadow I applied this morning. I am wearing peach colored skinny jeans, a gold sweater, light brown boots, a purple peacoat, blue mascara, and a grey hat. I am sitting the back of a café, and I can see leaves falling outside. The guy next to me has an awesome tattoo, and some girl outside talked me into spending three hours next weekend standing outside in the cold and trying to encourage people to VOTE NO on the marriage amendment. I have no idea where I am, but everything is amazing. Life is so amazing right now, and no one knows where I am.

I went to an Owl City concert this week, and let me just say that it was one of the most intense emotional experiences I have ever had. It was honestly incredible. After the concert, my friends and I went to dinner at this really awesome place in downtown Minneapolis, and then we went to find the bus that would take us home. I love my friends, I do, and they are amazing people. But oh my God they were freaking out because we didn’t know exactly what bus to take or which stop to go to, and there were some interesting characters strolling about the town at 1 am on a Friday morning. I honestly thought it was kind of funny, because typically I am the one freaking out. But not in a situation like that- when if we honestly needed to, we could have just walked home (it’d have been a cold, long ass walk, but it was possible), and none of the people around us looked like they were packin anything lethal. I realized that my comfort with being lost and not knowing exactly what is going on makes situations like those a lot more enjoyable for me. If my friends weren’t quite so worried, I probably would have became buddies with those guys at the bus stop. If I was with Yulia, we probably would have gone out for drinks with them. “Lost” is a relative term, and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be truly lost if I just try to soak in every experience.

I have finished my psychology homework, my anthropology prelab, and my chai latte, and life is good. Today’s realization is that I can never be lost, and that makes me really happy.


Today, my father returned from a business trip in San Francisco. When he arrived at JFK, the Hertz guy told him he had a Nissan, but that he could upgrade to a blue and black 2012 Mustang GT for $30/day. My father said, “Well…it’s only one day.”

Today we went to Adam’s because he wanted to buy pizza dough. I actually think he just wanted to drive that car through Baird Park. On the way home, my friend called me to tell me she was waiting for me in my house.

Dad: I am doubling the speed limit! What? Sarah is waiting for us! We have to hurry!

The speed limit was 50 mph. He was not exaggerating.