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How To Not Buy A Cell Phone Charger

So! I am in Missouri right now, and it is my last night here. I have a ton of cool amazingness that I will eventually have to post about, but instead, I will write about my journey for cell phone juice and the dude from RadioShack.

You see…I’m not always the brightest light bulb in the package. Oh, oh no. Maybe the glowiest, and the one that can change colours the most quickly, but when I decided to not pack my phone charger, well that was a pretty dim moment for me. Thus, I have been forced to survive without total, complete freedom of communication for the past few days. However, tomorrow I will be flying into Laguardia where my oh so amazing uncle will be picking me up, and then I am going into the city to have Starbucks (haha no not really. But you know I would…). The point is: I REALLY need my phone. Thus my journey began at 9 am when I Googled the hours of the Student Center (or, something like that) at Mizzou.

I put nice little sticky notes on my door so that Marielle would know that I was, in fact, NOT abducted by unicorns, and set off on her little (LITTLE) bike. I found the Student Center with ease (thanks to my incredible cartography skills), locked up Marielle’s bike, and whipped out my helpless, dead, little blue phone.

Then, I found the charging station, and asked the dude if I could charge my phone…

(Guy who will remain nameless): Do you have your student ID card?

Me: Nooo…?

Guy: Do you know your student ID number?

Me: Noo…. You see . . . *kindofsadbutmostlyconfusedandhelplessface* I’m new around here and I don’t know my student ID number and my phone is un cento percento DEAD.

Guy: Ok, that’s fine. You can just charge it here anyway.

Me: Sweet.

Soooo we tried every damn charger tip in the entire container (eleven), and of course – OF COURSE – the one that I need is the one that just broke. The guy warned me that I would have little luck downtown, but I really wanted a hazelnut iced coffee from Lakota so I went anyway. I got my iced coffee, and the guy at the counter was a complete jerk. He was one of those stereotypical “I think I am cool and worldly because I drink espresso but only the organic kind because I am green like all of my Midwestern pseudo-hipster friends who only listen to MGMT and FosterTP and wear flannel and thick glasses” snobs. So I drank my iced coffee on a bench in the park with the company of Taylor Swift (It was a bad morning. There is a TSwift song for every bad morning.) and then realized that it was noon, I had yet to eat anything, and I was hungry. So I rode to Kaldis and got a chocolate banana nut protein smoothie, because it tastes like Chunky Monkey wishes it did.

I then asked the guy there (this one was NOT a tool) where I could get a phone charger, and he made that strange face combined with furring one’s brow and sucking air in through one’s teeth kinds of faces, and then said that the RadioShack by the mall was my best bet. BUT MY HANDY DANDY MAP ONLY EXTENDED TO BROADWAY, AND I HAD A MINI-BIKE WHICH CANNOT HANDLE GETTING LOST AGAIN. So, I drank my delicious smoothie and headed back to the apartment, where we swam, and then went to RadioShack. I walked in and asked the guy for the crappiest, cheapest cell phone charger he could find that would fit my phone, because I literally needed it for one charge. I tried using several different chargers of phones that were made by the same company as mine, and had no luck. I went to the stupid charging thingy and found no help. I exhausted every free resource I could, but I finally had to spend some of my last $40 on a freaking phone charger. W. T. F. I then saw no chargers that would fit my phone below the $20 line of doom, and after just having accepted defeat, the RadioShackGuy said

RSG: I can just charge it here for you if you want?

Me: FOR FREE?!?!?!?!

RSG: Umm, yeah. It shouldn’t be a problem. When will you be back to get it?

And so I explained to this guy that he was awesome and that he made my day such a nice one because he just was NICE. He was NICE. He was radiating awesomeness. After a day of being crushed by technological difficulties, some human kindness was soooo greatly appreciated.

Marielle and I then went to Chipotle, and I was seriously considering taking this guy to Starbucks just to explain to him how awesome it was. HOWEVER, we got to RadioShack, and I scanned for Mr. Awesome, but he was nowhere to be found. Another older employee asked me if I needed something, and he rolled his eyes and gave me my phone, and said that the guy was not supposed to do that. NOO! DON’T GET MR. RADIOSHACK IN TROUBLE! HE HELPED ME OUT! NOOO! I told the guy to thank Mr. Awesome for me, and he said “Okay, but he is NOT allowed to do that.”

So, Mr. RadioShackGuy, THANK YOU. You helped me out, and I really hope that other dude doesn’t give you a hard time.

