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Brace & Holyweek

Okay, so yesterday after school, my knee hurt soo bad…it was crazy painful. And when it wasn’t painful, it just felt extremely weird and kinda, like, just not right. So after mom picked me up from drama, she got me a knee brace and it felt soo much better. It’s like a miracle. Seriously. Part one of post…finite.

Part two: So now you all know that I’m going to see the Pope on April 19th..Correctomundo? Si. Anywayy, our Church also recieved tickets that they gave away based on lottery, but those tickets are for the Mass in Yankee Stadium. And guess who won some of those tickets? The five of us! And guess when it is? No, not the 19th, that would be bad because that would mean we had two Popes. And we haven’t had multiple Popes since St. Catherine of Sienna begged and pleaded the 2 fake French Popes to stop being the “Pope” and the real Pope to return to Rome. Anywayy…it’s the 20th! I’m going to see the Pope two days in a row! How RIDICULOUSLY cool is that? I’ll tell you how COOL! Wayy kool! And that will kinda be my new definition for “Holy Week.” Get it? hehe


Spaghetti Arms

Yesterday at karate, something happened to my knee where we were doing spilts and it like popped out and I collapsed. Then it wouldn’t pop back in, so I had to pop it into place and it hurt soo bad. So, I sucked it up until last night when my leg really hurt in the middle of the night, and I realized it got displaced again and I seriously couldn’t move it back. So all morning it wouldn’t go back in, so I was mad wobbly, and finally around lunch it popped into place. So tonight at the gym, I didn’t really know what I was going to do, so I worked on my upper body instead. Let me tell you, I have absolutely NO upper body strength WHATSOEVER. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. I can barely do pushups. It’s pathetic. Anywayy, I decided to work on that and I seriously gave my arms like the best workout ever. We came home, and I am dead serious when I say that I literally could not hold my arms up. It is even hard to support them to type right now. Seriously. Anywayy, after realizing how weak my arms are, I decided that before the school year ends I want to be able to do 50 pushups nonstop. That may seem like very few to you, or it may seem like alot, whatever the case, that’s my goal and I AM GOING TO REACH IT. No”if’s,” “and’s” or “but’s” about it. I will do it and that’s that. Sleep tight! lol

Life Is Good

When we got home from the Life Teen Mass at 7:30ish, I was starving but everyone had already eaten sausage and peppers for dinner but since I gave up meat for Lent, that wasn’t really an option for me. So dad offered to make me (more like I asked and he said no, then I asked again and he said yes =]) a grilled cheese. Of course I said sure, and he said

Dad: Apline lace Swiss, muenster, or American?
Marissa: Swiss please.
Dad: I’ll give you Swiss and American.
Marissa: I don’t want American. I just want Swiss.
Dad: So why am I not giving you Swiss and American?
Marissa: Because I don’t like American, therefore I didn’t ask for it, but I do like Swiss so I did ask for that.
Dad: Okay, so just Swiss. Want it on German dark wheat?
Marissa: No, I want it on plain ol‘ honey whole wheat.
Dad: Okay, so I’m making you a grilled Swiss cheese on honey whole wheat.
Marissa: Yeah.

I decided that if my biggest decision is whether to have Swiss or American on German dark wheat or honey whole wheat, then life is pretty good right now. =P

PS~ Dad burnt the first grilled cheese, so he ate that one and he made me another one. Just wanted to add that lil‘ tidbit.