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18 Things of May

May is always a super eventful month for me. I always have final exams which bring on intense amounts of inner conflict between “I have to do this shit now” and “I don’t want to do this shit now,” I usually have intense spring fever, and I get really excited for summer and begin wearing flip flops when it’s still cold enough to see my breath outside. May 2013 looked a little bit like this…
1 I saw the Great Gatsby and subsequently fell in love with the soundtrack. Several of the songs from that movie are still on my Spotify circulation.
2 I had finals, and that’s usually a problem for me because I am very easily distracted and amused by small things when I need to get work done. Thankfully, not all of us are this way.
“Oh what was that? I can’t hear you because I have earbuds in because I’m studying, as you should be.”
3 I SOLVED THE GILYAK PROBLEM. With three other people…but still. The feelings of accomplishment were like … ahhh.
So now I totes think we should call my dog the Gilyak word for Harpoon.
4 I was introduced to the BBC series Sherlock, starring Bilbo Baggins as Watson.
Only a true friend texts you at 3:30am on a Saturday to tell you about his BBC revelation.
5 I packed every single thing I own into boxes and two suitcases. The boxes are sitting in the home of my lovely friend, and the suitcases have exploded all over my room.
Our last picture as roommates. Now we’re just friends.
6 I talked myself out of a jaywalking ticket.
7 I was on a 6 hour flight home. As in I got on the plane, and 6 hours later I was allowed off. That kind of sucked.
8 I had the most satisfying Thai food experience which reminded me that my spidey senses are really good at detecting awesome friends. 
9 I went to Chipotle five times in six days. This is not an achievement, it is me admitting that I have a problem.
10 I made a legitimate 5x5x4 fort with two of my favorite people ever.
11 I saw Fast 6, and it is officially the worst movie I have ever seen in theater. It was that bad.
12 I kayaked 29 miles, in 11 hours, in the rain, in the cold, after 10 months of not paddling, and I thought my arms were going to either fall off or be permanently bent into kayak form. I think that day confirmed to me that the Hudson River really is a place uniquely close to my heart…and I know that many people have felt this way, and there are entire organizations dedicated to protecting it, but I feel like for some reason, it’s my place. It’s my one place that I have used in lots of different ways, and it makes me feel home in the best sense of the word.
13 I saw this.
14 Online summer classes. Bad decision.
15 I realized exactly how poorly calibrated is my internal compass.
16 I bought way too many dresses.
17 I realized that my dog is actually a cat.
18 Someone suggested a great tattoo idea, which has evolved in my mind into something totally cool and worthy of a permanent home on my body. But only after my 21stbirthday. So I have like what, just over 2 years? That’s not so bad.

18 Things of April

April happened. Let’s review.
1 I entered the month in New York.
2 Sam came to visit!
3 I met my roommates for next year – they seem pretty cool and they love Christmas, so I think it’ll work out just fine. They’re just not as fly as dis woman.

We hella cool.

Totally twinning.

We’re just going to be so rich, successful, attractive, and happy one day.

4 I had a ratchet date.
5 I saw this guy. And it was awesome.
6 I declared my double major in Psychology and Linguistics and a double minor in TESL and Cultural Studies.

Cultural Studies minor ftw.
7 I went to a professional baseball game and made a mental note to never go to another professional baseball game. Ever again. Dat shit’s boring as fuck. But still not as boring as golf.

8 I registered for Fall 2013 classes: Oceanography, Semantics, Phonological Theory II, Syntax I, Research Methods in Psychology, Conversation Analysis, and Language Acquisition. One of them will be dropped though.
9 I became obsessed with Cary Grant for a short period of time, and then realized that I could actually create an entire class presentation around his accent, which made me feel really happy. Hell yah, brah.
10 I began research for my project next semester yayyyyy.
11 I decided to go to Scotland next spring. I honestly have no idea what will actually happen, but the tentative plan is to enroll in the University of Glasgow for Spring 2014, which is exciting. But I make so many plans and change my mind as the wind blows, so I really have no idea what I will be doing this far in advance.
12 I went through several distinct phases of music obsession: Hoodie Allen, Noah Gunderson, Born Ruffians, Vertical Horizon, and Kina Grannis.
13 I didn’t drink pop for the entire month yay!
14 I realized that Chipotle is so, so much better – rice, – hot salsa, + chipotle hot sauce, and + extra lettuce and corn salsa.