This morning at about 3 am, I was doing nothing important on Marielle’s laptop and I mindlessly peeled the poor little green star off her computer, and tried to stick it back on. At 3AMcondition, I did a pretty bad job, because as I typed this post, every time I hit the space bar, my thumb rolled over it and now it is a crumpled sticky mess. Sorry, Marielle. Don’t be too pissed. “I had to pack my shit, you know?” teeeeheee ^^


To Avoid A Void

Allllright. I finally made the list of things to keep me distracted from moving/boredom this summer. I made two lists, though, because I will be in Lvg (YEAH baby!) and NY for quite a bit of time this summer, but the NY list is mostly things to do at home because I can’t really go anywhere else there sinceI can’t drive yet. In Lvg, though, I can go wherever I want. Okay- I’ll stop complaining. Here are the lists:

Luganoooooo: read, water color/acrylic/oil outside, run, bike, that strange obstacle course up the stairs, lido, chill DT, sail, windsurf, swim, go to the park, buy kite and fly ittt, ripstik, San Salvatore, call someone (**cough*Isa*cough**)

New York: Tymore, plant things, see a movie, camp, fish, follow the creek behind the house, get tickets to a concert, Lake Compounce, Sprout Creek, paintball, Millbrook, the beach!, sleepover?, rail trail, play games, Splash Down, go to the gym, shopping, kite, chalk, the spaaa, learn to hula hoop, run, sketch, ripstik, make smoothies, bubbles, blog, make lists, jump rope, sail, slip-n-slide, meet intl. friends in NYC, windsurf, juggle, paint, read, bike, job search, vlog, train to LI

There are the grand lists. Summer begins in FOUR DAYS. THIS is the sound I hear in my head when I think of the freedom summer.
FOUR DAYS. I can handle that.

Charlie Brown and Amazing Hats

This past weekend, the middle school performed You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, and Mike was Charlie Brown. My parents took some video clips that I want to upload but for some reason it is taking way too long, like hours. I may try to upload them later but for now, there are no videos. Sam was one of the lighting people (the other was his friend Max) and they did a great job. Those lights went off, and they went on, and it was spectacular. Haha, just kidding, Sam. Nice job. Of course I had to watch the performance at least once, so I went on Saturday evening. It was nice, but there is no plot, like no story. It was just telling you about the characters of the peanuts and not necessarily about one specific event. But it was cute.

And on Saturday morning, I was feeling a lot better so I called Yulia and met her downtown. I rode my bike to the school for the bus, and as I was locking up my bike, the bus pulled up. It was perfect timing. Then I rode the bus downtown and met Yulia in front of Manor. There was this awesome concert in the piazza of these teenagers performing this Spanish music to raise money for a trip for some charity to London, so we hung out and watched them for a while. Then we went to Manor and shopped around in the men’s department. It was fun. I bought the coolest hat known to mankind…seriously. Then as we were walking around we shoved leaves in the holes of my hat and in Yulia’s headband. I felt like the Jolly Green Giant, but it was fun =] .
Dad, Mom, and Nonni were at Manor so we got a ride to school where we went to the Spring Arts Festival. Some of the stuff there was seriously A MAZ ING. Like, ahhhh. Yulia’s church was unbelievably cool beyond words, and this one girl made a photography slide show to the song Teenage Wasteland by The Who, and I watched it twice. It made me want to like scream with happiness. I think that’s what people want from art in a show like that, to evoke some sort of response. After we saw the artwork, I rode my bike home and went to the first showing of YAGMCB.
Awlright. I’m going to attempt to not spend all night on my laptop and actually go to sleep before midnight. Love yaaa =]

A Great Day To Be Alive

Riding in the gentle morning heat, tiny rocks fly up the tires and flick my bare legs. The sun is streaming down on us. Skidding to a stop by the field of giant rolls of yellow hay, then climbing through the low brush to find the perfect July berries. The sky is clear and blue against the golden fields which are lined by the lush, vibrant green trees that form a canopy over the main road. Thorns make tiny scratches on my hands and legs, and my fingers turn purple from the bursted drupelets. The thorns hurt too much, he tells me to stay back. How can he get through the thorns so quickly? He mustn’t be able to get hurt. Nothing can stop him. The woven wooden baskets are soon full of berries and a few tiny green bugs that live in them.

Before mounting our bicycles to ride home, we taste the tart, sweet berries and a million tiny seeds explode onto our tongues and get stuck between our teeth. We ride along a short bridge built over the creek. We carry our bicycles off the road, beneath the bridge, and stop for a short swim. Splashing through the cool water as it runs over smooth pebbles, calming and refreshing to sedate the midday heat. I splash him with my purple fingers. Muddy clay at the bottom squishes between my toes. Continuing our gentle ride home, the warm breeze dries us off. Passing the ice cream parlor, the church, the baseball fields, a patch of violets and Queen Anne’s lace.

We are greeted by the white house with navy shutters, and the front door is propped open. Brilliant flowers blanket the grass in front of the house and hang from the roof of the porch. Bees and butterflies flit among the flowers, bringing life to their simple beauty. I turn on the hose, and sprinkle the flowers. They must be very dry on such a hot day. The water droplets on the flowers gleam in the sunlight, sparkling from a distance. I spray him with the hose, and we laugh and play in the grass. We must be careful to not spray the house, though, because we cannot get the baby birds wet. The straw wreath next to the door houses a nest of robins. The mother is away, the babies must be scared of me. I jump to get a glimpse of the baby birds in their nest, they are finally growing feathers! As we enter the house, he makes his way down the stairs. He is ready for a swim, but decides to help us with the blackcap berries instead. We all sing along to the music as the sun shines through the big windows in the kitchen.