I’ll let you fill in the blank that I blurred for the sake of her reputation.

15 I began to embrace my pathetically short hair.
16 I watched 3 health documentaries in one day, then was like, “Oh my God I am officially vegan! How am I even still ALIVE after I have been eating so much meat and dairy?!” And then I was presented with cheese and I was like fuck that.
17 I discovered this cover with which I am in love.
18 I realized that thismakes the best alarm of all time.

18 Things of Februarch.

I failed at creating an 18 Things of February. (Mostly because February was painfully uneventful and a little sad.) Therefore, I have decided to create an 18 Things of February and March. So some of these things happened in February, some in March. Mostly in March.
1 I went to NY. Twice.
2 I was in seven different states.
3 I was tattooed in California. I have now been tattooed in three different states across the US: NY, MN, and CA.
4 I drove half way across the country twice, in a van, with eleven people, in one week. I also flew half way across the country four times.
5 I was introduced to this gem.
6 I ate flaming cheese.
7 I got a job.
8 I did sunrise yoga on the beach.
9 I went skinny dipping in the Pacific Ocean.
10 I spoke to an Italian person in Italian for the first time in a long time.
11 I spent three weekends in a row outside of the place I now call home.
12 I got a really bad haircut.
13 I went to a pants sale and bought everything except for pants.
14 I got sick on butterfly cookies.
15 I realized that I actually really like Harper.
16 I made this my new alarm.
17 I regretted moving to Minnesota for a little while. It’s just really cold sometimes. And the weather sucks too.
18 I was in a car accident.

18 Things of January

1 I entered the month of January in Times Square.
2 I made my first ever New Year’s Resolution. It’s a secret. (No it’s not.)
3 I got another tattoo. I think I’m good for now.
4 I flew back to Minnesota and didn’t call my parents. Again.
5 I pretended I didn’t speak English to avoid a conversation.
6 I bought something I didn’t want to buy. Turns out I didn’t actually need to buy it.
7 I tried white rabbitting my friends. Some accepted defeat, others are sore losers.
8 I achieved a score of 8040 in pinochle.
9 I only drank pop once.
10 I saw about a million movies.
11 I packed a 75 pound suitcase.
12 I fell in love with Bon Iver. I am officially a pseudo-hipster.
13 I rediscovered this gem.
14 I decided to spend Spring Break in LA. As in the city. Not the state.
15 The inside of my nose froze for the first time ever.
16 I realized that my life is just a series of unfortunate coincidences.
17 I started classes: Social Psyc, Stats, Linguistic Analysis, Phonological Theory, Composing Your World, and Sexuality & Culture.
18 I went to the dentist (sorry, January wasn’t that exciting apparently).

18 Things of December

1 I white rabbitted my roommates.
2 I entered the month at First Ave, and left it at the mecca of the American New Year with my best friend. It really doesn’t get any better than that.
3 I danced so hard that I was sore for three days.
4 My friends dyed my hair dark brown.
5 I spent four hours at the gym in one day.

6 I found the website of my dreams: songza.com . It will change you forever.
7 Yulia flew 1200 miles to the state where I live for four days, and I did not see her once. Because that’s just the kinds of friends we are.
8 I questioned my decision of go to college while I was taking finals. I thought of 1) Cutting my fingers off 2) Becoming a pirate and 3) Trying to write a good book and get it published and getting rich, all just to avoid ever having to take finals ever again.
9 I earned a 79.61 in a class and begged my TA to round up.
10 I listened to these songs on repeat: Thrift Shop, Wicked Games, Coffee & Cigarettes, Born Again, James Tayor’s River, I’m Goin Down
11 Two more holidays with Yulia. Once I’ve spent three official holidays with you, you’re no longer a friend. You’re family.
12 I saw The NYC Ballet’s Nutcracker and The Holiday Train Show at the NYC Botanical Gardens.
13 I didn’t shave for the last two weeks of December.
14 I got sick.
15 I failed and redeemed myself. (Who’s not paying for next semester? This girl.) Unfortunately that also means that my father is that much further from buying a new Audi, but we can’t all be winners.
16 I had spaetzle. And it was magical.
17 I drove a car. And I didn’t hit anything.
18 I let Yulia put the tinsel on the tree, and I hate tinsel, so that also says a lot about our friendship.