And it’s a great day to be alive
I know the sun’s still shining when I close my eyes
There’s some hard times in the neighborhood
But why can’t every day be just this good?

Oh, and it is a great day to be alive. She greets us with a kiss and asks about our morning as we all sort the blackcaps together. We should call them to see if they would like to come enjoy the blackcaps, see if they would like a swim. Waiting for their arrival, we lay in the grass among the purple and yellow Johnny jump-ups, talking about the few white, fluffy clouds. Although young, I realize how special this is. How special are my house, my family, the flowers, the sunshine. How beautiful.

Our house is soon empty, everyone is enjoying the heat. Playing water games in the pool until the late afternoon when they call us for some blackcaps. We grab a towel from the wooden beams in the pool house and make our way to the deck behind the house. Waiting for each of us is vanilla bean ice cream with warm blackcap syrup, fresh berries, and mint leaves on the wood picnic table with peeling red paint. Cool and sweet, refreshing in the summer twilight. My purple fingers are wrinkly from the water, my wet hair drips down my back to the red bench beside the picnic table. Quietly listening to the adults talk, we decide to organize a game of kickball or hiding in the dark. We children can simply not agree on how to play these games, so we swim. Bats fly above our heads as we swim in the dark. We dive beneath the surface to avoid the painful sting of the beautiful damsel flies as they grace the top of the water.

My friends leave after we say goodbye. I sit and listen to them talk under the white twinkling lights which are strung between the trees. Fireflies remind me that the magic of such a beautiful day is not over. He strums the guitar. Not any song in particular, but a culmination of lovely notes. In the cool black night, the fiery heat of the morning seems so distant. My fingers are still purple. It was a great day to be alive.

Spray Paint, Paper, and Other Inconveniences

Today Yulia and I went by bicycle to Centro Agno Due to buy spray paint and paper. While talking with Artem, we decided that the reasons we went by bicycle were because

1. It was beautiful outside.
2. We cannot drive.
3. No adults would drive us.
4. No bus goes there.
5. We did not want to pay for a cab.
6. I had two perfectly useable bicycles sitting in my garage.

However, people still thought we were crazy. On the way there, the ride was amazing. The entire ride is a steadily steep downhill that winds back and forth, and you have an amazing view of the lake. Once we were following the lake, we stopped to take pictures. Our bicycles were on the right side of the road but the lake was on the left, so we propped the camera on a railing by the lake, set the timer, and ran across the highway to the other side in two seconds so we could get a picture…but they always came out blurry. Yulia still got some nice shots anyway. So then we finally got to Centro Agno Due, but there were some complications. I forgot to take the lock off Sam’s bike, and we had my bike and my mom’s bike, so we were kind of screwed. We eventually found a bike rack with two other bikes (which were locked) on it and so we put our bikes inside them so you couldn’t really tell that there were no locks on them. I was still freaking out the entire time we were in the store, but Yulia kept reminding me that “This is Switzerland. People don’t steal things here.” So, we bought nine cans of spray paint and a giant roll of cardboard paper. We had NO idea how we were getting this stuff back, but we were going to try. And then we were hungry, so we went to Centro Agno Uno and got some groceries.

Once we were done, we tried creating some sort of an apparatus for the paper, groceries, and the spray paint. We shoved the spray paint cans (8 of them) into the bag on the back of my mom’s bike, and we also put some of the groceries in there. Then we found some small bungee cords, and they just so happened to be the PERFECT size for the roll of paper. So, we strapped the roll of paper to the bar of Yulia’s bicycle, and it was perfect. It was kind of awkward trying to ride with that thing in the way, but she managed. We then proceeded to leave for the school, but we went about 2km in the wrong direction. Then we went in the right direction, but made a wrong turn and had to turn around again. Finally we made it to Tasis, and brought up all of the paint and paper. Then we met Kate and Yulia and I returned the bikes to my house. At around seven, Yulia and Kate came over and me made marker tattoos and then we went to the Bellavista for dinner, but first they had to check in before 10 pm so we waited for Ms. Schu to show up and then we left. We stayed at the Bellavista until about 11:30, and I then walked home alone in the dark. Now I normally don’t mind walking alone in the dark because there are street lamps, but the road down to my street has only one street lamp and I have terrible vision, so I was kind of freaking out so I called my dad, and I talked. Talking really does help because you don’t feel so alone (and if a serial killer comes out from behind that mysterious fencepost, someone will hear your screams). So once I arrived home, I showered and now I am typing this at 1:20 am on a Sunday morning.

♥ La dolce vita ♥